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CalliopeVale: Clan Profile » Dragon Lair » Nesting Grounds
CalliopeVale's Clan
Coming off hiatus but still very patchy. Be patient with us.
Ancient Lair
near the
Beacon of the Radiant Eye
Clan Information
At its start, Clan Scuridae was just a pair of outcasts trying to find a way to survive. A Fae and a Mirror without any home left, abandoned together in a corner of the Sundial Terrace, they hatched on their own and learned fairly quickly that with no clan to protect them, they were on their own. As hatchlings, they scavenged from other clans when they could and tried to ignore the hunger when they couldn’t; once they’d clawed their way to adulthood, they immediately built a den of their own in the corner where they’d hatched. After all, when you owe half of your survival to someone else, becoming lifelong mates isn’t much of a stretch - both of them trusted no one but each other, and the trust they had for one another was absolute.

Having their first clutch didn’t take long, but it took even less time for their clan to grow; dragons looking for a new home were everywhere, and warily, Tamere and Temora (the Mirror and Fae) accepted a few for ease of hunting and, if needs must, someone to slow down any attackers. But no attackers came - there was little need to attack a clan capable of supporting itself - and slowly, bit by bit, Clan Scuridae became more accepting.

It also didn’t take long for the clan to settle on a goal of its own. Tamere and Temora were the first to suggest it - getting big, big enough for no one to want to bother them no matter how sweet the rewards might turn out to be. The rest of the clan agreed in the philosophy of strength in numbers, and put forth a secondary goal: giving thanks to the deity that granted them this chance to survive and thrive in freedom. As the clan grew, more and more of its children were given to the Lightweaver, starting with the first son of Tamere and Temora themselves.

Woodenheart was born to another Light clan. When he was fledged he left his home, ready for his own life. He ended up coming across this particular clan, Clan Scuridae... The leaders of the clan, Tamere and Temora, accepted him into their clan readily. Their clan was rather large and formidable.

Right away Woodenheart saw a problem; this clan, so big and powerful, but their records... well, they were practically nonexistent. Woodenheart always had an old soul; his mother had called him a grumpy little man as a nestling, and he had preferred to stay in the nest curled up with scrolls and books before he would want to play with the other babies. This led to him gaining a love of research, and now, this came out full force when he saw the pitiful piles of paper that made up the records of the clan.

He sighed hard as he sat down among the pitiful papers; it wasn't much, some receipts of trade with other clans, a few birth records, some old myths scratched down on parchment... It was sad, really, it would not take long to file these in orders. But there were so many gaps, and Woodenheart hated gaps in history. So he decided to take it upon himself to fix this appalling error. He gathered up his courage and approached the Progenitors, and they gave him the permission to become their first, and therefore the head, Researcher.

Woodenheart decided the first thing he would need to do would be to start taking the oral history from the different factions within the lair... the Progenitors of course, and their family lines, their heirs. The mages, the shady rogues, the ones that kept to the shadows and to themselves. There was even that annoying one with the crown who's story he still did not fully understand. The ones he found he was least eager to interview were the ones who's eyes seemed to see more then the others, to peer beyond what others could see... the undead... at least that was the most common slang term for that group that was shrouded in as much mystery as he'd ever seen.

Yes... This would be a challenge, probably the biggest one he would ever undertake, but for the prosperity of his new clan, Woodenheart would see to it that the history of this mighty clan was recorded and preserved until the end of all times.

I do (try to) keep track of the lineage of my dragons with a family tree - only a few close, personal friends from offsite can expect to see the entire lineages of their clans show up there; everyone else will only see the mates and children directly of a sold dragon's line, likely to peter out after a few generations.
(And then you have Mikelus. Absolute stinker.)
(UPDATE: the tree has gotten too big and complicated even for me. I won't be deleting it, but it's unlikely it will be getting any further updates.)

If you're interested in any of my dragons, shoot me a PM! There are very few I won't at least negotiate for.
The exception is the Sweet Dreams Project, which has its own tab. Check it out! It has cool lore! Sales should be handled through there.

There's also a formal lore alliance with the Clans of Eire Tundra - I'm still working out how I want to factor that into the lore, but it holds some interesting promises, especially given the multiple claims to leadership within Clan Scuridae...

And credit to IssieKnight for the lovely entry from Woodenheart below the original clan lore! They're also working on providing summaries for each of the growing clan factions.

---Badge Collection---

May the Fortune Be With You 2019:
guweTyi.png EZpDsBa.png DArNKia.png TlCkLBh.png

Greenskeeper Gathering 2019:

Brightshine Jubilee Push 2019:
TguVSif.png uC5jadD.png unpdyHJ.png

Brightshine Jubilee Coli Drop Challenge 2019:
ujauco2.png 6BmuLpV.png

Lightweaver's Staycation 2019:

Thundercrack Carnivale 2019:
[Please imagine a participation badge here. One was never released.]

Flameforger's Festival 2019:
0Q9RAZC.png K95QI4L.png

Mini's Back-to-School Prep:
uD4hy5L.png 0G03vho.png Zo2qa2Y.png

Riot of Rot 2019:
[Participation Badge]

A Fall Festival 2019:

Rockbreaker's Ceremony 2019:
[Participation Badge]

Night of the Nocturne 2019:

Crystalline Gala 2020:
[Participation Badge]

Valightine's 2020
xfvExFx.png igmcfSH.png PXjp8QF.png On4IJIp.png xcRmvRB.png prsdX1I.png b87du0D.png
QbT38bq.png AolPG7v.png SYw0OMM.png

Trickmurk Circus 2020:

Mistral Jamboree 2020:

Wavecrest Saturnalia 2020:

Greenskeeper Gathering 2020:
(Badges never released.)

Brightshine Conquest 2020:
3E136844-C4B2-4B83-937D-63DA875EB306.png C6C150B3-2F64-4980-ABFD-4F20A8BBDFFC.png AE91624E-6E08-40D7-9098-8AF591D54555.png66F9029C-2DB1-4042-B3DB-966A80196D1E.png6561763E-C41A-495F-BACA-4408CE070170.png

Brightshine Jubilee 2020:

A Little Conquest:

Impromptu Push 7/12-18/20:

Welcome to Light Vale 2020:

All Hallow's Clean 2020:

Illuminated Manuscripts and Fireside Stories (Light VS Fire 2020):

An IMPoster Among Us:
MXU2kWv.pnghGrH5nV.png9V6Iga2.pngYMZpFro.pngDTqb1qT.png5Si8jJK.gif GBoMEdO.png uoMQ7KT.png bSFW24C.png aLg4uvV.png FAs8dMM.png HWhDqUy.png Qi2fwzB.png vgDkv2O.png 3pqI1pH.png GDYw11H.png xBRd8oF.png rfs2GPp.png vkUHhwh.pngiOsLhXG.pngTsORkmh.pngT61B8P6.pngBsZAyhc.pnguOoSR2Y.png6NbfDkd.pngtjKFEdj.png8GGET4I.pngK9M0H6k.pngVXBOEfi.pngr7q5O5r.png

Valightine's 2021:

Mini's Field Trip 2021:

Brightshine Conquest 2021:
Recent Clan Activity [View All]
10/08 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Mirror Female, 2 Tundra Female
10/08 Birthed new hatchlings! 3 Fae Male
09/26 Birthed new hatchlings! 2 Imperial Male
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Scorporius wrote:
Garnet was on the front page!
Sep 01, 2021, 20:27:54
haha sorry for the small scare! i have ideas for STALKER and i'm happy that i was able to put her in my lair :))
Aug 27, 2021, 08:10:56
Hawktalon wrote:
I actually bought her for a breeding project, she has the primary and secondary colors I need. If you want her to go to a perma home, I can send her back when I'm done!
May 22, 2021, 13:37:14
dragondiva wrote:
Yeah thanks for selling her, she scattered super nicely!
Apr 23, 2021, 03:10:30
LadyDiscord wrote:
And thank you for selling such a gorgeous girl, I'll take good care of her <3 I already have some ideas for her how she fits in my lair lore, i just lack the time to actually write it all down /)w(\
Apr 16, 2021, 00:00:18
MxFeral wrote:
I'll make sure to take good care of him! He's a future necromancer project!
Apr 07, 2021, 14:35:56
Scholarr wrote:
Glad you like my carrot boy!! thanks for giving him a hug
Apr 05, 2021, 19:34:51
Sharla10 wrote:
Cream was on the front page~
Apr 01, 2021, 11:14:22
Psittacidae wrote:
Oh god... My clan lore is an absolute mess!! It hasnt been cleaned up in the past 3 years. x-x The dragons are better I promise
Mar 26, 2021, 21:15:04
Psittacidae wrote:
I'll be sure to let you know when I write stuff :)
Mar 26, 2021, 21:04:33
wooferdill wrote:
That sounds amazing! Take your time and hopefully you will be able to enjoy creating! Good luck!!
Mar 25, 2021, 12:12:14
wooferdill wrote:
Thank you for your kind comments! ;^; I should really get everyone some mushrooms... (and finish writing lore...)
Mar 25, 2021, 11:58:45
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