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Finlandia's Clan
Professional nobody.
Ancient Lair
near the
Focal Point
Clan Information
Currently dorming for:



(In case of starving dragons, blame Grim Reaper.)

!Outdated. To be updated as rewrite proceeds!

Full progress: 3/6
Bio rewrite: 83/83
(Spell Check/Edits: 89/89)
(Bio templates: 12/12)
Info: 21/22
Profile: 1/7
Map: 0/4

Ruoigu is our democratic, mostly nocturnal clan residing in Dream Wood, a sub-region of the Focal Point of Starfall Isles. We are friendly towards our visitors and welcome everyone regardless of their look, element, origin or ideals. Diversity is wealth and you are precious for being different. Welcome to our clan.

If you need some help, following dragons may lend you their helping hand.

If you want to offer one of us a home, talk to Mani and he will tell you how to buy from us.

If you want to borrow a dragon or are interested in the inn, talk to Vataja

Pernis has lair's map. Talk to him if you are interested about that.

Tinker can tell you about our clan's customs and how we see certain things.

If you want to meet other clan members, talk to Azul. She knows everyone.

If you want to go through the fourth wall, talk to Finlande and she will help you.

We also like to form close bonds with other clans in form of twin-clans. If you are interested in that, go to talk with Julius.

If you want to be just a friend please talk to us first. Otherwise you just scare us half-dead.

Neighbors and Twin-clans:
Plague: None
Earth: None
Wind: None
Ice: None
Water: Shifting Tide
Shadow: None
Fire: None
Lightning: None
Nature: None
Light: None

Thank you for your visit and hopefully it was a pleasant one.

First male of the Polar Sky, Alfa

PS. Finlandia apologizes her weak English and all misunderstandings it may cause. She is very bad with foreign languages.


Please ignore
miessi = vasa
nagir = uni (fysiologia)
idja = yö
gaskaidja = keskiyö
eahket = ilta
ealga = hirvi
boazu = poro
ruoigu = metsäkauris
sarvva = hirvi
seavdnjat = pimeä

Ruoigu is guarded by five constellations. Their exact origin has been lost to time but they seem to originate from the Second Age. They were originally worshipped by elk centaurs who lived in the Dream Wood ages ago but have since died out with barely any traces beyond old dragon records. After that they were remembered by the old mage clan, although it seems they started to fall out of significance as time went on vanishing altogether when the clan met with their demise. Since then they have been rediscovered by the modern clan who has adapted them as part of their culture as personal guardians in the ancient wood.

Ruoigu = Sarvva (Knowledge and civilization)
Ruoigu is the most powerful out of the five guardians appearing as a mystical reindeer on the night sky. It guards knowledge and keeps civilizations thriving. Without it the intelligent beings in the Dream Wood would devolve into simple creatures and communities would collapse. After its two main guardians, Nagir and Ealga, fell Ruoigu hid itself behind other constellations in order to save itself. After the two came back Ruoigu came back too it now guarding the clan bearing its name. It is asked to look over clan’s conferences and trials to help the clan make the right choice. The dragons leaving to work in the Observatory also send their prayers to Ruoigu before leaving.

Nagir = Susi/Iso Karhu (General guardian and protector)
Nagir is Ruoigu’s primary guardian the wolf being always close to it. It is tasked with keeping the reindeer safe and if it was to fail its final task is to make sure the ones keeping their civilized nature remain safe from those who devolve into primal beings. Nagir has always fought for its place among the stars against a Great Bear and for a long time the Ursa held Nagir’s place. Eventually the wolf though was able to retaliate and it won the Bear by biting its tail off. With the Bear driven off and Ruoigu back in the sky Nagir maintains its duty. Its main mission is to guard Ruoigu and such it is rarely called. However, if the clan was to face full on war, the clan would ask Nagir for support. The wolf seems to have taken liking to the clan and it is suggested to be the reason for high number of wolf-shifters in there.

Ealga = Yksisarvinen/Leijona (Guardian of the fate, Life and Death)
Ealga is Ruoigu’s second guardian but compared to Nagir it is much more distant. The unicorn seems to control life and death in the Dream Wood and is tasked to make sure threats don’t reach the reindeer. It scouts the wood alone and it can either eliminate potential threat or it can heal a wounded being. Like Nagir Ealga had had to fight for its place in the sky its enemy being the Leo. The big cat had managed to drive the unicorn away but eventually Ealga managed to take its place back. As a guardian of life and death Ealga is often called when someone is badly hurt. The clan can’t beg it to heal everyone, and if Ealga decided someone is time to go, the clan hopes it gives them a painless death.

Eahket = Delfiini/Pohjan Kruunu (Wayfinder and protector of travelers)
Eahket is the most distant from other guardians but it seems to be closest to the living beings. The dolphin swims in the night sky often following the Southern Lights but it has no issues with joining travelers and making sure they find their destination safely. If someone gets lost in the Dream Wood, calling for Eahket’s help usually leads back on track. Unlike most other guardians, Eahket never left the sky though it was missing for a while. It is unknown how or why but it seems the dolphin had been trapped within a northern crown until it was rediscovered and freed. It is back at playing with the Southern Lights and travelling between south and north especially. It is often called to bless the journey through the wood, and though it lacks power outside of it, many ask for its blessing when leaving the wood as well.

Idja = Joutsen (Guardian of the dead)
Idja is the only guardian who has never left the sky or been missing, their real name just had been lost to time. The swan is the herder of the dead, taking the souls and guiding them to their final resting place. Out of all the guardians Idja had most records found in the ruins. Some believe that was because the mage clan had heard some kind of prophecy of their upcoming demise and scared had turned their heads towards the herder of the souls. The swan is often called after a death has occurred and some residents send their messages for Idja in hope of it delivering them to their dead friends and relatives.
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03/06 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Pearlcatcher Male, 2 Pearlcatcher Female
01/30 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Ridgeback Male, 2 Ridgeback Female
01/30 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Pearlcatcher Female
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Hi! I’m from the most evil dragon above you thread ^^. Honestly I think you just gave me my new lore prompt for my dragon Osa XD. I had no idea with her but I’m digging that idea of yours :000
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Ayla was on the front page!! What a gorgeous g1, love their bio too!!
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Jul 12, 2022, 07:31:21
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Thanks for showing me how the spoiler thing works! :) I love your lore so much, it's very interesting and very detailed! I wish I had the patience to write that- Have a great day! :D
Jun 26, 2022, 11:27:47
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of course! if anything, reading through them was comforting for me because i know i'll get carried away with my lore and it'll be long also. the amount of time and effort you put into them is very apparent, i respect it! thank you also :)
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Deltalunaris wrote:
Thanks for your kind words on Isolt! Really means a lot that she gets more love, spurrs me onwards to flesh her out as a character in my lair. Your dragons are stunning too, I've read through a few of them already and their lore is so good! :] <3
Jun 21, 2022, 08:32:58
peculiardom wrote:
i came from a forum game and i just wanted to say that all of your dragons and lore are very interesting and i spent a very long time going through and reading very much of it
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GarlordianRising wrote:
You're welcome 😁
May 26, 2022, 10:27:31
GarlordianRising wrote:
Hillo is on the front page! Very pretty Coatl 😍
May 26, 2022, 10:08:27
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Hillo was on the front page!!
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BeeWhisperer wrote:
Your preference! Thank you for taking my hatchlings - if you need anything else let me know!
May 12, 2022, 00:49:51
Directorate wrote:
Your Hillo is gorgeous ;L; so cute
May 11, 2022, 05:40:06
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