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RollingTomes: Clan Profile » Dragon Lair » Nesting Grounds
RollingTomes' Clan
By choice alone do we forge our family.
Ancient Lair
of the
Beacon of the Radiant Eye
Clan Information
We begin with the beginning:

A dragon banked near the last broad steps carved into a plateau's
more forgiving eastern incline, and alighted. The sea below and to the east sparkled with warm sunlight, glistering and chipper, its merry shushing sounds carried to him by an agreeable wind. That same wind tousled grass to the right and left of the steps, a green gone sun-blonde yet unparched. Even the longer, sturdier weeds stirred in an elastic way unique to the well-hydrated.

The view was lovely, and it was with some regret that the dragon
turned to the task at hand, mounting the final few steps on foot. If all went well, he'd have plenty of time later to goggle at the view.

Cresting the top step, he was greeted by an eclectic tableau:
several Imperial dragons lounging in the sunlight, two looking occupied with a book and platter of layered tiles respective to each, and a single fey dragon bedecked in silver and silk dragging a warped hunk of metal across the stones toward a growing pile of it at the center of the courtyard. She gripped her latest haul in her teeth and backpedaled with effort, a small but insistent "nnnnyaaah!" accompanying each rearward yank.

"Enough of this." One of the self-occupied Imperials closed his
book with an audible snap and slapped the heavy cover in a way that conveyed both disgruntlement and affection. "Felonax might've enumerated the means of revolution with a thoroughness, but he was artless and extolled none of its virtues. At best, he dealt a glancing blow to the perils of institutional thinki... who are you?"

The new dragon wondered at this question. Who am I? I have no
idea. "I heard tale of a clan in the Radiant territories that sometimes accepts," he decided less was more, "those like me. Are you the Rolling Tomes?"

The Imperial seemed to mull this over and examine him
simultaneously. "Mayhap we are." His tone grew considering. "Engineering life not for you, huh?"

Frank. Artless. The new dragon wondered if his interviewer was
related to Felonax and stowed the question before it could be articulated and get him in trouble. Instead, he agreed, "not for me." Forestalling the next likely question, he added, "I don't know what is."

The little fey deposited her burden among its glinting brethren
and approached him. The silks she wore muted the jangling of her other finery. She looked up at him, fins splayed in curiosity, then shot her gaze downward and plucked a silver charm from his cloak. Wordlessly she turned and made her way back to her assemblage of metallic nonsense and added the charm to it.

The Imperial grunted. "Nyx likes you. That's a point in your

The new dragon waited, having no idea what to do with this
information. The bangle wouldn't be missed, but its removal had seemed as much an act of ritual as of bald-faced thievery.

"If you know who we are, you know what we do." The Imperial's
regard lost it's examining quality and grew guardedly welcoming. "An' what we don't do." He gestured with a hand around him. "Plague, lightning, nature, wind, ice, we don't discriminate here. We're not in any business but guarding our own and defying tradition." He put his hand down over the book again. "You want to tinker, you can tinker. You want to sculpt, read, help Nyxie here amass the world's biggest pile of castoff metal, you can do that. We're a family, not an empire. Some of us are leaders, but we don't abide monarchies or the extinguishing of an individual's expression."

The Imperial shifted and spoke again. "Do well by us, and you've
got a mismatched, raggedy band who'll navigate every red, fetid hell imaginable to the singular end that is your well-being. It's no godly blessing, but it's done us a solid." The assessing gaze took his measure once more. "You in?"

He looked at the other dragons, some observing their
conversation with interest, others looking engrossed in their own business, and felt the quiet forces of cohesion between them. He wanted of the powerful thing it was, the unconventional and slightly wild thing it was.

The new dragon nodded, still feeling as one treading snow of
an unfamiliar depth but singularly unworried about it. "I'm in."

For the first time, the Imperial's neutral expression drew into a
smile. The assessor's gaze changed almost imperceptibly, now almost greedy. He craned his neck forward. "Then I bid you welcome. Now I must ask you two questions."

He waited.

His interviewer tapped the great volume he'd snapped shut
earlier. "Your name, of course, but we'll get to that. What I really want to know is this - Alephenyx's poetry, for or against?"

The Rolling Tomes

Alignment: Light by geographical assignation, none by any measure that matters.

Organization: Several dragons co-lead, however, there is no rigid structure. We operate as a rogue family unit with little interest in genetics or the traditional associations thereof. We are a chosen family, not a biological unit.

Interests: Vary widely by dragon, but with a great emphasis on learning, reading, recording, lore, history, and philosophical discussion. Other interests include: brewing beverages, collecting, fashion design, games, gentledragon pugilism, botany, and puns.

History: The Rolling Tomes have moved territory several times and into that of several alignments, finally settling (insofar as we ever do) in the demesne of Light. The family grows slowly but surely, collecting members as they arrive seeking what only the Tomes can offer.

Official motto: "Home is wherever we are."
Unofficial motto: "Home is wherever Nyx keeps her stuff."


-Lore for each dragon is a slow work in progress. Now that I have some idea of the direction I want to pursue, dragons acquired (save Coliseum exalting fodder, and those'll always be seen at the end of the page) will be dragons kept, named, and given lore.

-I do breed dragons mostly for fodder purposes, but if you see a baby you like, message me! Chances are I'll be more than happy to send them to a nice home.

-I'm not comprehensively familiar with Flight Rising despite being in for a couple of years. If there's a bit of etiquette I miss - messaging someone for something, anything to do with offers or loaning, etc. - it'll only ever be out of unfamiliarity with the systems. If you see me doin' an odd or impolite, please do let me know so I can fix it and be aware for the future.

Personal info: he/him or any neopronouns are very fine. Dragons are a mixture of OCs and... I suppose dragonsonas? All of the latter are created with the full awareness, consent, approval, and input of persons represented. There may also be Star Trek fan dragons in the future because I am Big Nerd.

To those who made it here to the end, thank you for reading!
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08/06 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Fae Male, 1 Fae Female, 1 Spiral Male
08/06 Birthed new hatchlings! 2 Imperial Female
08/06 Birthed new hatchlings!
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