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ApostasiaAin: Clan Profile » Dragon Lair » Nesting Grounds
ApostasiaAin's Clan
Is it weird that I want to see them make hybrid dragons?
Mighty Lair
of the
Snowsquall Tundra
Clan Information
Art Shop!, {LF} OC Art!
Fandragons are at the front of the Lair. If anyone wants to, I'll happily accept any art done of my dragons and fandragons!

This isn't usually an exalting lair. If I do ever exalt a dragon it's due to me not having much lair space

Want to know some of my clan's lore? Check here

17|Genderfluid|She/Her They/Them He/Him|Aromantic Asexual|Fangirl|Gamer|Artist|Autistic|Mapler

I'm 2+ hours ahead of server time, daily reset is at 2:00 A.M. for me.

I play FR on both my Phone and my Computer.

I'll respond to Frost, Yukia, Apostasia, Nova, Ain, and some of the names/nicknames I've been called by my friends. I respond to my own name too and different variations of it, but I'm not saying my own name

Feel free to send me a friend request especially if we have similar interests. It's always fun meeting new people especially those who share an interest in and play the same games that I do! Though, sometimes I'm a bit shy.

Win One: Vaughn (Harvest Moon)
Win Two: Cadena (MapleStory) {Still so proud of her}
Win Three: Alpha (MapleStory) {My boiyo!}

Other places you can find me

Fire Emblem Heroes
Status: Active
ID: 0493321373
Username: Frost
Current Leader: Lad from Afar Morgan

Dragalia Lost
Status: Sorta inactive due to low phone storage
ID: 53925603918
Username: Frost

Status: Active
Channel: Usually either Ruben 3 (If characters are below level 40) or Velder 3
{I really need to play the game more heheh...}
Mains: FrostNova228 (Class Apostasia, Lv. 55)
Naiyukia (Class Arme Thaumaturgy, Lv. 50)
Tikaji (Class Apostasia, Lv. 45)
KibikiKao (Class Iron Paladin, Lv. 44)
Ryudel (Class Rune Slayer, Lv. 43)
Nilsiku (Class Erbluhen Emotion, Lv. 45)

Others: Amatasua (Class Sakra Devanam, Lv. 42)
Nekuraim (Class Lunatic Psyker, Lv. 42)
Aikuranon (Class Mastermind, Lv. 42)
Akartuni (Class Weapon Taker, Lv. 35)
Inniyes (Class Chiliarch, Lv. 22)
Teriyuu (Class Shooting Guardian, Lv. 24)

Status: Active
Channel: Windia 16-20 whichever is the least crowded
{If you find me in game and I don't notice you I'm really sorry, chances are if I don't notice you I'm probably trying to keep up with my friend Rumor_Moon on Discord. Though feel free to try to get our attention, so if you see me around another character, it's more than likely one of her characters}
Mains: Suuyuu (Class Xenon, "Lotus Version", Lv.150)
Kairuin (Class Demon Slayer, Lv. 125)
Myuniaki (Class Ark, Lv. 101)
FenriunX (Class Shade, Lv. 86)
Zephyriain (Class Kinesis, Lv. 78)
Riviain (Class Kaiser, Lv. 41)
Syvvett (Class Wild Hunter, Lv. 40)
Kaganae (Class Cadena, Lv. 65)


Found on Windia
AtioZinnia < {Planning on changing name to ErytX} (Class Zero, LV. 137)
Mihikail (Class Mihile, Lv. 39) based off of a mix of Mihile's two names I know about, Mihile and Mikhail
Revyle (Class Night Walker, Lv. 49)
Feyina (Class Cadena, Lv. 10)
Lefiln (Class Illium, Lv. 13)
Cartile (Class Kaiser, Lv. 12)
Sumireume (Class Mercedes, Lv. 34)
Orcayuu (Class Xenon, "Orchid Version", Lv. 39)
Seryeius (Class Phantom, Lv. 33)
Lycaster (Class Luminous "Dark Path", Lv. 47)
Eyitsuki (Class Luminous "Light Path", Lv. 33)
Narkosis (Class Ark, Lv. 35)
Nagayumi (Class Evan, Lv. 37)
Nleia (Class Angelic Buster, Lv. 36)

Found on Khaini
Erizale (Class Page, Lv. 30)
Naruhuki (Class Demon Avenger, Lv. 10)
Kinuuron (Class Blaze Wizard, Lv. 10)
Cerburra (Class Demon Slayer, Lv. 10)
Chamoleile (Class Mercedes, Lv. 10)

Found on Scania
Valyeafore (Class Illium, Lv. 1)
Takkuriuu (Class Thief, Lv. 10)
Abrashia (Class Kinesis, Lv. 10)
Ibriaon (Class Ark, Lv. 10)
Florettiaon (Class Wind Archer, Lv. 10)
Himeadrie (Class Legend, Lv. 10)
Nimaril (Class Kaiser, Lv. 10)
Xinull (Class Battle Mage, Lv. 14)
Resutial (Class Xenon "Lotus Version", Lv. 10)
Abryial (Class Jett, Lv. 10)

Found on Arcania
Xenonian (Class Xenon "Xenon Version", Level 103) < {First level 100 character, pre. MapleStory Overdrive update, trust me level 100 was kinda a big deal back then, or well t least it was a big deal for me)
Relicsonata (Class Zero, Lv. 100)
ErytX (Class Explorer, Lv. 1) < Placeholder name
XEunWolLunaX (Class Shade, Lv. 44)
Amirua (Class Wild Hunter, Lv. 14)
MiniFreudX (Class Evan, Lv. 1)

Found on Galicia
xXEvanderXx (Class Evan, Lv. 42)
Marcasian (Class Mihile, Lv. 16)
Kayeden (Class Dawn Warrior, Lv. 28)

Found on Renegades
Lotiyan (Class Beast Tamer, Lv. 1)
Soleta (Class Legend, Lv. 8)
Isikaly (Class Phantom, Lv. 11)
xXTearXx (Class Angelic Buster, Lv. 1)
Nilsikiu (Class Beast Tamer, Lv. 1)

Found on Reboot
FrostArya (Class Kaiser, Lv. 84)
Yukikageaki (Class Assassin, Lv. 30)
Hakutoryuu (Class Beast Tamer, Lv. 1)
Charisanna (Class Kanna, Lv. 30)
Arkiania (Class Phantom, Lv. 30)

Found on Zenith
Libidiel (Class Jett, Lv. 22)
Baisakaro (Class Beast Tamer, Lv. 1)
Hayleia (Class Mercedes, Lv. 30)
Taligaios (Class Mercedes, Lv. 1)
xXSoraRyuuXx (Class Evan, Lv. 11)

MapleStory 2
Status: Active
Server: North America West
Channel: 55-60 {More than likely}
Mains: Riviain (Class Runeblade,Lv. 37)
Ashtaile (Class Berserker, Lv. 10)
Yulleia (Class Thief, Lv. 6)
UmbraSomnus (Class Assassin, Lv. 6)
Eryt (Class Wizard, Lv. 6) {Might change him to Berserker)
DarklingFang (Class Priest, Lv. 1) {Kinda a place holder name till we get Soul Binder on GMS}
XenonX (Class Rune Blade, Lv. 1) {May or may not keep, still debating}
{Might only keep these two till I get an achievement, but I may keep them, not sure yet}
EstaX (Class Heavy Gunner, Lv. 1)
Iriu (Class Archer, Lv. 1)

Status: Active
Username: FrostNova2284
ID: #5435

MapleStory Blitz
Status: Inactive (At least, until I get more phone data)
Username: YukiaNova

Pokemon Go
Status: Somewhat active
Username: FrostYukia
ID: 299251714652

Fire Emblem Fates
Status: Inactive
Character name: Yukia
Path: Revelation
Castle name: Veldspire
Castle Address: 17475-01592-43808-11390

My Favorite games are

Fire Emblem
Elsword (Ain is my favorite character and his Apostasia class is my favorite if its not obvious by my username)
Rune Factory
Final Fantasy
Kingdom Hearts
Ace Attorney
A Hat in Time
Dragon Quest
Ni No Kuni
Corpse Party
Mad Father
Night in The Woods
Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons
Doki Doki Literature Club!
Mystic Messenger

I'll add more eventually.

Random Quotes either I've said or others said:

"I am the A'fox'stasia!" I apologize
"Must protec the smol precious cinnamon rolls!"
"I was going to say the White Mage is with his harem, but then I noticed Alpha."
"You leave my half demon half angel son alone!"
"Look at my boi! Asdfghjkl!!"
"IlliCade vs XenoCade, lets go IlliCade!"
"The best theme in Awakening is the one simply called ......"
"Hey, hey! If I summon Grima! Robin in Heroes and he has his worst IVs, do I get to call him the 'Fail'dragon?"
"Friend: "You're the Birb Father's child!"
Me: "So I'm Morgan?" *Shows picture of Morgan*
Friend: "Yes! You're the Birb Father's child Morgan!""
"Get ready for the snownami. Its comming."- My Woodshop teacher
"I'm an edge lord I like dark and colorful colors."- HoodlumScrafty
"I would literally cry tears out of sheer happiness if I got a fandragon of one of my OCs or FCs that's hatchday is December 7th."
"Frun reans UnWol a bedtime story!" I got to applaud my miss speaking of sentences sometimes
*Me about my PA! Inigo* "My Meta counter boy, is best boi!"
"Eat your magical breakfast off the mystical plates of time!" - My friend Nolife
"So my friend and I are trying to figure out which 3rd job that isn't a physical being is best boi, clearly its Herrscher."
"These plates aren't big enough for a proper breakfast maybe a few pieces of bacon at most, whatever you kids eat now days." - My friend Nolife
"Me: "*Saying something about a magic girl not being a master of darkness*"
Nolife: "All hail Richter and the lolli(Aisha)!"
Me: "So we worship Richter and a lolli?"
Nolife: "*Starts laughing* Richter is a Lolli!"
Me: "I said Richter and a Lolli, but now I'm imagining it. *Hits head on desk before laughing*""
"Don't you know? Counting is illegal in this country!"
"I fail to understand how so many people find a fish and a floating triangle attractive, I just don't see or understand it."
"O-oh boy... I never thought I would fangirl over one of my OCs..."
"Stop calling me cute! I'm not cute! Shaddup!"
"I don't like humans, but I like fictional guys and girls, is that weird?"
"Awww! EunWol is such a precious boy!"
"How can I make this child more pure and precious?"
"I have a lot of shippings that don't have many people that like them, but they always are so cute! They need more attention!"
"Hm... what classes would my OCs and FCs be in FE and FF?"
"Threatened noises!"
"Nervous chirping noises."
"Syvvett keeps making threatened noises."
"Maple OCs are relevant again. Maple OCs are relevant again!"
"I don't care what ya'll say, Francis is a precious boy, I will protec him!"
"Why can't there be one Maple shipping between characters that are friends, one always turns traitor on the other."
"Gods, the Alark shipping has killed me, its so cute! I'm worried Ark's storyline is gonna be like Jett's and Kaiser's though, their friend turns traitor on them..."
"Edgehile is best Mihile!"
"Vaati and Shadow are best Zelda Villains, Fite Meh!"
"Please don't mind me as I'm casually over here, totally not fangirling over Commander Kinesis or anything."
"Oh, did we lose Oz again? No problem, let's just look somewhere where there's food, she's bound to be there. You know how much she likes food."
"You think I'd fangirl over Ain in a school outfit, right? What if I said it was Add in a school outfit that I fangirled over, hm?"
"Nil! Stop running into walls!"
"Lucid and Lotus are good wives."
"Ciel is practicing his nya nyas."
"I just imagined Naiukion dancing to the nya nya song, it's actually kinda funny. I wish I was better at animating so I could actually make it."
"Why do I always get attached to characters that die...?"
"Ark is such a precious bean, despite being half specter, I really hope they release him on the global maple server, unlike what they did with Zen."
"Squish the Ark, squish the bean!"
"That's a lot of Adds in one place"
"There's too many Adds on my screen, run Ara run!!"
"Chrom's our boy?"
"All the best grils are tsundere~!" Don't ask, I got bored
Rumor_Moon: "If Hilla and Magnus had a child the whole world as we know it would end."
Me: "So Riviain is the apocalypse personified?"
Rumor_Moon: *Playing around with a Zakum transformation potion* "MORP, MORP, MORP, MORP!"
"We shall be known as, Guild MORP MORP!"
Me: "I have a Rainbow Tail, but I don't know who I should give it to. Who do you think I should give it to?"
Rumor_Moon: "Give it to your Kinesis!"
Me: "Why?"
Rumor_Moon: "He's the Wolf to Jay's Cat!"
Me: "Ooo! Yeah! I'll give it to him then!" {If it's not obvious, my friend and I ship KineJay}
"KiLL tHe SpiDer KiNG!!"
"Suddenly I have two waifus now... How did this happen?!?!"
"Tmw I realize that Fang might have Hanahaki Disease because of a one-sided love for Alpha...... Aaaaaaaaaa! My poor baby boiyo I'm so so sorry! You deserved so much better! If only Alpha would have realized you loved him!! TT^TT"
"Jay is best boi, Alpha is also best boi, Fang is a precious boiyo, Orca is best girl, and Claudine is also best girl!"
"H-hewwo? W-wuminous?"
*Elsword Crashes on me* "H-hewwo? Ewsword?"
"It's the marking of the damned!"
"I just realized how similar my personality is to Apostasia or well at least fanfiction Apostasia minus a few things thankfully, I don't know if I should be happy or worried."
"A Wyvern is just a dragon without front legs!"
"When will I find my Arme or Richter to pull me out of this stupid depressive abyssal void I've dragged myself into..." {No I don't mean it like someone to be in a relationship with 'cause I don't like people at all in that way video game characters are a different story though, I have quite a few husbandos and waifus, I just mean it like a friend to help me out and be willing to listen, I guess sort of like a light in the darkness going by that sense, I've also been reading way too many Apos pathline (1st through 3rd job) x Arme pathline (1st through 3rd job) fanfictions}
"MapleStory 2? You mean easy mode MapleStory? Since the level cap on MS2 is 60 as opposed to MS's 250 level cap that'll soon be increased to 275."
"Nine slots for characters, nine classes currently available, with quite a few still unreleased. I hope we get more charater slots in the future, as well as servers that don't seem region locked."
Me: "If you choose Chung's Iron Paladin pathline his voice sounds like it gets higher."
Rumor_Moon: "That sounds terrifying. Chung is like a little girl."
Me: "Chung has been a little girl all along!"
Rumor_Moon: "Dun dun dun!"
*Watching Lilin's talking animation* "Lilin, please stop trying to backhand Ashtaile."
*Claudine shows up in the Heavy Gunner's storyline* "There she is! Right there! Best girl! Best girl!"
*Notices Brighton, but no Belle* "Brighton, where's your wife? Where's Belle?"
*Checky's line comes up* "Checky your bear mask looks so cool in MS2!"
"Cats are not locomotives..." - A Tired Rumor_Moon
"Maybe the socks are contagious..." - A Tired Rumor_Moon
"No one ever got hurt from trying something new. .....except for when they did."
"I saw there was an origin video for Magnus, he looks like he was sick when he was younger, no wonder he got possessed by a tree." - Rumor_Moon
*Going on a tangent while listening to themes for the Black Mage update* "I figured out where they screwed up! They let an 18 year old mortal kid with a hatred for humanity who dabbled in forbidden magic become a transcendent! That's why the Black Mage {White Mage} is trying to destroy Maple world! He has a perfectly good reason for wanting to destroy Maple world! He was almost killed by his teachers before he become a transcendent for gods sake!"
"Shrimp are just small harmless lobsters." -Rumor_Moon
"It's just not EunWol if it's not fluffy!" - Rumor Moon
"Excuse me Shulk, the Monado is not a Guitar."
Me: *Shows Falkeyrie's quote*
Rumor_Moon: *Starts reading then stops* "Nope!"
Me: "I never said if what he was saying was to a guy or a girl."
Rumor_Moon: "I get it! You have a lot of gay characters."
Me: *Laughs* "I neither confirm nor deny that."
"I'm like that worried older sister to my friends."
"I didn't shut lock the door." - My mom
"P0T4T0 3V4N, DR4G0N M45T3R, 0F M1R!!"
"That line's straighter then over half of my OCs!"

Names/Nicknames I've been given/called

Fell Child
Garry (Like the Ib Character)
Flower Child Unwilling
Trashcan of the Abyss

Misspellings of my username
('Cause why not? XD)

ApostatsiaAin (Twice)
ApostasianAin (um....)

For Later Reference
Signature Chibis!
Reference Guide to Dragon Titles/Classes
Pictures in bios
My Art and Gijinka search thread
My Buying OCs thread
Elsword or MapleStory players?
Guide to FR Abbreviations

Other things

All by OrcaTheUltimate
Wow, you've read down this far huh, I guess I could write down some fun facts about myself then

I'm a self taught Artist

I absolutely love cosplaying

I love Roleplaying and I'm always looking for others to Roleplay with, it's one of my best ways of figuring out my OCs personalities, feel free to ask to RP with me, I'll more than likely always say yes

Usually I use the username Frost Nova, rarely I use something else, FR is one of those rare things I use a different username on

I used to play Flute granted I wasn't very good at it

I play the Ocarina

I love a lot of Japanese things and Korean things

Majority of my OCs were never intended to become OCs

A lot of my friends are people I've befriended and talked to online, very few of my friends are people I know irl

I tend to be more social and talkative online, I'm actually really shy and quiet irl

I'm in Robotics

I'm a self proclaimed Shipping Lord

I enjoy drawing and also doing Art Trades

I'm horrible at picking something when asked to pick something

I'm a big fan of MMOs and MMORPGs

I tend to procrastinate.....a lot

I've been called a male version of my actual name a lot, and I actually kinda like it

Quite a few people have thought I was a guy, probably 'cause I prefer wearing baggy clothes and guys clothing instead of women's due to it being way to form fitting

I'm an only child

My friends, both irl and online are kinda like family to me

I'm a very selfless person, even when I feel absolutely terrible I worry more about my friends and family then I do about myself

I've been backstabbed and betrayed by people more times then I can count, that's why it's so difficult for me to open up to others and trust them, that's also the reason I treasure my trustworthy friends and my online friends so dearly

I'm a very sensitive person and I often think people talk about me behind my back

I have a tendency to call characters I really really like, but I'm not attracted to children or choilds

Lofty: Wanderer (Elsword)
Fang (MapleStory)
Evan (Ni No Kuni 2)
Xiao (Dark Cloud)
Morgan (Fire Emblem: Awakening)
Kana (Fire Emblem: Fates)
Francis (MapleStory)
Xenon (MapleStory)
{Will add more later}
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06/13 Earned: Level 20 Hunting Reach a level of 20 in the Hunting skill.
05/25 Became friends with XianaAsuka Maybe in a few years they'll write a buddy comedy about you guys.
04/20 Became friends with Shadowforce Maybe in a few years they'll write a buddy comedy about you guys.
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hello i like your username bye
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happy very very very late birthday!!
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THE RECKONING IS UPON US. I FORGOT THE LAST TIME I SLEPT AND I HAVE SEEN GOD’S TRUE FORM. SO HOW DOES TIME CONTINUE AGAIN? I ate a waffle today and it was splendid. In the case that I run out of characters, I demand to be shot in the foot.
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You are correct in your thinking.
Oct 04, 2018, 16:21:23
takatsuki wrote:
apostasia has gorgeous design, i really love his long hair : D but my favourite ain has to be arme thaumaturgy, i love how clean that boy looks LOL /// i really love white suits!! add's mastermind is really nice to me too ~
Oct 03, 2018, 20:28:15
takatsuki wrote:
no problem at all, i love random friend requests !! it's very lovely to meet you : D thank you for the compliment !! // it's funny bc aha i actually play fire emblem heroes / dragalia lost too, it's like we're the same person // i'm guessing you like ain?
Oct 03, 2018, 13:26:03
Harana wrote:
Saw your Alfonse dragon in Skydust's fandragon help thread! Nice to see another FE fan! (lajdsfkljdf I love your fake achievements, btw)
Oct 02, 2018, 11:26:09
MrOzzo wrote:
Thanks for the gijinka of Zeeva, she looks adorable! :) Is it okay if I put it in her bio?
Sep 30, 2018, 19:17:31
Ain wrote:
Hi there fellow Ain B)
Jul 31, 2018, 12:48:43
zueatrick wrote:
Phantom has a child and it's name is Phantom. Never ending Phantoms but yeah! they are the one pair of my maplestory days that i still have because they are just pretty. Thanks for buying!
Jul 30, 2018, 18:10:25
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