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NatureReclaimed: Clan Profile » Dragon Lair » Nesting Grounds
NatureReclaimed's Clan
If you find bones in the forest, sit for a bit and listen...
Venerable Lair
of the
Shrieking Wilds
Clan Information
Pronghorn Hunter

Accent: Hunting
Accent: Forest hunter F

Warriors Guild = Coliseum
Pages (Fodder) =
Squires (Keeping) =
Sellswords (Selling) =
Masters = Custom "Vista: Armory" shield.
Hunter, Forager, Healer, Etc. = (Grinder)
Trainer = (Mire Flyer)
Knight = (Rated Match)

Forgotten Fields = Intake
Village of the First Life = Guest and Outtake
Gravewoods = Friendly Spirits
Quietus Parterre = Royal Garden
Beyond the Bramble = Royal Court
The Eternal Dance = Breeding projects and random nesting
Deepwoods = Unfriendly Spirits
Wildlands = Everything Else

Accent: White Bones Imperial M
Accent: Shaggy Abyss Mane
Ghosts in the Graveyard
Earthen Ancestor
Accent: Impish
Accent: Thunderer 19147
Accent: Trees Good Yep 30753
Accent: Withered Monster 30495
Accent: Verde Vivo 31111
Accent: Foxy Gaoler M 30675
Skin: Igneous Forgebeast 31522
Skin: B E G U I L E 30539

Terreus Natus
Solum Ovum

"All who live in the realm of Feyethos are Nature Reclaimed,
but not all who are Nature Reclaimed are of Feyethos."

"There aren't really boarders to Feyethos, only its farthest reaches;
Where our world blends into theirs."

Hunting in Level 14 Arcane, Light, Shadow for x20 Black Orpington
Fishing in Light for 15 Serpae Tetras

Selling Card Generator
[Subspecies] Black Parade Dragons
Give up the Ghost! (Give/Get Ghost Gene)
GIVE a Gaoler, GET a Gaoler!
Give/Get Gaoler Dragons
dragon fun swap!
Give a Surprise, Get a Surprise!
BeanRat Leveling Service
>> Coliseum Lvling: 200kT
Flipp's Supplementary Swap Stand
baldwin walmart
All food items
Swipp/Baldwin/Den: Items to Keep
Night Of The Nocturne
Hibernal Den Items - Comprehensive Guide

Little Dragon Icons
All Creative Corner Free Bio Resources
[TunTun Troop] Tundra Appreciation!
Bisexuwhale's Pride Bio Resources (WIP)
~~ Flight Pumpkins & More ~~
free elemental wax seals and banners
+ Mibella's Templates and Graphics +
Cross-Flight Dividers
[Resource]Animated Coli Enemies
Free tiny flight pixels
Free To Use Pixel Sprites - Relocation!
Drytil's Art Resource
List of the OpaqueVistas
FR 11 Elements Art
F2U Flight & LGBT+ Flags for bios/sigs!

Will you not?
Old bones walk these forests,
and they have many tales to share.

- Festival Boxes are worth more to sell.
- Extra inventory boxes sell for 2 primastic coins worth of gold each when sold in bulk, aprox 160-180g(230g right now) per unit.

azolla fern = look up/SinkingAzolla
AshenSprout (First Life Name = Lesley)
Felka and MoonDrip =
Thier kids = Moondrop, Elktear

Astonishing Sweater


- The NatureReclaimed send their regards, may good fortune bloom in your garden.

  1. Breed with a different nest.
  2. Choose a hatchling with which to do the same.
  3. Save tiny dragon code.
  4. Train and exalt.



- SummerHawk = My random progen. Revisit if I want him, if I'd be willing to put the effort into gening him.

- Make my own version of this:
While you're playing Flight Rising, please remember to take care of yourself. You're loved, cherished, and are a human being with dignity and personhood. Also remember that there are many people in need of your love, your talents, your kind words, and your actions. You needn't advertise, but instead, advocate. Do your best to maintain healthy boundaries and to help those who need your help. (In the end, love heals all wounds.= Sometimes kindness is enough.)

- @TheFeatherMage And on making your clan interactive, my plan is to have a type of system where you can talk to the members of my clan through links in their bios, kinda like a choose you’re own adventure story. But I haven’t figured out how to do it yet. | Let me know when you get that set up? I'd like to play. And if I figure it out before you, you wanna know? = Yes, she does.

Hello! I am new but have a theme that I put over a year of thought into beofer joining, so I know I'm keeping it, and was wondering if you have any spooky and/or natury apparel and skins towards that end that I might otherwise have a hard time getting? I've been looking at all this older stuff and drooling but all my mons have been going to expansions and the Ghost Gene. (Ghost Gene is best gene!)


The Wisdom of HeronGuile
Royal Adviser

His name, pun fully intended because he loves them, is a bit misleading. It's not so much that he is guileful, but that he can see through the duplicitous tactics of others as if they were wet t-shirts. In fact a straightforward person, HeronGuile will lean to a close but still respectable distance and describe to you the ******** he is seeing unfold. With no open judgement of the individual and not much more than playful snark, he will simply observe and advise. As such, he is an invaluable asset to their royal magesties and sits beside them at court.

MidnightScream = Their messenger.

They eat dreams, of any kind. When dormant they sleep in their skulls, looking to be nothing more than forgotten bones in an empty cave. "People really should learn to knock." If you show the proper respect and don't just wonder into their cave (it does have a sign, odd instructions notwithstanding) then you may ask a favor of them, be it to banish your nightmares or let you take shelter in their cave. Anyone from the village will warn you though; the dreams you'll have if you sleep there will be straight up batshit insane. Fantastic, but insane. A handful of people visit regularly for various reasons, but a small few will shell out the money for a guide and risk the dangerous territory for nothing but those miraculous dreams. Its an experience widely considered to be a required taste.

Wish List = Phyntom

Phyntom the Frenzy
The Deathly Frenzy

Phyntom is an accidentaly released ancient phantom, previously sealed in ruins dating somewhere around the Bronze Age, who possesed forgotten bones and frequents the Gravewoods for nothing more than yucks and giggles. And hystarical cackling. He likes to get out now and then, ok? You would too after thousands of years.

No one knows his true name or history, or is even sure how the tomb (even that's a gues) managed to keep him sealed before someone opened the door. Door is a loose term, as someone simply moved over a hude stone slab that didnt even keep the place airtight, likely hadn't for centeries. There were no writings in or on the ruins, none left anyway, and he won't even acknowledge inqeries. Some clever twit thought it would be cute to call him Phyntom, and it stuck.

A wild and loud fiend of a ghoul, Phyntom bounces about in ways that show just how little the laws of physics affect him and are generally terryfing to anyone in the First Life. He is the best friend of Jasper and one of the few in the New Life whose presence is tolerated by his wife without the risk of Final Death, often joining in their revalry without a care. He just wants to dance with others, regardless of how different they may be by the end of the night. It's all the same to him. But he's harmless. Kinda. If you die he'll rob you blind, but otherwise he won't take your things without explicit permission. But stay vague about wether he can have something or not long enough and he'll make the answer clear. So be careful, and remember that with anything redarding property yes or no answers are recomended. Even with land. If you don't want him there a simple shooing will suffice.

Say yes and you might never get rid of him.

No one knows where the stuff he takes goes. It doesn't end up back at his tomb. But if you ask politely and know exactly what you're looking for and who it came from, he might just return something that once belonged to the dead. Seemingly never holding still nor being silent, the few who have seen him at peace are even rarer to still find among the living, as he doesn't take kindly to people just barging into his tomb while he's... resting? Those who have servived this intrusion of privacy say he merely hangs there, limp. Like a puppet without strings - or a corpse - as if his upper center torso, perhaps the heart, is hooked by an unseen force. Quiet, utterly still and quiet... Until he senses your pressence, and then he's the loudest you'll ever hear him. You only need to be around him for a matter of moments to know that that's really saying something.

Quantum The Gentle
Head Beast Master

A close, personal friend of SoulScare.

He uses a flute as his only corporial weapon, a magical tool conbined with a better understanding of quantum mechanics then any human can boast to ease the minds, and powers, of any beast he may come across. Yet, he never hurts them. Quantum only uses his prowes to protect the village from rouge creatures of great power, and to guide those who must traverse the Deepwoods.

Heca was found by a clan member in the middle of the first floor of their home, which he shouldn't have been able to see let alone enter, seemingly lost. It was soon descovered that he has some magical abnormalities and needed help. He just kinda... stairs. Unblinkingly. He must use signlanguege to speak even though there is nothing wrong with his vocal cords, and even then he isn't very responsive. When he's not moving you might think he's a statue. Unusual things happen around him, like dishes inexplicably cracking and the sudden inability to hear natural sounds. And he... floats.

Accept when in elevators. No one knows why. No one knows what happened to him. He won't acknowledge anyone who asks, even Daniel.

Fortunately, Daniel has taught him mending spells and outfitted his room to continously play Heca's chioce of auditory stimuli. Which is usually either peaceful medow sounds - or a deep, blasting bass concofani, as Heca floats, wavering over the carpet, yet his body itself perfectly still. And always in the middle of the room. His room, his rules, so if he isn't hurting himself or others Daniel sees no reason to comment and will simply bow in appology for bothering him and leave until Heca is ready to socailze again. This was his responce the first time he found Heca in this state (though perhaps displaying a bit more surprise) and it has surved well ever since. He is also supplied with special eye drops.

Heca prefers not to leave the hotel - if forced from it, he'd have an emotional meltdown consisting of violent spasoming and high pitching screaching, either until he colasped from exhuastion or Daniel could southe him. This has been known ever since a small magic fire broke out and everyone had to evacuat. Heca is therefore a permanant resident of the _____ Hotel. Despite all this he is an exemplory butler, and prides himself on a job well done. Before retiring to his quarters for what Daniel has dubbed sound therapy, every dirty dinner dish will be cleared, every new arrival settled in, every single towel fresh and spotless. He takes the responsability of giving back to the place that has finally given him peace and a home very seriously.

That, and he does need some way to keep busy. This all started when he asked Daniel for something to do, if maybe he could help him today. Daniel was so excited that Heca had inicated conversation that he didn;t even care what Heca wanted to do, anything was acceptable. A few broken dishes and a magic lesson later, and Heca had the hang of clearing the dinner hall table. Within a year Daniel was buying him a suit and hat.[/center]

There is a wide, slow moving shale river wondering through her forest, and herein lives ShaleBark and ShadowStream. Far more gentle than she, if you wish for safe passage through The Whistling White Forest their calm and scenique route is your best chance, as WaveringWinds is much more tolerant of anyone they consider a guest. But you still must behave. So, pack your most water proof boots and head for the coast, and try not to desturb the spirits.

Naive young traveler unaware how much danger he's in in these woods, who just fell into the water, soaking his *** and whole right side because of the slippery rocks: "You couldn't have caught me?!"

ShaleBark: "It matters not. The stone on which you slip cares not which way you fall."


"Come and pluck light of the comos from me,
these starlit boughs laden with blossom."

He only speaks in elegant prose and poetry, and sometimes riddles. His best friend has memorized a library's worth of plays and peotry which she loves to recite, and they while the hours away conversing in this manner, their subjects both intellectual and humorous. His partner rarely finds this taxing, as the perception of time is different for a tree. Poetry battles, however, can get a little tedious after a few days. Their tree provides food and shelter to those following the river as they are expected to reach them by evening and will likely wish to rest. Guests may also wish upon a star if it pleases them, but their hosts will insist that taking a moonflower is more apt to bring them luck.

Wishlist = MountMellifluous

The mountains were named for his singing, and so that became his name. He is the spirit of the mountain with the highest peak. The full mountain range, sprawling outword to either side while maintaining equally ridiculous hights, is his domain. Beyond this impass is the regular world, only half attached to his skyscraper dwarfing kingdom. By the time you see the snow capped range it's nearly too late to turn back, you might be lost with but another step. Worry not; there is one you can summon to guide you. Locals tell tales of her helpful nature, hopefully you paid attention... many foreigners never return during the coldest of winters when the veil of death is thin and the high dwelling spirits most active.

Eternal Youth, Name = ?

A Spirit of Youth. As such, she knows how to communicate with children in ways most adults cannot fathom. If threatened she can assume her full potential to fully utilize her powers, but her true form is that of a child.

__ is gaurdian and guide to all children of the Ab ovo Recrudescent, teaching them the ways of their people by example and showing them the Pathways Bewteen Places. She's like a schoolteacher - if classrooms were located outdoors and the children taught magic and trickery.

They live in the rimwoods, both magical and not. If you see eyes in the dark at the forest's edge, it may just be a child of the fay. That doesn't necessarily mean your safe, of course.

When she travels or senses danger the children become little spirits that look like fireflies. Even when she seems alone because of this their whispers and giggles give them away.

Scribe. Knows many languages, mostly written but he can speak a few, and can translate them all into the Nature Reclaimed common speak. Of course he doesn't know every language on the planet and has underlings for the work overflow, each with at least 2 mastered languages outside of common. Being a scribe is an important job in the clan, as you need to know everything from whether this cool poster you picked up has bad words on it to if what you think is can of food will poison you. They are ever busy operating out of a huge, mostly intact castle. Saffarrio sits at a somewhat out of place front desk taken from an abandoned office building, these days usually sleeping through all the hustle and bustle until something important comes up. They're all just waiting for him to drop at this point, the older employees past being worried simply because they're used to it. He plans to keep them waiting yet.

Offspring Names: water nest
For more inspiration click here.

SoulScare is actually quite friendly - if you talk to him calmly, he thinks you could hurt him and he doesn't need to eat. The second point will greatly effect how much attention he pays to the third. Acts like an owl since he was burried with one, though he forgets why that was. You can often hear his echowing "HOO-HOO!"s in this part of the forest. It's a good way to know you've walked too far.

Far, far, too far.

He loves to be squeezed, it makes him feel loved. There is no explination for this quirk of his, but it worked out well for him. Don't hang around too long unless you wanna prove you're not worth the trouble to try and eat. If you can convince him you're not even worth bothering when you're asleep, but also wouldn't bother him during a little snooze, you'll have a friend in a place you really need one. And also his mate won't eat you. Probably. Best not to chance it.

One of the ways he has been known to help travelors who've mannaged to gain his favour is by giving them items they need, whether they know it or not. It's a mystery where he gets these objects as he never spends any time collecting them and doesn't seem to have a hoard in his territory. Yet, when he wants to, he will simply pluck an object down from the trees...

Serpent demon that decided this part of the Gravewoods suited her just fine since it's where the lost and foulish of the Gravewoods tend to find themselves. She even found a mate here! No one tree if there home, but they have their favorites. She's very settled, unlikely to travel far from their section of the woods, if at all. While powerful she doesn't care to show off her immense strangth, prefering a leisurely lifestyle. Though, a struggling snack here and there adds some enrichment.

She will eat you. The only two things that can save you from this fate are if she's eaten too recently, which can fortunetly be within a handful of weeks, or if her mate consideres you a close personal friend. He does not have many close, personal friends, and you are unlikely to be one.

Probably best not to linger.

He has a voice like wind whistling through bones.

GrimWisteria tends to a large grove of magically enhanced poisonous flowers.
The plants and the land themselves will tell you that's something's wrong; most don't listen.

____ takes leisurely moonlit flights on nights overtaken by stratus clouds.
She also enjoys injecting wayward travelers with venom then eating them alive.


51055159.png Haunted Dreamland 51158967.png

HauntedTales is the last source of entertainment for the clan's hatchlings on Halloween, and a greatly anticipated suppliment to the parties meant for adults. They gather around a campfire, hyped on sugar and squirming about but eager to hear that year's odyssy of spooky shenanigans and bone chilling horrors. She spins them a new tale each year, only recycling the stories that seem to entrance people the most and only once a generation has grown. She remembers them all without ever writing down a single word. Many of her stories filter out into the wider world, but they're never as good as when she tells them; but that doesn't mean they aren't still pretty good. It's hard to truly botch such great stories.

StarlitReverie uses his magic to make sure the hatchlings don't have truly terrible nightmares after all the festivities, ending the holiday on a good note. He doesn't remove negative elements entirely, just leaves them with what should be a strange and thrilling adventure. The first part is certainly garenteed after mixing high amounts of sugar with HauntedTales' particular brand of stories. He sings for any children still awake by the end of Final Hour to help lead them gently into the land of slumber. Many children say that even if they were already alseep they could clearly hear him singing, his soothing melodies acting as a soundtrack to their dreams.

Offspring Names:

Saffron & Bee Pollen Tea


Rarely is she called down from the mountain, w=but when she is it is to help along those Ab ovo Recrudescent who are struggling to regain or maintain life. So in way she is a doctor - a doctor of the dead.

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08/12 Birthed new hatchlings! 2 Tundra Female
08/12 Birthed new hatchlings! 2 Pearlcatcher Male, 1 Pearlcatcher Female, 1 Ridgeback Male, 1 Ridgeback Female
08/12 Birthed new hatchlings! 3 Pearlcatcher Female
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