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Hisscale » Den » Ruled
Level 25
Imperial Female
Oct 21, 2015 (4 years)
Stats Growth
PrimaryMaroon Iridescent
SecondaryBlack Shimmer
TertiaryGoldenrod Glimmer
Eye TypeEarth Uncommon
Energy: 50 / 50
Apparel & Skins

Found on the front page on June 8th, 2019!



=-=-=-=-=-=-= THE-GRAVE-QUEEN =-=-=-=-=-=-=










She has vowed to never speak the name of her fallen kingdom, least old enemies hear word she lives and unite to destroy her. It is because she was a slaver--a very successful one--one known to history.
Records state that her kingdom mined the heart of Dragonhome almost dry and valuable gems were piled underneath her claws. The project has made her eternally wealthy, and hated.
In times of now, the dead surround her, unhappy and restless. They want revenge, justice, closure, but the Queen is too clever. Necromancy is her game and armies rise to her call--many who died under her clutches do so eternally.

The slaves that had built her kingdom of old still continue to serve, loyally. Snappers are the majority, so sleepless and flightless. The breed is perfect, like rocks--easy to collect, to keep.
Her favorite rock is a "Stonewatch Prince," so rare and clean.
The Prince is her pet, her prize, her pride--no need to pity it--she pays mind to feed it.
In the clan, the Plaguebringer enhances her skills, providing mass graves, and thus she creates followers of pestilence by the hundreds. It is recommended to hide from her if death is not among one's nature.

Her kingdom now is a series of underground tunnels and caverns that extend to connect The Scarred Wasteland and Dragonhome. The area is mostly known to unsavory folk and helps to spread criminal activity throughout other elemental regions.

The beauty she possesses, and size, tends to attract much attention. She enjoys when she is noticed--namely for all the jewelry she flaunts on her figure. Though she is very old, almost ancient, youth has yet to escape her. Many postulate that the ruby pendant around her neck is the source of her power and rumors go about that if one was to remove it, she would disintegrate into a pile of ashes. She finds such banter humorous and she likes to plant seeds of hope in the mind of her subjects--just so she can crush it later. She thrives on rumors that make talk of destroying her. Little do her subjects know, she has a collection of those pedants--so many have tried to steal her pedant. She figured it was wise to collect spares, just in case--to keep up appearances, you see.


Dragonhome nestled her kingdom, long uprooted by time
She can't forget
Land so vast
A past so grand
Now she is ruled
By the new divine



#196708 Kairo

You know, this actually isn’t the first time I’ve seen Ruled. I’ve caught sight of her around the forums a couple of times, and every single time I glance at your gorgeous imperial, my heart basically stops in my chest because Ruled is so gosh darn beautiful. You managed to take a color combo that I would never have thought that I’d like and you perfected it by giving her the perfect genes so that she is absolutely stunning. She’s basically telling me, “Ha! See, Kairo? I am much more gorgeous than any other dragon!” And, well, I couldn’t disagree at all. Ruled looks so very regal and so very pretty, and I just have to commend you on your apparel choices for her.

Honestly, out of all of the apparel items Ruled is wearing, I can usually say that I am against using most of them. However, they look so good on Ruled. Like, oh my God, I almost can’t stand how amazing her outfit looks. You took a whole bunch of small apparel items that I didn’t think would ever be used properly and transformed them into a stunning, unique outfit that only adds to the beauty that your imperial already possesses. What I want to know is how, exactly, you managed to make the Stonekeeper’s Crown and a freakin’ monocle look so good. And her accent... Well, it only makes everything look 1000% better in my opinion, and fills in some gaps that her apparel left behind. Oh, and the snake wrapped around Ruled’s tail? It’s such a cute, perfect touch and I just love it!!

#176432 gardenvoir

If I'm being honest with myself, Ruled has some of my least favorite colors, and she's wearing a lot of my least favorite apparel. That said, I can't bring myself to dislike her; her outfit has such cohesion and character that she's just plain fun to look at. Her accent supplements the personality described in her lore extremely well, and I really love all the detail in her accessories. I think you've done a really good job with this g2 imp!

As for her lore, I think you've done a good job in depicting her as a ruthless necromancer-slave-queen. I also think it's interesting how you've integrated her familiar with the rest of her story; it gives quite a bit of insight into the effects of Ruled's reign.

I think my biggest critique for Ruled's piece has to do with organization. While your writing is concise, easy-to-follow, and relatively clean, the presentation of the information is somewhat jumbled. Ruled is many things--a necromancer, a slaver, and a queen--and those facets of her character all have an impact. When you throw this information at the reader at face value, it becomes difficult to swallow, especially since she's such a mysterious dragon. I think it would be more effective to highlight the connection between these parts of her identities; you could talk about her penchant for necromancy first, then lead into how she came to "collect" snappers, then transition to her current-day place as queen. I think giving the reader a more consistent timeline would make her seem more three-dimensional.

I really enjoyed reading her familiar's adventures! I'm guessing it was some sort of pinkerlocke? I think you approached each item in a neat, unconventional way. I love his "voice" throughout his adventures--it's equal parts dry humor and terror, which is a fun spin on "edgy" lore. I especially have to commend you on the self-discipline it takes to keep up with such a writing exercise! Kudos :)
#233649 Phoenyxx:

Ruled is a very unique dragon in my eyes as she isn't somthing I would have for myself -as the genes and colours aren't my thing- but she is pleasantly surprising. I really love the apparl you have put on her as it bring out the colours and even tho it's simple the accent brings it together to look like there is more on her. As for her familar I really love how it matches the gold on her , and really feels like it goes with her. Her lore is amazing, love the detail you put into it and the different lays to it from her bio to log journals also I like the art gallery idea ! It's really cool and I love the art you have gotten for her the different styles are nice to look at //I spent like 10 mins just looking through them//

#186620 Imani:

To be honest, I don't like some of the apparel that's on her but she just pulls it off so well! The apparel matches the accent, and so does her colors. In fact, she's my new favorite dragon that I like with iridescent and shimmer with those color combination. The goldenrod matches the gold in the accent, the black shimmer sort of matches with the green in the accent, and the maroon iridescent makes her look so regal.

I'm in love with her bio, it intrigued me. I like how detailed it is. It's unique, to me at least, I like how you said that snappers are like "rocks--easy to collect, to keep".

#187495 Amorah:

She looks familiar, I’ve definitely seen this lady around before!

Normally, I probably wouldn’t have chosen her because of her gene and color combo. I’m just not a huge fan of all those hues. But you really made it work with the accent and her apparel, it spreads all of her colors throughout her body, balancing things out. And in a way, her colors fit her character as a successful queen who commits terrible actions. You did an amazing job picking out apparel that complimented the accent, making sure not to cover the important details.

Under all of her elegance and beauty, she’s terrifying! And from the sound of it, she seems to be enslaving the dead? Free theeeeem~ Anyways, her bio is very well thought out, and it’s really one of a kind.

#98525 Tox:

Oh no, I remember your lair. It's hilarious.

...That said, Ruled is a different story. The hilarity (and horror) of your first two dragons is sort of blotted out by her; she is elegant, beautiful, yet dark and sinister. Her bio is so well-written and well-structured. The idea of a dragon as conceptually large as her, so universally known, is a fascinating one. Suddenly I finally have lore ideas for my lair's single Snapper... Then there's the Prince's diary, a wonderful addition to Ruled's story and testimonials. So much effort and money has gone into this dragon, and she's deserved every bit of it. I'm glad to have her in my flight - yet frightened all the same!

#94713 Lukra:

OK, so first Ruled is pretty visually spectacular, with that accent. But what really impressed me was her lore and art. It's very clear from the amount of art you've gotten for her that you really value Ruled. And her lore is just ... scary. That's a compliment! She's a really distinct and powerful character. I definitely got a strong impression of her, especially from the Prince's diary (poor guy). She makes a great villain!


#303930 Cealygosa:

Came across your lair...again, (I always run into one of your dragons somewhere) and I read the Prince's Diary in Ruled's bio...and wow, I absolutely enjoy every bit of it, if it were a novel I'd even buy it...are you planning on continuing it ?

#130533 Enigmadoodles:

Ruled was on the front page! Gotta say she threw me off a bit, I don't think I've ever seen that skin, but she's a very pretty dragon with very good art.

#317835 Acapella:

Ruled was on the front page, I like her art!

=-=-=-=-=-=-= THE-QUEEN'S-GALLERY =-=-=-=-=-=-=






















































=-=-=-=-=-=-= THE-PRINCE'S-DIARY =-=-=-=-=-=-=


I was a naive fool to have ever left--I still am. The problems I had faced when living with my tribe are trivial to the trials I currently face. I had family, friends, authority. I will never squander those life riches ever again! Matron, forgive me.
I have to be careful in what I write. I have been using my own blood and feathers for tools--my thoughts are desperate to become reality--to be remembered.
My captors, the dragons--keep me down in the caverns, with very little opportunity to bask in the sunshine. The tunnels are thick with dust and sweat of my fellow prisoners--I can't breath comfortably. I fear I might get sick.
The spirits that haunt this place give me great peace and hope. They tell me stories of times I can't imagine or that have been discarded in history--and even stories about who holds me here--the Queen.
Today was a good day. I managed to catch a creature and to scarf it down before anyone noticed. It was refreshing, and surprisingly, a little cooked. I will definitely keep an eye out for more.
Today was not a good day. I had caught another pre-cooked creature. It was delicious, more plump and juicy then the last; then, to my horror, a dragon chick rounded the corner. The poor chick inquired if I had seen their pet named "Sniffles" and described the creature with clarity. I said no.
The dragons have been forcing me to mine during all manner of day--digging up, useless crud! By pickax, I loosen several metal nuggets from rocks, larger than me. These days I've consisted on nothing but anger and fowl tasting water as rotten as the dirt I'm covered in. I'm fearful I couldn't even fly away if I was freed. My wings are bogged down with sweat and feathers are sticking together. Oh sorrow--matron protect me.
Save for my citrine jewelry and teal sash, I have nothing but a mask from my tribe. Its unfinished actually. The mask was meant to be a canvas in which my prospective wives would give gifts of feather and gems to decorate it with--though I fled before the ceremony could take place. I long for that life, now. I keep the mask close. I hope one day it will be completed.
I dug up something amazing today! I'm pretty sure it's a wind rune--powerful magic floods my senses when I so much as look at it! I'm so excited! It was made by the dragon deity Windsinger--the father of wind--the most important element every sane harpy covets. I have been inspired to plot an escape by flight, surely it's a sign from my ancestors. When I can I now pray to the Windsinger--perhaps my words will fly on the wind.
I was acquainted with a so called "flounder" today. I brought in a huge bundle of them in a net around the common feasting area of the clan. Oh, I hate that place. It always reeks of pure rot and the fish were no exception. Then to my surprise, dragons shook their heads when I showed the fish and I was promptly pushed outside, fish in tow. Well, more for me I suppose.
I was attacked by a flower today. It was not a problem, though I admit I made a lot of noise. The dragon guards came around and I was anticipating punishment, but luckily they just laughed when they found out what happened.
Okay, maybe that flower did more damage then I care to admit.
Today, I carried in a huge shipment of these bottles. Luckily, everyone was so busy with unloading I was able to sneak a few away. By matron, the substance is delicious! I hope it's not made with anything vile. I'll try not to think about the possibilities.
A friend was gained today. During mining duty, a massive rock had fallen on my wing. Fortunately, this fetching fellow came to my rescue. I admit, he is very handsome; though, seeing as he is a centaur, a relationship going beyond friendship is a no go. Not my jam. Shame, really. His pecs are as big as my head.
I discovered a strange artifact today. It took forever to scrub all the muck away from it, yet it was a fun little project all the same. I have no idea what its use was, but I'm hoping to trade some food for it.
As I was making my way to the trading vendors something hit me, full force. When I picked myself off the ground my strange artifact was gone. Nothing fancy tonight.
My living conditions have improved, but I'm not sure if I'm happy about it. I had recently discovered a relic and when it was given to the Queen, she held it in high regard. She ordered for me to personally become a servant. I hope this change won't make escape more complicated.
I dream of bloodshed. The blood of my tribe. I recall vividly the occasions the harpy warriors went to war against dragons. The beasts came in all sizes--those that matched our own, and even ones smaller then fists. Then, those the size of mountains came--necks as strong as metal and fast as whips. Feet that crushed an entire army without pause.
I being a male, and a Prince at that--was spared combat, but I will never forget those horrors.
Oh Matron Protect Me. Oh Matron Protect Me. Oh Matron Protect Me.

I had the opportunity to go down in the deeper levels of the caverns just recently. Normally I do everything in my power to stay as close to the surface, so I can better fantasize about escape routes--curiosity had gotten the better of me. I saw IT!!! IT IT IT IT SORRY LET let me explain. I heard rumors--of a monster in the lower levels. Earthquakes occur frequently and tend to cause cave-ins--it's what the other prisoners speculated as to why, but I never gave serious consideration to the idea.

To me, the real monster has always been the Queen--after all, mention of the elusive beast never attracted her attention.

I realize why. SHE CREATED IT! THE KING!!!

I had wandered down an unlit tunnel, a part of me hoping to find light and surface at the end. Oh matron, it was hideous! It was the same beast as the Queen, but with many heads with a sea of EYES! I'm not ashamed to admit I scrambled and screamed as I sprinted like thunder--AWAY. Dragons and prisoners of all manner found me. Guards took me away and took me to the Queen. I was so shocked but what I had seen--facing the Queen didn't phase me.

She laughed when she figured out what happened. An earthquake bubbled from her voice, alone--I swear by my feathers! The Queen gripped me in her claws and brought me to her fangs, licking her chops--but she didn't eat me. The Queen surprised me--shared a story that did nothing to calm my nerves.

"You like my mate? I made him perfect. All of them wanted to be King, but I couldn't decide." The Queen laughed again, almost chortled. Squeezing me.
"Then I realized I didn't have to--that was a nice day."

She killed them--all of them. Her LOVERS! Those which adored her--crowned them all king.
Disgusting creature!
I was reminded of my mortality today. The Queen had a collection of spears, by her throne at all times. At first I thought it was for ease of protection, but then I saw her pick one up. The spear was the size of a twig in comparison to the Queen and I realized how silly my first assumption had been. Awe and horror struck me as I saw her proceed to use the spear as a toothpick--shaving gunk off her fangs. I must have been staring and the Queen had taken offense, since in a few moments, I was snatched up. The Queen tied me to the ceiling and proceeded to throw a spear one after another towards me. I could do nothing by scream and cower--and it was a good thing I did. Had I struggled or flapped my wings, I would have been pinned and bleeding. The smile of the Queen was rancid and disgusting. She needs more than just toothpicks.
The Queen's hoard is enough to fuel the riches of several empires, by matron, I swear! I am expected to dust her entire collection of artifacts, though I don't mind. The work is quiet and more delicate then mining--and my curiosity abounds. I see so many objects I can't even being to guess the uses of--though there is one trinket I take special care in dusting. A vase painted depicting the Windsigner--he looks so happy. I still hope his magic will one day free me.
I was careless today, but fortunately it ended with good results. I was attending to the Queen's treasure today--dusting, when I found a collection of recently added scrolls. A part of me hoped the scrolls were blank, so I could take some for my writing efforts--but what I read was better. It was a long translation of all the beast clan languages into draconian writings--my eyes could barley believe what they were seeing! It was an exciting discovery! My tribe and no travelers ever had supplies that could contribute to an education in dragon literature.

I was so keen on reading the text--so keen. The Queen must have noticed the pause in my dusting, the lack of coughing and flapping--something. She reared her long neck, twisting it to observe me--without needing to leave her throne.

"You're educated, Rock?" I winched. Her breath was burning my back. "Y-yes, my Queen!! I am of noble lineage from my tribe."

The Queen pulled back, temporarily satisfied with my answer. A talon longer than I, stabbed the scroll and ripped it away. The Queen observed what I was reading and was displeased. She scooped me up and tossed me into my cage, full speed! I'm just grateful she didn't rip my limbs off.
I met another fortunate soul, such as I. I had never formally associated with a longneck before. I was under the impression that their kind was slow-minded, or savage. How wrong I was, this one was a mage--a scholar! She was happy to answer my questions, including those pertaining to the magic stored in runestones.
Oh bother, as soon as I had met the kind longneck, she was gone. It appears she was owned by another dragon that was just visiting the Queen. However, my mood improved as the longneck slipped me a gift. It appears to be a wand, or at least a good luck charm for now. I never got her name but I won't soon forget her.
I'm still shaking. Things this entry will be smudged as I am soaking wet writing this. I immediately was compelled to bathe myself after the experience I am about to recount. Curiosity got the best of me, yet again! The Queen had fallen asleep in her throne room and hadn't yet dismissed me to my cage. Not being one to let opportunities slip me by, I took the chance to view the Queen up close. She is terrifying in every manner, regardless of how she is postured. A permanent scowl is on her face when she sleeps--I suspect her mind gets little rest. Anyway, the pendant--the pendant is what scared me. Don't laugh or dismiss my fear. What I'm about to describe is very serious.

The Queen always wears that pendant--made of thick gold and a massive ruby, about my size. I stared into the gem, simply amazed by its largeness, but a sinister force was apparently calling me. Darkness--the longer I stared the more darkness that clouded my vision and a force was fixing me in place--I couldn't move! It took everything in my will not to scream--to wake the Queen! By a miracle I blinked--escaping the trance, and managed to make quiet, hasty, retreat. I saw the souls--the spirits that serve as her army--trapped in that gem, begging for freedom! The darkness almost took my soul, to join that horrific congregation of eternal pain. I flinch now whenever I see it--with good reason!
Joy of joys! It's been announced I will be accompanying the Queen on a journey! Oh, I'm already dreaming of possible escapes. The destination is the Shifting Expanse, another desert..with more sand and rocks. Great--but, at least I know a desert. Matron forbid I end up in a place as hot and miserable as the Ashfall Wastes--my feet would burn up. Wait, my feet will burn in a desert, regardless! Ahh, oh well.
Alright, my enthusiasm for the trip died as soon as it began. No sooner had we crossed over into the Shifting Expanse my feathers puffed up from static dotting the air. Also, a giant snake attacked me. In times of fear, dignity is forgotten and I screamed, loudly--much to the chagrin of the dragons. Except the Queen of course. The snake impressed her so well, she decided to keep it as a travel companion. I take solace in the fact that even some of the guards are disturbed by the abrupt addition.
Guess what was the food for provisions was today? Bugs--specifically, moths that flap lightning. The taste wasshockingly good.
Today the trip reached its peak and most exciting time. Dragons--I can see why they rule the world. The cities the dragons have built in this region are immense and alive with lightning! Inanimate objects are flying and moving in all manner without the aid of magic I know of! It's scary to think what these dragons are doing--future generations of harpies and other beast clans will only face harder times.
Just as soon as we arrived, we left. The Queen picked up various bobbles from other beasts of her likeness. I got a peek at them--I can't even begin to guess what they are for. Okay, well I suppose I can. Torture devices--tools to cause pain. Its what I'd bet my food rations on.
Oh my matron! I have found joy in the most strangest of creatures in the desert! It was like a rock that had come to life. I was merely walking along the sands until the little thing burst forth. The sounds of intimidation it attempted--made me smile after the longest of times. For a moment, I contemplated bringing the creature home, but such action would be kidnapping--slavery and entrapment! I wish you well, my friend.
I had the special misfortune of bumping into The Preachers, today. I've only heard rumors about them and nothing good was said. I came to find that no lies found in what I heard. By matron, The Preachers are memorable for all the wrong reasons! They were five heads, no--six--all stuck on one body! Just looked at them was torture, and I had to listen to them yammer on about horrific things! Things I'm struggling to forget. They were like the King, but with less eyes, and--they just talked. When one head ran out of breath, another would continue, undeterred, perpetuating a horrible cycle of noise! Thankfully, the heads never gave nary a mention of eating me, but a few times a head would stop and eat something--that was seconds ago moving. I often forget that the Queen isn't actually the deity of the region--the Scarred Wasteland--but the Plaguebringer! The Preachers told me everything about the deity--the death--the sickness--the smell. The horrors my mind conjured aren't worth reciting. I'm not surprised the Queen settled in such a realm.

Fortunately, my charismatic noble background allowed me to get away from the Preachers through diplomatic means.
I found a weird doll today. I propped it up against a rock--I'm sure the owner will find it.
Oh goodness. Oh matron. I just may have hope yet of getting out of this terrible prison! I'm scared to write the details into words. I don't know any dragons that can read my tribe's language...still, I've had bigger surprises. To remain brief, I met a nice dragon today.

I've learned something horrific today. The tidbit is about the Queen...no surprise there.
Perhaps one will recall "The Preachers." I know I wrote about them before. Such horror I felt when I first saw them...I will never be able to forget.

Anyway, my point, right!
It turns out the Queen considers the Preachers her children. From what I could gather from other sources, the Preachers came about when she placed two plague eggs (ones she had laid) into an abandoned imperial nest. She described in detail the glee she had felt in watching the eggs rot from neglect. Apparently, the clan had made a spectacle of the event.

Many dragons still speak vividly about the hatching, pointedly as a pleasant experience. The young imps broke the shells as undead and clustered together as the Preachers, drawing false-breath.

Honestly, I'm not even moved to horror any longer. I fear for my soul.



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