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OnyxShade's Clan
We are ALL survivors.
Mighty Lair
of the
Abiding Boneyard
Clan Information
Salutations, and welcome to Onyx Grotto!
A clan built off the blackened heart of our horrendous and terrible leader, Basalt the Foul! All hail Basalt, all hail the PlagueBringer!!

Things you should know about me
I’m an avid role player, give me a dragon and I can slap together some lore in a matter of minutes. Speaking of lore, mine is completely planned out start to finish. My activity has become sporadic at best, but if you have any questions about anything feel free to ask! I’m also dabbling a bit in HTML, so if you want something coded (for a small fee) I’ll be happy to get it done. I also like to talk to people in general, so feel free to send me a PM! I collect anything onyx or crystal so donations are appreciated. Still don’t know what I’m doing.
I also have a few friends with accounts really close by so don’t shut me down please!!

Breeding Projects:

Tapir/Lead-Oilslick Constellation/Maroon Runes/Carrot

Current events:
5/2/20: Two new Toxies just hatched, I’ve gotta say they are some beauties! I just wanna hug ‘em and squeeze ‘em and hold ‘em except for the fact they’re still infectious and I’m also a ghost so I can’t really touch anything. Oh well!
4/19/20: Talk about being positively swamped, haha! Basalt, Spinnel, and Jet got tinctured a few days ago. One whole year of work, woosh! Out the window. Buuuut, they found some kinda catalogue for how to spend your stat points wisely, and now they SLAY in the Mire! In fact, they’re headed there now! We’re running a bit short on food (helped by generous donations from friendly clans) and we’ve heard the Mire has plenty. Basalt’s actually offered to train Vanadium so she can build her own team to participate in the fun! I’m real happy those two worked everything out, but I am kinda curious what would’ve happened if they HADN’T made peace and war HAD broken out, or if Vanadium had been sent to the Quarantine Area after all! Hm...
4/5/20: War... war never changes. It’s been fifty years since the toxic dragons broke out and destroyed the clan. We survivors are all that remains of Onyx Grotto...
Jk, we’re more or less fine. After a long and stressful year, the uprising of the Toxic dragons has been somewhat quelled and Basalt and Vanadium are on relatively good terms. The runaways are still missing. Eggs have stopped being hatched toxic, so that’s good. We have some aspiring merchants and a lot of cursed dragons (thanks Dripper I hate it), everything seems to be looking up again. I hope to continue writing these updates now that things have calmed down. Until next time, this has been Onyx. Seeya!
7/1/19: Still nothing from the QuarantineArea. Both the clan and the toxics are getting testy. There have been two more runaways, both hatchlings, and no leads as of yet. Basalt, Jet, and Spinnel have been frequenting the Coliseum to train, and others are planning to follow. No new nests, no new news, though Bruiser and Bony (the two abominable children from Clown) are working on starting their own business outside the clan. That’s all for now.
6/22/19: Basalt has cut all contact with the toxic zone. Things are going according to plan, but I suppose they’re having some trouble on the other end. It better happen soon if it’s going to happen at all.
6/15/19: This is off the official records. I found Basalt at the edge of the Toxic Zone yesterday, sitting as he usually does and just staring down, but this time he looked really sad. I thought he would be staring at Vanadium again, but this time it was Pentahydrate. I heard him mumbling something, and apology I think, before the got up and left. I don’t think he sees them as monsters anymore, just dragons who are, well, sick. And he thinks he’s found a cure for them. For his sake and for their sakes, I hope he’s right.
6/12/19: It’s done. Delictum is headed back to the Quarantine Area. We still can’t tell anyone what the decision was, but... it’s not good. I don’t think it was good, I think it wasn’t the only option, and I have a very, very bad feeling about it. I guess things will turn out however they turn out.
6/9/19: Delictum has helped Divine counteract the effects of whatever potion he made. We are all more than grateful. One of the hatchlings has escaped, where, no one knows. We can only assume they were toxic. All meetings between Delictum, Onyx, Spinnel, and myself are being kept completely confidential until further notice. All I can say is... things aren’t looking good.
6/6/19: Nix’s diplomat has arrived.
6/1/19: Nix will be visiting the clan soon. Preparations are being made to tidy things up and get a lair ready for him, but no one really knows what ice lairs are like. Divine and Lethia tried to concoct a brew to make the environment colder, but the experiment failed and backfired onto Divine. Now, he’s bright pink and yellow, his voice is extremely high pitched, and he floats in the air like a dandelion seed. Basalt hasn’t told Vanadium or any other toxic dragons anything, and he’s been very insistent about keeping things quiet. The toxic dragons must know something is happening, there’s too much activity. I finished covering the new lair in protection spells, but it’s just not the same as the old Grotto. I lived there for hundreds of years, never leaving, praying to the PlagueBringer to send me a clan. At least I’ve gotten my wish. There might not be a clan much longer though if we aren’t careful with the toxic dragons...
5/26/19: We’ve moved into a larger lair closer to the Wyrmwound! It’s a nice enough area in the Abiding Boneyard, not many clans around, but that suits us just fine. I’ve been busy putting up shields and magic to protect us. All nests have hatched. Basalt received a letter yesterday addressed to him and the other leaders of the clan from a dragon named Nix in the Southern Ice Fields. Apparently he has a containment facility for dragons like the toxics we’re dealing with. If Basalt will allow it, he’s asking to visit us and look over what he calls our ‘clan’s greatest threat.’ This could be our last hope for peace.
5/20/19: The Grotto is currently in a state of chaos. Pentahydrate was found by the dragons at dawn after distressed roars had been heard. Another toxic dragon, Potassium, had his tail coiled around her neck and was strangling her. Upon seeing other dragons, the toxic monster dragged Pentahydrate, limp as a corpse, back into the Toxic Zone, disappearing. A couple days later they were found tending a nest, that same look of hatred that’s afflicted the other two newly toxic dragons on Penta’s face. Now the entirety of the toxic mass has begun to gather during the days, staring up at us while we go about our daily duties. Someone did a head count, and there’s now more toxic dragons than normal dragons. Basalt hasn’t made contact with Vanadium in the least, hasn’t even stopped by to have a glaring contest with her. The others demand to know how the toxic skydancer got out and what he’s going to do about it. Basalt has retreated to his lair to think. He barely sees the sun, he’s becoming sickly, riddled with worry and doubt. Jet, Tourmaline, and Spinnel have taken over affairs for the most part and are doing their best to calm the clan. It won’t be long now before tensions explode, and we have a full scale mini civil war on our claws. I’ll do what I can to prevent it from happening. I pray to the PlagueBringer my new family won’t be harmed...
5/15/19: Basalt has decided to temporarily remove the fae from the toxic zone and place them in alternative containment. She checks out with the skydancers, but we’re all on our guard. It was tricky business getting her out, but we managed it. She says she has to tell us something important, but Basalt won’t hear her today. Tomorrow we’ll interrogate her and get to the bottom of what’s going on. I may not have magic sensing abilities, but I am a spirit, and I know when something’s up. Other than that, Clown, that absolute creep, has laid a nest with AQUA TERRA. I swear to the almighty PlagueBringer, a girl like that will get whatever and WHOever she wants. I’d keep clear of here if I were you!
5/10/19: Those dragons we threw in the toxic zone recently have all... changed. Well, two of the three have. They laid nests with some of the original toxics, and now they’re staring at us like Vanadium stares at Basalt. They seem angry, like, REALLY angry, but at the same time it’s like they know something we don’t. Everyone is getting REALLY nervous. There’s just the one blue fae who doesn’t seem to have changed, penta who-not. She’s still begging to be let out, even if it’s just to be put into a separate toxic zone. I know there’s something more going on than just another toxic monster trying trick us and infect the clan. There’s been talk of using the skydancers to sense out her intentions. Maybe that’ll work. In other news, Hematite hatched her first nest with Bubon. One of the hatchlings was sold, the other kept, usual tradition. But they honestly couldn’t have picked the other one?? At least she was nice! The one they kept they call Clown, and she’s the most TERRIFYING dragon I’ve ever had the misfortune of knowing, an absolute nightmare. If I were alive I would be sleeping with one eye open while she’s around. Keep yours open!
5/2/19: Things have been getting pretty bad. Hematite and Bubon had some children, they didn’t turn out to be toxic but... they still seem just as evil. Every day the three dragons Basalt put in the toxic zone plead and ask to be let out, but we’ve all turned deaf ears to their cries. Basalt visits them sometimes, usually when he does they aren’t there, so he has a staring contest with Vanadium instead. Those two are more at odds with every passing second, and I don’t know how much longer the clan can go under this much pressure. It’s only a matter of time before one of them snaps...
4/25/19: Dripper and dress lady’s nest has hatched, and the hatchlings are CREEPY. They follow Dripper around, clinging to his side, just staring at everyone... there’s something very wrong with those dragons, ESPECIALLY Dripper. Maybe it’s just his eyes, but I’ve got a bad feeling about him.
4/23/19: Overnight, somehow the hatchlings seem to have developed toxic powers. I saw them myself early in the morning, and I must say they looked more terrified than a Java sparrow about to have its head bitten off. Basalt is having them moved to the toxic zone as I write this, and from the screams I don’t think it’s going too well. That Dripper guy has apparently laid a nest with the dress lady, and no one is happy about it. We can only wait and see what happens I suppose.
4/17/19: The nests have hatched, everyone is waiting with their breath held to see if the children are toxic or not. I’m pretty concerned if I’m being completely honest, and Basalt is so stressed I caught his claws shaking! Also, Benzo-whatnot’s shop is a tanked failure. Who knew!
4/13/19: One of Vanadium’s kids who she says was SUPPOSED to be auctioned off (PlagueBringer knows why no one ever bought the accursed thing) has APPARENTLY started a dress shop for other dragons. This insolent child thinks she can bribe others into paying her to make them outfits, how crazy is that?! Like, who would EVER buy that?!
4/10 /19: The auctioning of one of Vanadium’s children to another clan has put Basalt back on guard, and tensions are yet again beginning to rise. We’re all a little nervous... Also, it was discovered that three of the toxic generation (deemed safe by their parents) have fled the clan, and we can all only guess why. Among these are Moukaite, Waldo, and Dumortierite. May the PlagueBringer guide them safely along their way if they choose not to return.
4/3/19: With the uprising quelled and familiars back in their rightful positions as obedient beasts of burden, Basalt and Vanadium have assumed a rugged respect of each other. The threat of rebellion has diminished... for now.
4/1/19: Because of the familiar uprising, Basalt and Vanadium have temporarily allied to push back the rowdy little beasts. So far only minor injury has occurred, a few scratches and burns, and the two leaders have almost quelled them. As I speak, Hematite’s noggle is leaping into the air trying to bite my tail... I don’t think it knows I’m a spirit. Wait, no, it’s realizing it can’t bite me. Haha, oh my PlagueBringer the look on its face, look at those eyes! Hahaha, ah, oh wait am I still writing??
3/31/19: Due to minor inconveniences, the message board hasn’t been updated in a while. However, I, Onyx, will take over management of it. Not much has happened, but three dragons of the toxin generation (who had been deemed non-toxic) have run away. These three are Waldo, Moukaite, and Dumortierite. I suspect they went to my good friend Rainpile, but no one is sure. Anyway, things have been getting heated between Vanadium and Basalt! Toxic V has hatched a nest and is going to sell her children to toxify the plague lands! How crazy is that?!? Other than this, not much is going on. We’re happy, not hungry, and everything is fine! Onyx, OUT!! ^V^
3/23/19: Vanadium has taken in a new member of the clan they've named 'Dripper.' Basalt told the clan that as long as he isn't bothering the clan, it should be fine.
3/22/19: Welcome Lethia, the new assistant alchemist to Divine. May she serve our clan well!
3/21/19: Welcome Bubon, Hematite’s chosen mate. May you serve the clan well in times of peril such as this.
3/21/19: Meeting adjourned. Basalt has decided to allow the toxic new “leader” to remain. He doubts they will last long as a leader or that they will try to do anything against the rest of the clan. For now, they can do what they want. Basalt has also decided to keep Almandine locked in the medicine hut. There doesn’t seem to be any safe way of dealing with him or his infection, so he might as well stay put as long as he’s a threat. Basalt has no further comment, nor does anyone else. Other than that, Residue and Agate have healed and were thankfully not affected by the toxins. We all need to be careful from here on out, no matter what.
3/20/19: One of the Toxic Zone members has declared herself the leader of the isolated group. She has claimed Aventurine as her mate and sworn to protect she referred to as her clan members. Basalt is very alarmed, as are we all, and is currently holding a private council to decide on what we should do with them. Almandine is still hostile, Sulfur is still grieving, and Chromium is being questioned.
3/19/19: Almandine's condition reached a critical condition at some point today. He was displaying symptoms of fever and infection when suddenly he began seizing. His scales started to fall out and pustules formed along the bare skin. Divine, AquaTerra, and Basalt rushed to the scene only to have Almandine lunge at them spewing toxin. Almandine is currently locked in the medicine hut and will remain there until further notice. Sulfur and Chromium had no comment.
3/19/19: Almandine's condition has suddenly worsened. AquaTerra has bandaged him up more, but none of us are sure he'll last much longer. Sulfur is praying to the PlagueBringer, and many others have joined her. We can only watch and wait to see what happens.
3/19/19: The hatchlings have all grown up, including those in the Toxic Zone. One of the first nest of toxin-producers has turned out to be a normal dragon. Chromium has been pulled from the Toxic Zone and now rests under constant surveillance with her mother and father. So far, Basalt, Divine, and Onyx have still found nothing on the cause of the toxin outbreak.
3/17/19: Another hatchling has begun producing toxins. Agate was slightly affected and is resting, while Residue took more damage. The hatchling has been placed in the toxic zone.
3/16/19: Almandine’s condition seems to be stabilizing. He has yet to move, but signs of fever and infection are gradually receding. We are all praying to the PlagueBringer that he is alright.
3/13/19: The nests of Residue, Agate, Scapolite, and Hawthorn have hatched to reveal what we at first thought were more regular hatchlings, ready to be taken under the wings of their parents. However, three of the hatchlings are infected and have been placed in the toxic zone to ensure there aren't anymore incidents. Their parents are devastated, but the remaining hatchlings should grow up ready to serve Onyx Grotto. For now, Basalt is banning everyone from producing more eggs as he and Divine continue to look into the issue. Almandine is still in critical condition.
3/12/19: Basalt has finally answered our questions about what happened with the hatchlings and Aventurine and where Almandine went. There was an incident. Almandine was visiting his nieces and decided to hold one of them, thinking it was safe. Unknown to him was that the ooze from the newborn's scales was toxic, which we discovered afterwards. Almandine was burned and poisoned and now rests in the medicine hut under AquaTerra's constant watch. He is in critical condition. Divine, with the help of Baldwin, has identified the toxin as a material similar to that being mixed in the Wyrmwound. Shortly after this discovery was made, Basalt and Divine carefully placed the hatchlings in an isolated area. Aventurine turned hostile to this action, but seems to be more concerned with protecting the toxin bearers than fighting anyone in the Grotto. News on Almandine's condition will be posted daily.
3/10/19: The hatchlings from Sulfur and Quantum have been placed in a separate area of the lair that is isolated from the others. The guardian male has also been placed in this area. Divine and Basalt have made this decision under the guidance of Onyx, but the rest of the clan is unsure why. Basalt says he will inform the rest of the clan, but for now we will have to wait. Almandine has disappeared as well.
3/9/19: Two of Basalt and Spinnel’s new hatchlings have left the clan for a new horizon. May they find greatness in their new homes!
3/8/19: Basalt the Foul has welcomed Aventurine, a guardian male, into our clan. This new arrival seemed like another honorable plague dragon at first, but now they are beginning to change. In addition to this, the children of Sulfur and Quantum have altered similarly. Their scales have begun to produce a strange ooze, particularly the one with faceted eyes. Divine is looking into the matter for all four dragons.
3/7/19: Quicksilver and Pahoehoe have left the clan to serve under the might PlagueBringer! May they bring honor to our clan and find greatness under her eternal rule!
3/7/19: All the eggs have hatched! One in particular, a child of Sulfur and Quantum's, has the rare gift of faceted eyes! These new hatchlings will find great purpose in Onyx Grotto, whether serving under the PlagueBringer or becoming emissaries to Basalt's ever strengthening clan.
3/1/19: Basalt the Foul and Spinnel the Thorned have produced another batch of three eggs! Sulfur, sister to Almandine and adviser to Jet, has chosen Quantum as a mate and also produced a batch of three eggs! It is only a matter of time before these new babies hatch, and they will all surely serve the clan well!
3/1/19: Jet and Tourmaline's egg has hatched! Welcome Hematite, the newest addition to Onyx Grotto and next in line after Basalt and Jet! Wish this darling girl luck!
2/28/19: Welcome Divine, our new spiraling addition to the grotto! He has taken on the duty of clan alchemist and will run experiments in Baldwin's Brew to better understand the scientific capabilities of us all. Wish him luck!
2/28/19: AquaTerra has grown and is ready to take on the role as seer of Onyx Grotto!
02/25/19: Quicksilver and Pahoehoe have grown!
02/24/19: Jet the Poisonous and Tourmaline the Shattered have mated for the first time! Their single egg lies healthy in the best nest Onyx Grotto can offer. The young couple are excited as ever to see their new child!
02/22/19: Welcome Aqua-Terra, our new hatchling! Aqua is a very special young dragon, as he has been gifted with the sight of multi gaze! Once he grows into an adult, he will be given the title as clan seer and will watch over us and protect us from future dangers!
02/19/19: The galliant Citrine has left our clan to serve under the PlagueBringer! He has joined his father in the ranks under her, and will bring honor to Onyx Grotto forever!
02/19/19: Bloodstone, the latest addition to Onyx Grotto has grown into a healthy mirror male! He has been given the special task of entertainer, and wears his new mantle proudly! He will keep up the spirits of all those in the clan, and once new arrivals with talent like his join him, he will bring stories of Onyx Grotto and Basalt the Foul to others. Our domain in the Wandering Contagion has only just begun!!
02/19/19: Onyx Grotto sends its condolences to Salsa and Jeans of the Rainpile Clan. Their spirit was an old friend of Onyx’s and had been sending treasure, gems, and supplies for some time now. They have also just hatched three new baby dragons. However, our lair was too small and the PlagueBringer was asking a sum of money we did not have. Onyx called upon Rainpile for aid, and did not expect something as devastating as what happened to occur. Salsa and Jeans together auctioned off all three children after only a minute of life, and within seconds they were gone. The money gained allowed us to hatch our own eggs, but at what cost? The next light dragon that comes our way we shall take in as our own in honor of their lost children. May their lives be full of peace and welfare in their new clans.
02/19/19: The eggs have hatched! New to the bloodline are Pahoehoe and Quicksilver, two wonderful young boys that may one day be destined for exaltation and service under the great PlagueBringer herself!
02/18/19: Discovered the Plundered Pile and also how much of an idiot Onyx is. They’ll explore a bit more and see what else they have missed.
02/16/19: Our pestilent leaders Basalt the Foul and Spinnel the Thorned have produced another batch of eggs! We have only a few days to wait before the clan can welcome these surely horrible new hatchlings into Onyx Grotto!
02/15/19: Tourmaline has grown into a toxic young Mirror! May his part in the family of Basalt the Foul be fulfilled!
02/14/19: Agate, the lacy skydancer of the clan has grown up! Welcome to adulthood, and may you serve the PlagueBringer well!
02/13/19: Welcome Bloodstone, our newest hatchling! Onyx Grotto is honored by your presence as a mirror dragon, the species of the great Basalt the Foul, father of our wondrous clan! May you make him proud and prove worthy of his ruling!
02/11/19: Welcome Quantum, one of our newest adults, and Sulfur, sister to our very own Almandide! May your conquests bring the clan riches beyond telling!
02/10/19: Welcome Tourmaline, the poisonous new son of Basalt the Foul. You have been taken under the wing of the Bloodline where you shall remain for life. You have been chosen as the mate of the mighty Jet, blood daughter to Basalt and Spinnel. May you serve your new family and your clan well!
02/10/19: Praise be, the daughter of Basalt the Foul and Spinnel the Thorned has grown into a glorious adult! Jet, next in line to the pestilent throne of Onyx Grotto, may your days be filled with treachery and fresh blood until the end of time!!
02/09/19: Welcome hatchlings Citrine and Agate!
02/08/19: Welcome Hawthorn and Amethyst to dragon adulthood!
02/07/19: Gratitude to Grow, the gracious one who so generously donated to our clan. May they live to conquer a thousand bountiful lands!!
02/06/19: Welcome Almandine, the oldest newcomer to Onyx Grotto. Congratulations on success in battle alongside our leader Basalt the Foul and Spinnel the Thorned.
09/05/19: Welcome hatchlings Amethyst, Hawthorn, Residue, and Scapolite. Your life here will be filled with power absolute and the vilest of fun!
02/04/19: Jet is next in line to rule the clan. She will choose a mate when the time comes.
02/04/19: All respects to Slate, the darling devilish girl who has left our family for another. May she grow to reign these pestilent lands eternally!!
02/04/19: The first eggs have hatched and produced two promising females.

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06/10 Became friends with Chimirax. Maybe in a few years they'll write a buddy comedy about you guys.
05/30 Birthed new hatchlings!
05/29 Became friends with SilverSong92 Maybe in a few years they'll write a buddy comedy about you guys.
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