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Cruelty: Clan Profile » Dragon Lair » Nesting Grounds
Cruelty's Clan
Old people with canes, but the canes are swords.
Ancient Lair
of the
Beacon of the Radiant Eye
Clan Information
You don't need glitter to know you're gold. Despite my name I live for smiles and spreading cheer the best I can.
Any dragon in the fodder section can be bought for the price I bought them at! :)
Party fully healed.
Two hours in front of Fr time


Female | Artist | LISA Fan | Author | Lore Lair

The sound of a lone trumpet is heard from afar..

Welcome to Stronghold. A place where those who cannot fight come to seek solice under the protection of ancient warriors. One of my main goals is to rescue older dragons from exalt and give them a permanent, loving home. Druid holds my wishlist. I accept random friend requests, but if I see you going inactive I will probably unfriend you. If you are still active, please let me know, it's nothing personal, just a mild pet peeve of mine. I am now on FR amino as well, my username is still Cruelty as always!~ ( I log in from my computer, my phone, and a variety of school and public computers! )
I LOVE reconnecting lineages, whether it be old mates, children of my dragons, or any sort of family, I'd gladly accept a letter or even buy them from you if I am interested. If you want to chat about that kind of thing, don't be shy! I love reuniting families, or keeping in touch with them!
Thank you all so much for voting me in for a Bronze ARK award! 9/31/2018 I love you all <3


The leaves change as the year goes by. Days get shorter, nights get longer. A clan of dragons prepares busily as they take down various trinkets and baubles from each pillar and crevice in preparation for the Festival of Lights. An annual tradition of this small clan to renew their light sources in the pitch black Hewn City, glowing pocket baubles are given to two sun watchers in order to be taken to the Beacon in order to restore their energy to provide for the year to come.

During this time all of these dragons wear small lights on their bodies as the lights are renewed by the grace of the Lightweaver herself. Gifts are given, kind words are exchanged, and lots of items are shared. The little social clan usually holds festivities to themselves each year, however this year more adventurous dragons suggested the idea of spreading this old tradition to new clans to honor the light, and those who live in the dark.
A massive pillar sits on the brink of the forest. Ahed, there is a light in the eerie blackness of the Hewn City. The surrounding trees seem to get healthier and healthier as you look onward. You wipe the dust and cobwebs off carefully, studying the scratchings. There are many words inscribed in the worn, cracked marble of the pillar. Not much is legible, but a small passage is clear..

Here the strong protect the weak. The young shelter the old. Many younglings did not survive their first year of life until the guardians came. A loose band of rugged outcasts settled here long ago. Many were skilled, but too old to fight. War broke out with the second release of the Shade, and every dragon struggled for survival. Eventually a small community had amassed among the old warriors, who now struggled fiercely to protect their followers. The decision came that the few that were strong shall teach the weak to defend themselves from the harrowing world around them. Anyone who could took on an heir to their powers. Sylvanus, guardian of the squall trained the noble mage Silver and his comrades. Kashnek the brave took on Coldsnap as his apprentice. Lillith trained her Sins and shadows in the dark of the ruins. Gaia led her druids to greatness. As the elder dragons crumbled under the weight of their age, the heirs took their place. One by one, the old guardians succumbed to their fate, leaving their apprentices behind. Each dragon established himself as the new guardian of their homeland that their predecessors had spent so long protecting. The new guardians of this land have stood the test of time, each making an oath of their own to share and watch over these once war-torn lands and ensure peace during their reign. Famine, plague, and many hardships await in the future, but they will be ready.

There are names etched below in the fading stone






-- There is more writing, however the rest of the text is illegible.

Welcome to the home of the survivors.
You step onto the cooled stone of the Hewn City. It seems you have strayed a bit too far from the path of the light of the Beacon. Dazzling lights hang from broken pillars, a quiet chatter buzzing around. Until you step on to a stone, which crumbles underfoot. The chatter stops. Grizzled and worn faces snap directly onto you as you back away. A massive mirror with a gruesome scar across her left eye stares down at you, and entourage of wary faces staring directly at you.

"You come in peace?" She growls. You stammer your answer. Yes. The chatter resumes, the guards ease their attention. A small, cheery looking white spiral escorts you into an expanse of flat stone. Lights and baubles are strung all over every pillar creating the light that would not shine down on here from the sun.

A pair of dragons spar in the corner, tumbling about joyously. Guards are posted almost everywhere, but all of the dragons seem at ease. Smiles and cheer seem to all be about. Pairs of dragons sit, grooming each other and talking, others working away at their crafts. Massive imperials lay curled around smaller dragons, as if to protect them. Many dolls and crafts litter the ground. A tiny coatl riding on the back of brightly colored tundra approach you cheerily. "Hello!" The tiny coatl squeaks, "I'm Charming! Let me show you around!" She's so cute it's hard to ignore. "Let's go meet my friends!" she squeaks happily as she begins to lead you off into the crowd. You wonder what you may have just gotten yourself into.
About me
I am a very passionate person, and I love to talk and give gift bombs. I like to be as kind as I can to make others feel better, if I do come off as overbearing please tell me, I don't mean to make anyone uncomfortable. Anyways, I'm always willing to talk and make friends, I really do enjoy the company as I don't have many friends. I love to gene old dragons, I rescue them from potential exalt or from leaving players. I usually collect below 1.9 million, but there are some exceptions. I used to share my personal laptop with my family. My mother, my two sisters (Buzzo, Wonderchild and Gemshard are family members. Buzzo and Gemshard are my sisters. I'm the only one in my family who still plays.) and my friends played on my laptop with me and we traded often. I also log in on campus, on my phone, my tablet and on library computers!
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11/15 Birthed new hatchlings!
11/14 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Pearlcatcher Female
11/12 Birthed new hatchlings! 2 Spiral Female
Cruelty User ID: 269635
Date Joined: 2016-10-09
Birthday: December 24
Forum Posts: 7897
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Recent Comments
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ScarlettHound wrote:
absolutely! she's up on a PA. ^^
Nov 05, 2019, 13:52:53
Farron wrote:
Ahh, thank you! The little guy is lucky that he is so cute because he ran away with all my gems. :)
Nov 02, 2019, 01:53:54
Skanti wrote:
Your Fae, Sin, looks super cool, btw.
Oct 19, 2019, 17:56:33
Skanti wrote:
Yes, sure! I didn't even notice the ID
Oct 19, 2019, 17:53:17
LoversMasque wrote:
I got the King sprite from Namco High but okay
Oct 19, 2019, 16:46:28
monet wrote:
much appreciated! your lair is gorgeous btw he fits right in :')
Oct 14, 2019, 09:41:09
monet wrote:
will do! am in the process of some lair cleanout (just started playing again after a massive hiatus) so probably more to come c:
Oct 14, 2019, 09:34:32
monet wrote:
thank you for the heads up friend, and I'm so happy soleil has found a great home! c:
Oct 14, 2019, 09:31:44
StarMapper wrote:
I will come to you for advice while I am a newbie and you are a professional at this! Have a great day!
Oct 11, 2019, 12:52:30
StarMapper wrote:
What are the chances of us joining on the same day and becoming friends? Anyway, I looked at how many dragons you have and it says 286 dragons. You are a really good at the game because not many people can afford that many dragons and slots.
Oct 11, 2019, 12:45:51
Seijuurou wrote:
mmm that's quite low for a low 7-dig, I'll have to pass, but thank you for the offer tho!
Oct 10, 2019, 20:50:58
Seijuurou wrote:
Make me an offer! ITSTIMETOSTOP is definitely up for sale.
Oct 10, 2019, 20:36:11
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