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Countessoffire's Clan
The stars shine bright in the dark.
Mighty Lair
of the
Starwood Strand
Clan Information

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Sanguinem Luna
| The Blood Moon Rises |


*Note* All of my lore dragons are based off of original characters that I have outside of Flight Rising.

The First Matriarch
The Promised Son
The Usurper King

Clan Themes: Ancient Greek/Roman Mythology and Medieval Gothic | Lawful Neutral

These marvelous lands brimming with energy will always be home. The roar of the ocean is our lullaby and the ear-shattering crash of crystal is our battle cry. This land is easy to make light of, with its pink spires of crystal and vibrant grasses. We may not have the frigid winds, the dry barren earth, or the fiery floes that other flights boast of. Do not let appearances deceive. This land will drive the unprepared mad.

A guide helps, as many a traveling dragon has discovered. Those that happen upon our solitary crystal spire orbiting Focal Point will find such a guide amidst the warriors of the Day's Watch or Night's Watch. Both castes eager to uphold the standards established by our founding Matriarch so very long ago.



Our domain is the Crystal Spire that our founding Matriarch and Patriarch claimed. This spiraling behemoth of crystal has been carved into an intricate labyrinth to house and support our entire clan by our predecessors. Our home has not always been floating among the islands that orbit Focal Point. Our clan made its home in the Starwood Strand long ago when Arcyng Leo Animus ruled. That was a golden age of plenty and battlefield glory. It is a shame that we do not share that same prosperity now that Tenebris Cor rules over us all. We make due.
Just as we are sure that our founders needed to make due as they traveled. Our founders, Magna Mater and Magna Patrem, are Titan Caelestis otherwise called celestial titans. They came from deep space to Sornieth to make a home where they could raise their children, the Gods that we revere as the Pantheon. Sornieth was perfect because it already had Titans ruling it. Indeed, those such as the Arcanist or Earthshaker are not mere Gods. They are what we call Titan Elementis, otherwise elemental titans, as they were born of Sornieth's formation.
Magna Mater and Magna Patrem ventured across Sornieth for thousands of years, enduring the age of the Ancient dragons and watching on as the Modern species of dragons began to surface. In their travels, others joined them for varying reasons. Some wanted protection and some wanted a home. That small group formed the founding families of the clan and by the grace of Magna Mater and Magna Patrem's powers, they were reborn as Titan Luminare which is a lesser species of Titan. Together under Magna Mater’s guidance, they carved into the crystal spire that makes our home now. The ultimate sculpture wrought from the Crystalspine Reaches.


The dragons that call the Crystal Spire home possess many talents. Many are accomplished mage knights specializing in the protection of the Crystal Spire. These mage knights are divided into four divisions: the Day's Watch, the Night's Watch, the Illusionists, and the Sea Patrol. All of the divisions answer to the Grand General of the Mage Knights, to which only two dragons have had the honor of holding that office.
There are those that dedicate their efforts to making sure the Crystal Spire is in good condition and that the clan has enough resources. These domestic professions are divided as follows: Crystalweavers, Plant Singers, Hunters, Nursery Sisters, Blacksmiths, Spellsmiths, Astronomers, Chefs, and the Undertaker. These professions serve practical needs for the clan. The Crystalweavers see to the structural stability of the Crystal Spire. Plant Singers ensure there is enough food growing to feed the dragons that eat plants as well as the domesticated livestock that supports the carnivores. To supplement the livestock supply, the Hunters will venture out into Sornieth to collect wild game. These Hunters will also work with the Plant Singers to raise the livestock. The Nursery Sisters aid mothers in rearing the young of the clan and see to the Nursery at the heart of the Crystal Spire. The Blacksmiths and Spellsmiths closely support the other professions by providing useful tools imbued with runes for extra functionality. Astronomers are the main scientific profession of the clan, collecting knowledge and recording extraordinary findings typically related to the stars. Chefs will cook for the clan and keep track of food supply, often coordinating with the Hunters and the Plant Singers. Lastly the Undertaker is the official rank of the most feared dragon of the Crystal Spire, Noctis Timore. He is responsible for administering funeral rites for the mortals that perish within the clan.
There are very few artisans within the clan as such luxuries are seen as a frivolous waste of resources.

The Crystal Spire is a haven for most, however there is a dark underworld that many have unfortunately fallen prey to. As the clan has observed since the beginning, the Shade is a concern to many denizens. While the power of Magna Mater and Magna Patrem is strong enough to repel the virulent force from the Crystal Spire, they acknowledge the Arcanist's need for support in protecting the rest of the domain.

Thus the call for the Rite of Ascension...

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The Hallowed Hall
| Rite of Ascension |


The Rite of Ascension was never looked upon as a great thing by the clan at large. In fact, Magna Mater once called the Rite the "price set by the Landlord." A hefty price to pay indeed, it takes a strong will to see it through. Overseen by Noctis Timore, dragons are sent to serve the Arcanist however he sees fit. While it may not sound so bad, perhaps even honorable, to those outside the clan its original purpose has been twisted by Noctis Timore. Dragons are taken into the depths of the Crystal Spire and put through a gauntlet of horrors until their spirit is broken. While some have escaped, many have not and by the end the candidates for Ascension are begging Noctis Timore for freedom. When such is the case, Noctis Timore will complete the Rite of Ascension by taking the dragon's soul and sending their shell to the Arcanist. A soulless shell that will serve the Arcanist for eternity.

Centered around this horrible ritual is Noctis Timore's Cult of Rebirth, a faction within the clan that serves Noctis Timore directly. The members of this elite force are referred to as Angels of Rebirth and assist Noctis Timore in the Rite of Ascension. Many dragons have come seeking to take down this cult, but have often fallen prey to the unimaginable powers wielded by this select band of individuals.

Unfortunately with the fall of Arcyng Leo Animus and the rise of Tenebris Cor, the Angels of Rebirth have been unleashed within the clan at large. Without Noctis Timore to control them, it is akin to letting a rabid wolf out amidst sheep. It is not uncommon to see them out hunting for Ascension candidates. The only advice that the clan can offer to those unfortunate to see an Angel of Rebirth in the field is to run. Run as fast as possible.

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. Clan Goals
| The Things We Need, Great or Small |

Dragon Goals
  1. Fully Gene Lore Dragons
  2. Complete Outfits for Lore Dragons

General Goals
  1. Write Clan Lore
  2. Set up Art Shop
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05/26 Birthed new hatchlings!
05/23 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Guardian Male, 1 Mirror Male
05/21 Became friends with Valkyriae. Maybe in a few years they'll write a buddy comedy about you guys.
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Thanks so much for Amethyst's HC! I think it's perfect, and will add it to her bio with credits :D
May 17, 2020, 01:20:24
SilverSong92 wrote:
Of course! I just checked out her profile and, wow, I love your outfit and lore for Firamira!
May 15, 2020, 16:19:10
Requacy wrote:
Ahhhh thank you so much! I'm probably either an Evil Queen or a Chaotic Neutral queen, haha! Although my avatar (Coldnight) is Neutral Good/True Neutral, haha!
May 15, 2020, 16:08:08
SmudgedMaws wrote:
Your art of Apophis is incredible!!! Thank you!
May 15, 2020, 14:35:31
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RedCRose wrote:
hey whoops i should've claimed but i wrote an hc for kyuubird ^^;; would you mind writing for my lair instead or shall i change what i've done?
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yw, glad you like it!
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Of course <33 glad you enjoyed it!
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Ilo wrote:
thank you for the art !!
Apr 11, 2020, 06:04:26
lemonadewitch wrote:
Thanks for the welcome and Caern is a beautiful boy :)
Apr 08, 2020, 20:24:02
lassavus wrote:
Hello! A while back, you replied to me in Ask the Mystics. I don't recall if I ever properly thanked you because I went on a hiatus soon after- but I wanted to say thank you and I think you have some of the most well-written and enticing lore I've seen.
Apr 06, 2020, 18:59:10
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