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Alphs' Clan
Sleep is just a myth
Venerable Lair
of the
Twisting Crescendo
Clan Information

D91RBvR.png__The Clan of Tale Whisperers__OY3P2op.png

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About me
18 || She/her || 15+ FR time (Malaysia)
-You can call me Alpha or anything really not trash that's just rude unless you mean fandom trash in which case I totally am.
-I love all things blue and cute! XD And food. Any kind at all. Gimme those.
-I'm a HUGE fan of Rick Riordan's books (I've read all 20+ of them) and I love movies+musicals! is hamiltrash PM me and we can freak out about it together. ;D
-I like Imps, SDs and snip snaps! :D
-All dragons I choose to exalt will be named after food, unless they are named by the seller in which case they keep their name.
-If you wish to buy/stud one of my dragons, feel free to PM me! :)
-I accept all friend requests, so feel free to add me. I don't bite much. ^_^


To self:
-Learn the real meaning of saving
-Ping Deakkon when Lollipop is gened
-Get lore done

To staff:
I play FR on any device I can find internet on, so I might be logged in on two devices at once.

alphadragon4_by_ordif-db0boai.png .


(Reconstructing lore for move to wind)
Read about the clan history here!

As the breeze gently lowers you to the ground, you are greeted by the tinkling sound of chimes and the sensation of soft grass at your feet. Balloons and kites dance in the clouds. Dragons and even hatchlings zip through the clear sky, laughing whole-heartedly; the atmosphere is so lively yet peaceful that you smile.

Your thoughts are cut off by a deep masculine voice.

"Greetings, traveller."


You turn around to behold a majestic white guardian standing a few steps away from you. The proud tilt of his chin and his intimidating gaze indicates that he is in a position of power. Before you could speak, he asks, "Looking for a place to stay?"

“Yes, I’d like to stay for the night please.”

His cyan eyes twinkle knowingly and gestures for you to follow. As you walk, he asks about your place of origin, your family and your experiences. When you question his purpose, he simply replies, “All that exists has a story, even inanimate objects.” He glances at his sword, and you raise your eyebrow in reply. He smiles, trying in vain to hide the sadness in his voice, “A story for another time, perhaps.”

You walk in silence until he stops abruptly in front of a thick tower of fog. You are about to question him when he gestures for you to stay silent. He utters a phrase under his breath and waits. He grins as the fog splits symmetrically just enough to reveal a pathway.

The dragon turns to you. “Ah, where are my manners? I am Fafnir, founder and leader of this humble clan. You are welcome to stay for the night, and if you wish, discover the many sights my lair has to offer!” With that, he walks away, leaving you to explore the lair by yourself.

The Bustling Bazaar
As soon as you cross the border of the lair, you are overwhelmed by the sound of chattering and footsteps. You find yourself in the center of trades---the bazaar, where a diversity of shops are open for business and sell their merchandise. Busy dragons can be seen scurrying about their daily errands---most of which are pushing carts---while some raise their voices over the noise to haggle. Excess food items that are not stored in the hoard for use during cold seasons are either traded for rarities or sold in bulk for currency. However, the clan is mainly known for its handicraft. The artists like to kill time by making miniature models or toys that hatchlings like to play with. It started off as a common hobby, but the enterprising dragons soon realised that this could be made into a business. The artists began using more lasting materials and applying more complicated techniques into the crafting process. These toys are stocked regularly since they are not very time-consuming to make and are very welcome among customers. The exquisite and consistent worksmanship of the clan artists are further highlighted through the more detailed (thus expensive) creations of art. They include advanced forms of origami, kites, painting, jewelry, as well as weaving fabric and textile. Every design is unique, having only one copy each. The artists never seem to run out of inspiration though---the shelves are always decorated with unique designs that only the most brilliant of minds can conjure up.

Athena's Obelisk
At the heart of the bazaar stands the focal point of intellectual advancement---Athena's Obelisk. This structure is cylindrical and is seven stories high, making the other buildings seem insignificant. Dragons occupied with tomes and scrolls can be seen entering and leaving the tower. You read a quote imprinted on its giant double doors that serves as the library's main and only entrance---"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination". You push open the doors and begin climbing the spiraling stairs. The first chamber is the largest of them all. Its walls are lined with massive bookshelves which houses the clan's vast collection of reading materials. From the corner of your eye, you realise that the chamber is mainly illuminated by sootless fire orbs, aided by mirrors placed at strategic angles to reflect the light rays and maximise brightness. You make your way further up the spiraling stairway and find yourself in a second chammber which is slightly smaller than the first. The door has a sign that reads "Do not enter unless you are a skilled mage or at least know how to cast a healing spell". Curious, you peek inside. Your eyes are blinded by the eye-burning rainbow of orbs that are being flung from dragon to dragon. The humming sensation that emanates from these orbs tells you that these are concentrated orbs of magic. Judging from the lack of furniture and the abundance of hovering books in the chamber, you deduce it to be the training ground for mages. You close the door quietly and move on to the top story of the tower. This story is not as well-lit as the other two chambers, its only light source being its dome-shaped ceiling. It has four windows, each paired with a telescope. The dome provides viewers with a 360 degree view of the sky. This part of the tower is the quietest, except the occasional astronomy enthusiasts. Sturdy wooden chairs are placed near these windows, but are usually left to collect dust since most dragons choose to stand for hours observing the moons and constellations. They are also sometimes occupied by dragons seeking peace and tranquillity.
The Nursery



Check out my joint hatchery!





I can only get these items in my dreams,
which is why I'm constantly sleeping like this sloth here
which you should totally click

Genes I like:

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