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Freyia's Clan
my body is of the earth, my spirit of the stars
Mighty Lair
of the
Greatwyrm's Breach
Clan Information
Was on an unexpected hiatus, trying to get back into the game more!Foxglove Den Hatchery HIATUS

Because I forget:
Food - Goo
Materials - Ooze
Apparel - Slime
Familiars - Muck
Other - Sludge

Welcome to Clegane’s Keep. It is believed that the Gladekeeper herself flew over these mountains, blessing it with her magic as she headed towards her final home, The Viridian Labyrinth. Slowly her magic waned, leaving the forest vulnerable as her magical influence wore off. That is until a young fleeing priestess, unknowingly blessed by The Glade Mother and The Great Earthshaker himself, seeks shelter here. Under the protection of her large Imperial mate, Freyia settled into Clegane's Keep. And from the young priestess' talons, life springs anew in what was once a lost hope.
Clan Lore Starts Below the badges!

I work a lot. Formerly PulseOfTheMaggot and BloodmoonBabe!
I am +3 FR time.

Karellion is my #IlluminatiSpiritualTwinConfirmed
We sometimes share an IP address

Gene Projects

- Vial of Scattersight!
- Always looking for familiars to reduce or muck!
- Sprites! <3


Panting, you land on a small hill at the base of a large dark mountain. The dry cold wind howls above you, shaking the tops of the sparse trees that are scattered along the mountains. Gazing up at the cliffs in front of you, you take a couple of deep breaths.

So far flying has been a bit of a struggle the closer you seem to get to this large cluster of Eastern mountains. And now you can see that climbing is going to be just as hard.

You close your eyes for a moment before taking off, flying almost straight up as you start to ascend the mountains.

Struggling to gain any speed, you feel your wings already tiring. Gritting your teeth you continue on, scanning the rocky cliffs for any type of opening to the other side.

Suddenly you see something! Some sort of glint of light, and a cloud parting two large craggy peaks. Renewed with energy you continue forward, realizing your assessment was correct!

Thank the [your deity name!]

You see the glint of light again just in time to feel a piercing pain in your left shoulder, shrieking you tuck your wings in an attempt to evade another onslaught of arrows aimed at you. You roll, spreading your wings to gain some momentum, flying straight up. You just need to get out of the wooden arrow’s range.

You feel one nick your tail and you yelp, flapping furiously. Finally you stop, hovering and looking below you. The last few arrows that were shot at you, turn and fall about 20 yards below you. You recognize one of the beast clans, and what you thought were clouds was actually smoke.

You had just wanted to get through these mountains so badly. You take one last look at the beastclan.

Turning you continue onward, spotting…a tower in the distance? You head towards it, praying to [your deity] that it belongs to a friendly dragon clan.

Shielded from the wind as you approach the tower, you stop to survey your wings making sure they took no damage.

Slowly you turn to survey the edge of hills. Nothing seemed inherently wrong with the mountains or the sparse vegetation that surrounded you. But as you walked around, your stomach dropped and your heart began to quicken. You sneezed, making your head hurt. What was that smell? What could smell so, so…awful out here of all places?

Despite all of the warning bells you continue forward tracing the smell to this small rock chasm, just barely big enough for you to fit in.

You start to descend.


Shivering, you crawl downward, drawing your wings closer to you to preserve your body heat and to protect from the rough rocks. The further into the mountain you go, the colder it gets. You have no idea how far you have yet to go, or where you are headed. Thankfully, the tunnel was dark, creepy, and awfully cold for some reason but it wasn’t THAT terrifying.

Sniffing, you inhale a different, lovely warm scent. The smell of life. You eagerly follow the scent, talons scraping and clawing your way forward. The tunnel levels, and leads you for a ways before turning. You could see light! You make a small noise of happiness and hurry along to find an opening. Making the decision you drop from the hole, closing your eyes.

You land on a lush forest floor. There’s no mistaking the feel of moist soil beneath your toes and the deep, rich, overwhelming smell of earth.

You begin looking around.

SUDDENLY something moves off to your left. Fast, pushing through the bushes, something is sprinting towards you. Quickly you debate turning to face it or to run forward. Turning, you brace yourself, stepping into your defensive stance. You’ve battled plenty of Deadwood Boars before, which rumor says stalks these areas in Dragon home. Sure, you were underground but if you ended up here, why couldn’t a boar?

Ears twitching, you squint trying to see the creature as it approaches. From what you can tell it is loud…but not very big. You lift your head up trying to see over the fallen log in front of you when all of a sudden everything goes silent. You stand up, moving forward cautiously as you catch a whiff of something. It’s very pungent and musky. You approach one of the large trees and step up towards the large lush bush at the base. Quickly you part the heavy brush and find…a hole? You lean down and sniff around it when suddenly a little head juts out of the hole. You yelp and jump back in surprise before dropping your jaw in disbelief. Is that…a baby baku??

You stare for a few moments before lowering down to his level. The baby Baku looks up at you, his small little blue trunk reaching up at you. He barely even has tusks! You smile, reaching out to his trunk and laugh when the little guy scrambles out of the hole, his chunky little body getting stuck for a moment before almost comically popping out. ’How did he even get in there?’ you think to yourself.

He toots his little horn at you before running behind you. Laughing you turn to see where he’s off to when you're violently shoved to the ground. Your teeth bite into your lip and you hiss before violently throwing the creature off of you and flinging it away from you. You can hear the baby baku shrieking in the background and you jump up. Thast awful smell was back, filling the air around you. Where is he? You turn and see an unnaturally HUGE Shattered Serpent slithering towards the screaming baby baku and you make this soul-saving decision...

A large roar erupts from you as you launch yourself at the Serpent. At the sudden sound the Serpent turns, dropping its fangs, and flaring its body as it hisses loudly at you. You feel the fangs pierce you as you crash into it, sending you both hurdling over a large tree root. You bite wildly, creating weak points in its scales as it starts to curl around you, the hissing growing louder. Trapped, you keep biting before breathing fire and spinning yourself, burning all of the wounds you made on it. You hear a loud piercing noise come from the thing as it drops your spinning body, promptly scurrying up the large craggy wall towards the tunnel you came through, leaving a sticky dark trail of ichor.

Slowly, you make your way back to the crying baby baku. Your body feels heavy as the adrenaline wears off and you begin to feel the pain. As well as the venom you realize is coursing through your system. The baby baku sees you and runs up to you, clinging to you as you sink to the ground. He begins to lick your face as your eyes droop shut. You can hear his small little trunk tooting sadly at you as it lightly touches your face.

Song Linkto optionally play first

You begin to hear something. The heady breeze caressing your face and scales sounds as if...as if you are hearing instruments...

You lay there, listening...

Lay down your head and I'll sing you a lullaby…

Your ears twitch as you groggily open your eyes. The baby baku is pacing near you worriedly, crying softly.

‘Am I dying?’ you think as your eyes close again.

...And I'll sing you to sleep and I'll sing you tomorrow...

You open your eyes again. You definitely heard something this time. You realize the baby baku has stopped pacing and is staring off behind you.

...Bless you with love for the road that you go...

Your eyes widen as you hear the melodic soft voice again. You lift your self up, straining to hear more.

You feel a warm breeze that caresses your hurting body. It gently washes over you, warming you as your nose is overwhelmed with the sweet scent of honey, vanilla, and sandalwood. You struggle to your feet, the baby baku lightly tapping his trunk snout over you as if assessing and trying to help.

May you sail far to the far fields of fortune...

With diamonds and pearls at your head and your feet...

And may you need never to banish misfortune…

You turn towards the sound of the singing, grunting with the effort. The baby baku runs a little ahead of you, beckoning with his trunk and tooting it at you encouragingly.

May you find kindness in all that you meet…

You stumble but manage to catch yourself.

May there always be angels to watch over you...

You continue forward, following the baby baku as it runs along happily, looking back to check on you. ’Where are you taking me little one?’ you think. Your body grows heavier, feeling as if you are trudging through syrup. You squint, your head pounding from the bright sky overhead bothering you. You realize you can't feel your toes...or your wings.

To guide you each step of the way...

To guard you and keep you safe from all harm...

Loo-li, loo-li, lai-lay…

You see the baby baku ahead of you, waiting for you on a large mossy rock. Pollen seemed to be floating in the air all around him, illuminated by the sun through the tree tops. Once you reach him he slowly slides off the rock onto the lush forest floor, his little blue trunk wraps around your ankle, lightly tugging you. Sinking to the floor you begin wheezing. Your body is failing you.

May you bring love and may you bring happiness...

Be loved in return to the end of your days…

The singing seems to be getting louder, and air feels heavy as if charged with electricity. The baby baku tugs and tugs, but you slowly can only roll your head to look at him. I'm sorry little guy, you think.

The music is much louder as is the rich smell. Your eyes droop as your body begins to feel like it is dissolving almost. The baby baku crying at you, begging you to keep going. The thought of honey comes to you again.

Now fall off to sleep, I'm not meaning to keep you…

You cough and choke as something wet comes up. You spit it out weakly to your side, the copper taste a sharp contrast to the smell and feelings around you as it dribbles down your chin.

I'll just sit for a while and sing loo-li, lai-lay…

Your breath hitches as you cough again. You grimace, squeezing your eyes tightly shut. The sound of the baby baku crying begins to fade as your mind focuses on the melodic voice singing. You smile very slightly as you begin to fade, listening to the gentle hum of Loo-li, loo-li, loo-li lai-lay…

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