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dreamlogic's Clan
Venerable Lair
carved into the
Parched Canyonwalks
Clan Information
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welcome to clan galehart!
FR+1 | they/he | wishlist

this is an exalting lair! but i will only ever exalt named adults.
mostly here for lore. AH prices are flexible. free nests & cauldron (lvl 27). random interaction friendly! :)
* always low-key buying dragons with 2-letter names, especially Ka *


By wind and blood, by bright and bone,
Guide me swiftly, safely home.
-Traveler's Prayer

The Galehart clan are nomads, a motley assortment of creatures who for one reason or another are ill-suited for staying put. Some are devout acolytes questing for divinity, some are artists and folklorists searching for inspiration. Merchents and mercenaries, couriers and curators, witches, wildlings, and wayward spirits- all have found themselves following the same winding paths charted by the Galeharts. Their numbers are small and scattered, but not without community. The Galeharts are held together by their shared love for hospitality and storytelling. Over their generations of wandering, they've established and maintained several semi-permanent communities in three different elemental regions: secure sanctuaries where all travelers, Galehart or not, can rest their wings over a good meal and trade news from the furthest reaches of the globe.

the darkened sun
Little is known about the Darkened Sun. There are sparse records of their existence dating back to the Second Age, but not much remains of their society save ruins. The Hewn City is home to the derelict husks of many forgotten religions, but the Darkened Sun's temple complex lies just outside the city's crumbling southwestern walls. It is a half-sunken subterranean warren that slumbers beneath the rolling golden grasslands and pine forests. The maze of tunnels, catacombs, and spacious caves connects to the Hewn City's sewer system all the way out to the very edges of the Lightweaver's territory. To the west, the waterways eventually spill over dizzying cliffs into the Sea of a Thousand Currents far below. To the south, the tunnels merge with the dry, scrubby canyons of the Shifting Expanse, with the relics of ancient cables and machinery rusting into the landscape. The Galeharts first inhabited these ruins in an effort to learn more about the Darkened Sun, drawn as so many before them to explore their cryptic research: an obsessive, cult-ish fusion of alchemical experimentation and zealous worship. Over time, others settled here as well, and began the long work of restoring the hive-like structures to a livable condition. Stained glass shafts provide light and ventilation to the deeper reaches, a lattice of waterways and laboratories connected by spacious atriums and sunken courtyards. This is a hub for academics, artists, and merchants. Many dragons choose to take up residence here for inspiration, and for the unique blend of elemental cultures that harmonize in these sunken cathedrals.

The Singing Tower was the original home and heart of the Galehart clan. It is an ancient structure, leftover from dragonkind's earliest days. Its creators and original occupants were the Cirrus Shards, a subspecies of ridgebacks who carved and tunneled into the massive basalt pillars of the Reedcleft Ascent. These structures are remarkable feats of engineering, maximizing livable space vertically and utilizing central bores for airflow, heating, and structural integrity. The Singing Tower is so named because as the wind plays through its many windows and corridors, it hums and echoes in a way that sounds like a dreamy, ethereal hymn. The Galeharts found the Tower long abandoned by dragons, but well-used by local harpy and talonok clans. However, there was plenty of space in the Tower and surrounding area for all communities to coexist, and after much discussion, flexible borders were drawn, and the dragons moved into the Tower's lower levels, which are surrounded by thriving seasonal salt marshes and temperate rainforest. The Singing Tower stands close to the Zephyr Steppe's southern shore, with the Starwood Strand barely visible on the western horizon. Due to its central location, it's a hub for travel among dragons and beastclans alike, and the Galeharts consider themselves proud stewards of the unspoken ceasefire among those who gather here. Unfortunately, after centuries of heavy use, the Singing Tower's stone walls are not as sturdy as they used to be. To prevent its collapse and slow the inevitable erosion of time, most of the Galehart clan took wing for Dragonhome, to rebuild somewhere a bit more stable. However, the Tower still stands, and a small community of dragons still call the surrounding coastline home, expectantly watching its horizons for windswept guests.

the singing tower

the long rest
Hidden in the perilous wilds of the Cairnstone Rest mountain range, a string of ruins and abandoned outposts have become home to some of the Galehart's hardier members. The first of these is a crumbling temple complex, nestled in the relatively verdant foothills of the Shattered Plain. This waystation sits on the shores of the Long Rest River, which is fed by alpine snowmelt, and winds through the Cairnstones all the way to its western coast. The temple grounds are home to an enchanted orchard, and a modest hostel well-known as the only reputable trading post for miles and miles: the last friendly stop before entering a deeply haunted landscape. Following the natural path the river carves through the mountains, there is a rough, serviceable road maintained by the Galeharts in cooperation with local longneck and serthis clans. At its end, the Long Rest estuary forms a string of tall, stony islands rising from the water, sheltered from the area's frequent storms by towering cliffs. This place has been named Longjaw Bay, and is home to another community of Galeharts, who've carved their dens into the calm eastern faces of these islands. This is a frequent layover for those traveling across the ocean to the Sunbeam Ruins, and the Galeharts are happy to send them along with enough provisions for the long flight ahead.

cirrus shards subspecies
• collect all familiars (RIP)
• transfer all permas to hibernal den

note 2 self:
• freyr to mate w/ TropicalDiamonds' terra again at some point?
• ping cornleaf for sage's teahouse
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