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VeridisQuo: Clan Profile » Dragon Lair » Nesting Grounds
VeridisQuo's Clan
Every little moment spells regret
Venerable Lair
of the
Focal Point
Clan Information
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For mods & staff: @91zm0bot is my sis

*Enthusiastically holds paper*
A list? I love lists!
*Proceeds to stare at a nearly pure white, light color jumble of letters*
*Looks over their back*
I can't read!

- Current priorities

!! > Continue character design for @Araaska

- Finish commissions
- Write lore for dragons

" Hard work equals a powerful nation. "


VeridisQuo - previously SolifugeSpace| 3+ FR time | Nonbinary | 14 cats with random genders in a coat

South America - Brazil
-Active English talker + learning British accent

-Learning Russian language (Talks raw Russian, currently) and Japanese (Hiragana)

Random friend requests will be denied. I only friend people who I've had conversations with (which doesn't include my messages regarding buying something from you) or know.

They Them It/ He Him/ I don't really care

Be careful, as I have highly active Anxiety

! I am on mobile, so missclick blocks and friend requests may happen !
n7fRemw.png Retrying a new introduction for the 1399147th time.

Greetings, stranger. I am a fellow human being actually a bunch of cats in a coat just like you, who descended into the deepest circle of dragon hell. I am an artist and aspiring biologist, of which I plan on being professional. I love designing characters and things and drawing concepts of my ideas. I generally have a neutral opinion on everyone I meet and try to act polite.
On a important note, please understand that I am bad at wording what I think and feel correctly, as I am emotionally numb and can't comprehend emotions. As clarification, this emotional numbness is not the 'coping with trauma' type, it is a way to describe that I am unable to understand what others or even ME feel, this explains why I sound blunt as people call me.

I don't have a partner (bf/gf) and I don't plan on having one, I'd rather marry a rock since it's highly more likely to happen. To reinforce that statement, I don't -and never or probably will never- feel attraction, romantic or interested, towards others.

As for my pronouns and my gender, it's none of your business and not necessary unless by professional means. Just imagine me as a toaster or any other genderless thing, thank you.

Back in the art subject.
I have a big grudge on cutesy art styles because of some really bad crap that happened to me in the past related to them, nothing personal, you do you.
Sugar coating my work makes me vomit, I would much appreciate if you were honest when critiquing!

My writing is trash and you probably already noticed that. It's not something I can improve or perfect it, I have this mindset that if I am experience with drawing then I can forget ever getting decent in literature. Being satisfied with my writing and being good at it is something that I will never achieve.
Why am I saying that? Because people don't take my lore and stories seriously and find them silly, which is honestly disappointing.

I plan on finishing my lair aesthetic. And no, by aesthetic I didn't mean the average repetitive regal earthy gold range light lair that apparently everyone that owns is praised for, I strive to be my own thing. What is the point of being praised with a repetitive aesthetic if you're faceless and not different? Be unique, be YOU! Do not twist yourself to bend towards the likes of other people, because I almost did that and it wasn't a nice experience *cough* lack of lair space *cough*
All my dragons are named according to my personal headcannon naming culture of the flights.

The space and cosmos are my biggest obsession and fascination, and I believe that we aren't alone in the Universe, nor it is empty and silent. With this space obsession comes the urge to draw designs and concepts of space entities. My favorite designing part is making the shape of the head, which usually comes in exaggerated shapes and forms which I personally named as "Ornamental". Actually, I'll scream about space almost everytime. I LOVE SPACE.
Also, talking about obsessions, I really like Britain...ALOT. I am a "teaboo", as my sister calls me. Everyday is tea day, tea all day, always. I really like United Kingdom's vibe and culture.

I own 2 cats, one female and one male, called Aritchen and Flougee. Flougee is a non-purebreed-certified Dragon Li (also called Chinese Li Hua) and Aritchen is a street rescue.

I'm a dinosaur and ancient creature enthusiast and I want to shoot JP's raptors, T.Rex and Spinosaur down and beat them up with a stick.

I'm too reserved and anxious to talk about my personal life and I personally don't appreciate my nationality very much? We are burning Amazon.
I am VERY forgetful,so please send me reminders if I take 10 days or more to do something for you!

Veridis attempts to explain his emotions in a cohesive way, colorized:
•"Life is soup. I am fork." - View of life


»Hermaeus Cygnus«
Organization and Facility

The Endless Crescendo
The first installment of the Organization and it's center. Dragons that are selected to work in the inner section of the circle are highly privileged, experiencing a wealthy life. The highest members of the class keep the Organization working behind the scenes.
The Everfrozen Spiral
An important location, second in charge. Newcomers of the Organization and/or new specimens are first relocated to this middle-class installment. Most dragons sent here are oblivious to the Organization's plans, and the previous members of the Endless Crescendo that are relocated in the Everfrozen Spiral keep sigil of their purpose. Newcomers have a small chance of getting a higher rank. [/Right]
The Outlanders
Strays, loners, wanderers and deserters. These individuals wield no connection with the Organization and it's variations.
The Anomalous
Anomalities which caught the Organization's attention and got successfully captured. May be used for beneficial purposes. These individuals are separated by 3 categories.[/Right]

Hard work equals a powerful nation

You've entered the territory lines of a massive deep and heavily crystalized cave, it seems rather cluttered with it's innumerous stalagmites protruding from ceiling extending towards what seems to be an bottomless pit glowing with energy and life, full of intricate buildings that take advantage of the main structure sturdily built and hollow thick stalagmites connected by several bridges making a interesting network.

The hole extended deeply down at the earth, swallowing the littlest filament of sunlight that dared to encouragingly attempt to spread, dominated by the eerie glowing energies that surrounded the cluttered atmosphere. Above, countless waterfalls springed, briefly separated by the growing crystals that surfaced against the columns of liquid. The ravine-full cave's flora thrived as large patches of grass grew in the inner spiralling rings of the pit, maintained by the natural mineral waterfalls that fell into the bottom of the cave grotto. At a distance, you could see dragons moving in the safety of the stable surfaces formed by the fault on the land.

A massive tower imposingly extended in contrast to the purple colors around, intricate designs covered every inch of it's form, the tick-tocking vibrating on your being as if you were inside the building, all as a massive work of art. The absurdly tall construct was pampered by countless workers which maintained it flowing, seemingly for ages. The sunlight was non-existent down below, the dark being chased away by bioluminescent sources and some moving vividly, being produced by dragons residing in the close-to-uninhabitable blackout. Streams of glowing algae abundant water split the land. You squint your eyes upon noticing orange bits scattered on a few parts -streaming lava. Smoldering molten magma lazily spread, controlled and by manipulled by a small array of forgers.

You have difficulty maintaining consistent flight as the number of stalagmites increases and gets in your way, but as you eventually make it to the first inner circle which appears to be the entrance, you notice a strange dragon flying directly towards you.

Greetings, we were expecting you. Welcome to Hermaeus Cygnus, you have been selected to join our high ranks and no longer is considered replaceable, unfortunately we cannot tell much about ourselves until further trust ties are created, however we can offer you a place to stay and food for the reasonable price of your devotion for a few years. There may be only an average amount of members here, but we are much more than meets the eye, extending to other places successfully. If you offer your devotion, we will be more than glad to offer you the information we have as long as it doesn't rely on "third parties" nor you get involved with our goals,though we do ask that you be polite,respectful and to not go South.

Aside our reasonable requirements we have the finest products of medicine made with our rare materials, and are willing to offer other services. Feel free to exchange goods in the Seventh Circle of Waterfalls where our main merchandise related situations are taken care of, leaded by Nepos. Please be polite and watch your purses.

tumblr_ns5subPqpO1uwq352o1_250.png Overview

Deep inside the caves of Focal Point territory stands one of the most advanced bioengineering and multicellular modification Organization of Sornieth,Polaris Cygnus . Scattered across almost all around the Sornieth, collecting various materials for research and experiments. To prevent notoriety and exposure, the Organization disguises itself as a medical industry selling healing oils and other medicine materials.

The group then began the plan to purify dragonkind,the Organization was formed and started kidnapping criminals (sometimes normal dragons) as lab rats in total secret. They then began experiments that can damage the subjects, horrifying mutations or simply death. The Subject number increases, some of them being contained threats and others simply kidnapped. As time passes, more and more dragons from many nearby clans begin disappearing with no explanation. Some join them for their cause,maybe by fear and intimidation, or simply because they believe dragonkind has become more fragile and hope they can enhance it.

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01/10 Became friends with Notepad. Maybe in a few years they'll write a buddy comedy about you guys.
01/09 Became friends with Xionahri Maybe in a few years they'll write a buddy comedy about you guys.
12/23 Became friends with Akash Maybe in a few years they'll write a buddy comedy about you guys.
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SandSeraph wrote:
Alright, now, I because my sister accidently put him on a nest, unfortunately there’s a wait time before I can send him over.
Jan 20, 2020, 16:46:18
SandSeraph wrote:
Hey, you once expressed interest in Occiolism, lately I’ve found both him and Marinel not as important as they used to, so if you’re interested in either, let me know.
Jan 20, 2020, 14:21:21
arrowXflight wrote:
Who? o.o
Jan 13, 2020, 12:55:15
Xionahri wrote:
Doesn't matter to me. At least, now we have seen and may remember each other. It's something I guess.
Jan 09, 2020, 10:34:50
bioluminosity wrote:
It is :>
Jan 08, 2020, 20:24:29
Exarch wrote:
it's super unique and unlike other things i've seen recently, and it definitely plays into my interest in dark horror & supernatural-esque curiosities. it's like, SCP Foundation with magic and space. definitely very cool!
Jan 06, 2020, 13:08:15
Exarch wrote:
i LOVE how you dress your dragons and your lore and writing seems so very interesting, ill have to remember to come back and read it all when i have time!
Jan 04, 2020, 17:21:54
TehuMertt wrote:
But yeah, your lair is most definitely my top favourite Arcane lair I've seen so far, that's a space aesthetic I love and so rarely see outside of maybe one dragon per lair. Such amazing colour coordination and so many unique combos, that's so good
Jan 04, 2020, 13:35:38
TehuMertt wrote:
Tell me about it :pensive: I just keep getting more despite my funds saying no, but thankfully G&G is there to support me. YOU RIGHT, I tend to like colours people don't, I base my dragons on environmental aesthetics, things that remind of the desert.
Jan 04, 2020, 13:33:12
TehuMertt wrote:
AHHH that is LITERALLY the reason why I keep getting more dragons! Sure, they're also pretty but...mainly to have a functioning clan? A clan needs lots of food and that means lots of farmers and I need other professions too. See where I'm going with this?
Jan 04, 2020, 03:07:02
TehuMertt wrote:
I am quite literally all over the place at the moment, trying to do as many things as possible, but I DO have an ongoing aesthetic. Lore is a big WIP and it'll be written eventually, and I also need to work on the map jkdhkg
Jan 03, 2020, 13:51:21
TehuMertt wrote:
AAAA I guess we do, that's sweet! And yeah, I am obsessed with keeping my lair consistent, but yours are on a whole other level, those are such amazing names! Also, your dressing skills are phenomenal!
Jan 02, 2020, 18:56:44
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