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Welcome to the Clan of Scum and Chaos

The Black Wings are a notorious clan to the west of The Tangled Wood, bordering the edge of The Sea of a Thousand Currents, that call the rugged terrain of The Scarred Wasteland home. The group is located in a large ravine they have named, The Wound, having carved and dug out long winding cave systems into its walls, steadied with wood, and various ledges and walls of bones built up and around to keep the group safe, all the while hidden in the terrain of the land, nearly vanishing to all, from the ground or even from above.

Long Ago, the Black Wings were once known for its violence. They were known for seeking out clans and nomadic groups in a large pack of various breeds and fighters, and then striking hard with brutal and aggressive tactics, tearing wings, teeth, horns, anything they could away, and by the end of the bloodbath of fighting, only letting few live when in the groups favor. It was profitable for a time, with more dragon's soon turning to their side and even becoming wholly loyal, but over the years as the group gained more and more power and expanded their circle of dominance, they were quickly becoming feared and widely hated by other dragons, whether by rivals or simply opposition to their tactics. The Group would then find themselves fighting tooth and nail during every raid or counter raid's, fighting for their lives, for every scrap of food or resources, or to try and remain strong even when barraged again and again. But they had managed and thrived, and the clan began to expand with more members and loyalists, soon carving further caves and tunnel systems, expanding far and even reaching the edge of the cliffs that overlooked the Sea.

But of course, as more dragons began to join under various premises, some for work, some for glory, and some for the thrill of battle or a call for a home, available space began to quickly dwindle. Building materials were harder and harder to come by as raids turned less profitable, tunnels collapsed, and raider attacks ruined avaliable structures completely, and all of this then turned in on itself as internal tension began to broil. Whether it was due to favoritism accusations thrown about, the lack of any profitable raids stretched over years that caused the food supply to dwindle, leading to shortages, and various smaller events like theft of others personal belongings, members suddenly disappearing, internal fights springing up, and as soon as the tensions started to reach a bubbling point? The Progenitor's Vanished.

Chaos unleashed in full as a power vacuum formed from the sudden vanishing act of the two leaders. Nothing was left of the two's presence, no notes or any personal items, and there were zero warning signs of their departure, or worse. They had completely vanished. The confusion only helped to worsen the power vacuum's tension, and everything all but exploded within a torn and confusing week, an internal war breaking out, sides forming and walls crumbling, all of which barley lasting one bloody day. The events in this time have since been purged from any record, and the few dragons remaining have all but remained silent, or even aggressive about the events, most simply noting it as 'worthless infighting', but one could see bones inlaid in the oldest walls of the clan and closed off chambers that have an eerie presence.

A few days of mourning passed which let the clan slowly regain its bearings. The member count was halved, the rest weakened and exhausted from everything that had happened and a new head took the top spot, a dragon who was saved by the progenitors and taken in young. While not Plague, the new head led well, quickly managing to collect new resources with well managed scouting and gatherings, which then turned attention away from raiding and combat. This became the new system, and the BlackWings in the span of the next four years were officially defanged... but not quite declawed. The group still tore away when needed to defended themselves, often from vengeful clans that still wished the clans head. Overall, the new direction for the clan was favorable, even the old combat veterans that had lived found it more profitable, but most still missed the old glory of combat, and some outright found the change in bad taste. However, this new age was not all bad, and even invited more new members who joined for protection or a new home, most unknowing to the clans past, which may have been for the best. Atleast, for then.

The Clan did not turn all good however. There were still criminals in hiding, thieves, murderer's, etcetera. Most had opposing views to the other, and it was not uncommon to catch internal brawls start over petty arguments, and the Clan still held firm of any Prisoner they had captured before. But some of the newest dragons were simply Families looking to hide from their past lives, dragons looking for adventure or a new home, and these dragons that joined and had slowly learned of the clan's past, were stuck. Often Literally.

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Changes from FR:
-Dragon's can learn any type of magic. Plague can learn arcane, nature can learn ice, etc. It is MUCH more difficult then the originating element, and takes a lot of time, and usually they can only have two elements and that's it. Most, however, simply stick with the one element they were born with. Learning another element though, they can not produce it, they need to have tablets close by or borrow from a dragon from said elements reserves.
-Coatl's can hear like normal and speak draconic (also have their own language too but can communicate), Fae's are not monotone and can be understood, Not all guardian's have a charge, etc. Some parts of cannon don't apply to all the species, and some can. But not all.
-Larger breed sizes are shrinked down so there is not a huge gap, while Fae and Spirals are made slightly larger.

Wishlist (http://flightrising.com/main.php?p=lair&id=237438&tab=dragon&did=45367420)

So Many Dragons, Not Enough Space
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09/28 Birthed new hatchlings!
09/27 Birthed new hatchlings!
09/26 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Mirror Male, 2 Mirror Female
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QuetzalMuse wrote:
Hey! Fate was on the front page bro! That's a pretty dragon you got there.
Aug 18, 2020, 04:19:09
amxndael wrote:
i love your lair and the lore! it's really cool :D
Aug 16, 2020, 02:00:05
StarshipsFleeing wrote:
i saw ur sig, and you can turn off likes in the customize dragon section :)
Aug 08, 2020, 10:13:21
cantrip wrote:
ah, thank you very much! i tried, lol. since i have those issues myself i understand how garbage it can feel to be disregarded when the discussion gets going so. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Aug 07, 2020, 09:09:57
Rosesinger wrote:
Thanks! I'm glad to be back.
Aug 04, 2020, 22:19:03
KyuuBird wrote:
Thank you for the hc! I added it into Lipiec's lore quq)-b credit to you ofc!! ((Your lair is also amazing! Dang :0))
Jul 30, 2020, 12:00:59
chase97 wrote:
aaaa thank you !!! yes we all want to be lore clans but alas. writing is difficult ;_; and ww your lair is beautiful too hhh,,, ainakea is so,, pr e t ty
Jul 28, 2020, 11:19:57
JoweeTheRaposa wrote:
Aw, thank you. Your lair is really nice, too!
Jul 20, 2020, 20:01:36
Xiabrine wrote:
thank you sm!! amelia is my pride and joy :') i tried my very best to incorporate the masdurett story into the lair since it's a full novel but holy crap it's tough
Jul 09, 2020, 23:54:23
47351 wrote:
Reading through your stories now, and they're really good. And yeah, combat writing is HARD, but you're definitely doing it justice!
Jun 28, 2020, 10:26:22
HatLordAve wrote:
yo!! your dragons look awseome!!
Jun 25, 2020, 02:11:31
Urslie wrote:
Greetings, New Friend!
Jun 23, 2020, 22:40:45
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