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Aluna: Clan Profile » Dragon Lair » Nesting Grounds
Aluna's Clan
The Icebound is only for those who can stand the cold.
Ancient Lair
locked within the
Fortress of Ends
Clan Information
Please excuse our dust!
This clan is undergoing revesion.

The Icebound

The Icebound is a swirling maelstrom of politics, magic, and anger. Those who enter, beware, for the chance is high that you will never leave.

Settled on the tip of the tower Shrrygn, as well as its neighboring sister The Shir, and the walls in between, of The Fortress of Ends, The Icebound is a fractured clan held together by a mixture of fear and blood. The clan is led by Queen Ghiaccia and her consort Alran. Ghiaccia's daughter Nakht, a powerful, wraith-like warrior, is heir, while former queen Makina and her mate Tiger fight to regain power over the clan and move it back to the windy plains of the Windsinger. Dark figures stalk these caverns, such as the unknown warrior Fayer, Gaolers guard the edgelands, and the Mirror pack hunt down all who threaten The Icebound's borders.

If you are lucky, brave Traveler, you will be allowed to stay in the outer caves, reserved for those whom the Queen cannot trust. Or maybe you will fall in with the Healer Beirgen, or gentle Princess Cerillia, who will care for you during your stay. But all must promise to eventually leave, and to never breathe a word of what they have seen to any.

If you break your word, then alas, there is no hope, for Tumeric will be summoned to lose you in the icy caves of The Fortress, and you will roam the freezing halls with no chance of escape.

Clan Hierarchy
Makina's Clan

Makina and Tiger
Hatchling Carers:


Ghiccia's Clan
Coming soon!!

If anyone has any messages or requests for Gryfalcon, starleaf, or wSmoky, send them to me and I can pass them on.

Note to Admins: I'm not certain if this is necessary, but my friends wSmoky, LunarPhoenix, CherryTheCuteCat, LunchBox1211 and I occasionally use the same computer.

Dragons Bio Progress (Gifts welcome!)
Start: Shimmer, Shell, Fireborn, Carcin, Sionyn, Seamaid, Manafall, Artemi, Myrmeen, Restis, Voldos, Morgwen, Erebus, Ossein, Gaia, Ellik, Yaduraj, Fichead, Orian, Yahimba, Spirit, Brier, Stormflow, Saluris, Johan, Johana, Carosh, Jekusea, Akela, Orini, Eike, Keira
Finish: Sange (Format), Lithe, Aikoun,
Format: Amaryllis, Dash, Luna,
Update: Tyra, Jarmath

Metallic (For Eike)
Bee (For Luthien)
Skydancer scroll (For Luthien)

Potential Wings of Fire dragons

any flight


any flight



Personality of Breeds:

I have certain stereotype in my head of what each breed in my clan is like. I'm writing them down here so visitors can understand my bios better.

Coatl: Usually proud and a bit full of themselves. Still very, very loyal. A bit duller colored than most. Use their personal language more than is polite.
Fae: More animated than most Faes. Use a bit less of their own frill-flapping language. Usually very studious, often found in the library. The Waterflies sub-species prefer to stay inside where it's warm, the native-born love to play in the snow.
Guardian: The warriors. Guardians tend to be high up in the small army. Those who find their Charge in the clan will do anything to protect their Charge and the clan. Most leave to find their Charge elsewhere.
Imperial: The wise ones. Imperials tend to be the advisors, the background characters who do more than anyone knows. There are the few that go slightly power-hungry, but the less said about those the better.
Mirror: Very, very slightly less vicious than their cousins. The strong silent type, albeit slightly crazy. Most don't care about anything, including their own life. They make up the patrols of the clan's borders.
Nocturne: Similar to the Faes.
Pearlcatcher: Almost as snobbish as the Coatls. Tend to like very, very shiny objects. Super protective of their close family and friends.
Ridgeback: Cheerful, jumpy, keep to themselves.
Skydancer: Proud, beautiful, and ferocious when needed.
Snapper: Burly, calm, very strong, intelligent but usually only speak rarely.
Spiral: Smart, energetic. The experimenters.
Tundra: Calm, family-oriented. Less forgetful that the stereotype.
Wildclaw: Proud, strong and smart.

The Call Of The Wild - Poem by Robert William Service

Have you gazed on naked grandeur where there's nothing else to gaze on,
Set pieces and drop-curtain scenes galore,
Big mountains heaved to heaven, which the blinding sunsets blazon,
Black canyons where the rapids rip and roar?
Have you swept the visioned valley with the green stream streaking through it,
Searched the Vastness for a something you have lost?
Have you strung your soul to silence? Then for God's sake go and do it;
Hear the challenge, learn the lesson, pay the cost.

Have you wandered in the wilderness, the sagebrush desolation,
The bunch-grass levels where the cattle graze?
Have you whistled bits of rag-time at the end of all creation,
And learned to know the desert's little ways?
Have you camped upon the foothills, have you galloped o'er the ranges,
Have you roamed the arid sun-lands through and through?
Have you chummed up with the mesa? Do you know its moods and changes?
Then listen to the Wild -- it's calling you.

Have you known the Great White Silence, not a snow-gemmed twig aquiver?
(Eternal truths that shame our soothing lies.)
Have you broken trail on snowshoes? mushed your huskies up the river,
Dared the unknown, led the way, and clutched the prize?
Have you marked the map's void spaces, mingled with the mongrel races,
Felt the savage strength of brute in every thew?
And though grim as hell the worst is, can you round it off with curses?
Then hearken to the Wild -- it's wanting you.

Have you suffered, starved and triumphed, groveled down, yet grasped at glory,
Grown bigger in the bigness of the whole?
"Done things" just for the doing, letting babblers tell the story,
Seeing through the nice veneer the naked soul?
Have you seen God in His splendors, heard the text that nature renders?
(You'll never hear it in the family pew.)
The simple things, the true things, the silent men who do things --
Then listen to the Wild -- it's calling you.

They have cradled you in custom, they have primed you with their preaching,
They have soaked you in convention through and through;
They have put you in a showcase; you're a credit to their teaching --
But can't you hear the Wild? -- it's calling you.
Let us probe the silent places, let us seek what luck betide us;
Let us journey to a lonely land I know.
There's a whisper on the night-wind, there's a star agleam to guide us,
And the Wild is calling, calling . . . let us go.

Personal Notes:

Coli Team:

I usually start out by changing any dragons who might have Meditate or Anticipate to Scratch. I then equip three might fragments per dragon until they're high enough level to equip Berserker. When they get to a high enough level to have Berserker, I get three per dragon. Every dragon will also eventually require an Eliminate, and three Ambush stones.

I level and distribute stats to my dragons according to Culex's guide, here - http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/gde/1040710
(Thanks to Zizikiel)

Food becomes goo
Materials become ooze
Trinkets become sludge
Familiars become muck
Apparel become slime

Amogayvhi - Gladekeeper
Xhaztol - Arcanist
Rhenik - Tidelord
Akiri - Flamecaller
Thrage - Stormcatcher
Undel - Shadowbinder
Jhortanas - Plaguebringer
Ghurab - Windsinger
Artaios - Earthshaker
Rhiow - Lightweaver
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08/24 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Imperial Female
08/17 Became friends with jackaling. Maybe in a few years they'll write a buddy comedy about you guys.
08/15 Birthed new hatchlings!
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jackaling wrote:
i just saw your forum thread about the girl who circumnavigated fairyland... i’ve been meaning to reread her other series the orphan’s tales, and seeing her name out of nowhere on fr was the push i needed lol. thanks for the inadvertent help! <3
Aug 15, 2021, 20:18:41
Gamer wrote:
Lemme buy a Naomi dragon off ya. <3
Jul 07, 2021, 13:35:45
RosalieHale wrote:
How much is Eirys
Feb 10, 2020, 06:28:20
MLPMDog wrote:
If you breed Pure and Rainbow can I get a baby?
Nov 24, 2019, 02:35:51
clicksteryclean wrote:
Thx :)
Nov 16, 2019, 21:50:43
clicksteryclean wrote:
so sorry I didn't reply sooner! I found your account on the "2001 users online" thing :) I just like sending random people friend requests and you have a cool lair.
Nov 15, 2019, 20:21:27
Macchi wrote:
omg it's a holder I swear dkfhskfhdj
Sep 12, 2019, 12:17:46
KintsugiKitsune wrote:
Ok, I need to know for sure that your username and the first dragon in your lair are not just coincidences. If you're still into above world, friend me and lets chat sometime :)
Jun 21, 2019, 19:13:15
Victorzies wrote:
OMG YOU GOT A VINNY! good job!
May 31, 2019, 02:37:09
GardenSnail wrote:
How much for one of the vinnies?
May 24, 2019, 06:11:24
Luminax wrote:
no thanks
May 22, 2019, 13:43:34
WittleBawl wrote:
You gave me Somo through an Exalt Row save thread. I have loved him ever since!He will have more art in the future. I dont know at what age dragons leave their hatchlings but I never ment to make his parents look bad. Just wanted a dark past for him.
May 04, 2019, 01:47:55
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