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Myriai's Clan
Ancient Lair
on the steps of the
Forum of the Obscured Crescent
Clan Information
Lore Disclaimer: The "Shadow Hunters" are a made up lore organization for my purposes and does not reflect on all of the Shadow Flight. They originated in a game in the Nature Flight and some details can be found in

The Journey to Shadow

Something was not right.

Soulhunter opened his shadow-colored eyes and realized that it had gotten dark already--that was expected, he'd shifted back into his nocturnal schedules after making sure his new hideout wasn't going to be discovered by the patrols. There was a chill chasing down his spine and he slowly uncoiled from his daytime concealment.

He nudged the Flutterbun, whom he'd given the name Fleur, and gestured at the hole in the tree they'd taken up residence in after their first tree was discovered by a wandering hatchling. He'd only managed to barely dodge the Red-Cloaked Marauders and avoid being ripped asunder. The Skydancer who'd sworn to follow and protect him simply stood back and watched her companions nearly wreck him, healing them even as they left injuries that would lead to more scars on his midnight scales. His salvation came in the form of Hikaru casting a shroud over the ruthless fighters and allowing him to make his escape.

If it wasn't for the fact that he didn't want to rouse more ire from the clan, Soulhunter could have easily taken them all down, while they were ferocious, they were also wildly untrained. It would have been so easy to slip under their guards and slit them from neck to tail and leave their entrails as warnings for the next who chose to test his strength, but he was no longer a cold-blooded murderer.

Or at least he was trying not to be.

After making sure Fleur was lodged safely in the hole of the ancient tree, Soulhunter silently slid through the leaves and eased down the trunk. The Wyldwood was completely silent lending more levels to his unease--this forest was never silent even at night. There was a crackle in the brush and Soulhunter whipped around, ready to defend himself and felt himself relax a little when the ridiculously bright Fae emerged. Hikaru looked dazed and confused and Soulhunter reached out and lightly touched his claw to the Fae's small head.

"Hikaru?" he said.

The Fae jumped and blinked several times before seeming to focus on him. "There you are!" he exclaimed and slammed into him--Soulhunter could feel the young Fae trembling.

Soulhunter frowned. "What's wrong?"

"They're gone."

“Who is gone?” Soulhunter asked.

“Everyone...Faewyld, Akane, everyone!”

"Perhaps they’re out hunting?" Soulhunter offered.

He felt the Fae shake his head and the trembling increased. "It doesn't feel right," he said.

"Please you've got to come!"

"Are you trying to get me killed?" Soulhunter asked mildly.

Hikaru shook his head hard again and Soulhunter felt the ***** of the youngster's claws in his scarred scales.


Something in Hikaru's voice made Soulhunter relent. "Take me to one of the secret passages you've found. I'm not going to risk the ones I know."

Hikaru nodded and Soulhunter warily followed, waiting for the betrayal he knew must be waiting.

But the attack he expected never came.

They made it into the Marodepths Cavern that housed the dragons of the Edge of the Wyld clan and everything was stone silent. Even the infamous Nightwatch wasn't at their post and the Astronomer's Tower was empty--something that never happened especially on nights like tonight when the moon would be super full and bright with just a hint of blood as the eclipse happened.

Soulhunter felt a cold chill run down his own spine as they continued deeper into the caverns, but they were empty. Everywhere he looked he could see signs of where the dragons should be, books left open, pots untended--even a glimpse into the creche showed that it was empty despite the fact he knew that twelve new hatchlings had been born just this morning.

Hikaru clung painfully to Soulhunter's shoulder as they moved through the empty lairs.

There was a scream and Soulhunter whipped through the passages, they hadn't changed much since he'd been welcome here. He barreled into the armory and found three black dragons with wiping blood from their claws, but there was no body he could find.
Three pairs of Shadow eyes with the vacant look that he knew far too well regarded.

"Ah it is the traitor..."

The words were hissed by one of the dragons and he realized with a start that it was one called a Bogsneak--when last he tread on the grounds of the Shadow Hunters there hadn't been one in their ranks yet.

"Yes, I told you he was here."

A low snarl echoed from Soulhunter before he could stop himself and he moved swiftly, hissing at Hikaru to hide even as he put his back to the wall and faced his enemies. He didn't know the Bogsneak, but Caligula, the scarred Tundra, and Rasputin, the withered Snapper, were members of his old Shadow Hunter unit.

The words just spoken originated with the obsidian Skydancer whose red mask hung loose about her neck revealing her features in their entirety.

"Why?" Soulhunter asked. "They sheltered you and protected you..."

"Because the Master's Commands are absolute," Mayonaka said.

"What did you do with them?" Soulhunter asked.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" Mayonaka smirked.

Before he could stop himself, Soulhunter launched himself at the traitorous Skydancer and ripped her to shreds leaving pieces of her red cloak lying on the ground with the obsidian feathers and blood he shed.

Hikaru fled as Soulhunter faced his former subordinates and the new Bogsneak, hatred and rage burning in his blood. "You will tell me what you did to my clan," Soulhunter growled. "There are not bodies and not nearly enough blood for you to have massacred all of them.

Rasputin cackled maniacally. "You think you can take all three of us on alone, traitor?"

"I haven't grown that soft in my stay here, I will shred you," Soulhunter hissed.

"You're more than welcome to try," Caligula said.
"I think it will be your blood that joins that pawn's on the floor tonight."

Soulhunter snarled another challenge and began his attack.

Blood seeped from what felt like a thousand slashes on his scales and his lungs burned as he tried to catch his breath. The Tundra, Caligula, lay broken on the ground but the Bogsneak and Rasputin had proven more difficult than he anticipated. He drew his power together for one last charge--he intended to take at least one more of them with him if he would be sent to his grave this night.

"It is hard to get answers from dead dragons."

The voice was light and detached and Soulhunter swore as he recognized the red and white Spiral from the Red Cloak Marauders--he belatedly remembered that Hikaru called her 'Maia'. He half-expected her to turn on him, but instead her malevolent red eyes settled on the Shadow Hunters. "Kuro wishes you dead, but it seems these Shadow Hunters have changed our objective. I will help you if you will allow me time with whichever one manages to survive. I will find out what happened to them."

The way Maia spoke sent a shaft of ice through Soulhunter, but then his mouth lolled open in a sadistic smile. "Which one do you want?" he asked.

Maia cocked her head for a moment. "The Bogsneak, I haven't had much of a chance to experiment on them yet," she decided. "Do realize, however, this is only a temporary truce. Once our purposes are accomplished I will sharpen my claws on your scales."

Soulhunter inclined his head. "It is to be expected," he rumbled. "Shall we?"

"We shall," Maia said.

There was a blinding flash and Soulhunter felt his wounds heal. His eyes flew towards the dark fae in the doorway. "Nekura..." he said slowly.

"I never expected to see your face here again, but apparently you're helping this time, so I'll help you for now," Nekura said.

"I will figure out what happened and fix it," Soulhunter stated. "First we do this."

The rest of the fight was short and bloody, Rasputin was laid low, but not before nearly killing those who attacked him and the Bogsneak was eventually secured. Nekura did the best she could with healing, but she readily admitted that healing was not her forte.

“What are your limits?” Maia asked idly.

Soulhunter turned his eyes to the red and white Spiral. “Limits?” he queried.

“If you do not impose limits, Maia will do whatever she pleases and I think even you might object to what she’s capable of.”

Soulhunter saw Kuro enter the room, his blood red helmet catching the flickering torches and his Shadow eyes gleamed. “Do whatever you feel is necessary,” he stated. “We need to know what happened to the rest of the clan. What I saw coming through here was not natural.”

Soulhunter regarded Kuro silently. “Will you try and kill me again?” he asked.

“Not at this time, my mistress would like words with you,” Kuro said. “She’s given orders not to harm you until we figure out whether or not you had anything to do with this.”

Soulhunter’s eyes widened a bit, there was likely only one dragon Kuro called ‘Mistress’.

Soulhunter followed Kuro silently, constantly on alert for an attack either from more Shadow Hunters or members of the Edge of the Wyld Clan, but nothing happened. They arrived at the beaded entrance of Kinya’s study and Kuro went through first. “I’ve brought the traitor,” he said.

Soulhunter flinched a bit at the word, but it was true—even if tonight he’d fought to save the clan.


Soulhunter entered the study and found Kinya, Clan Leader of the Edge of the Wyld Clan, at her desk wrapped from head to toe in linen bandages. At her side was Seirei and her obsidian Guardian and Hikaru was perched nervously at the edge of one of the bookshelves. Kinya pinned him with her dark green eyes. “You did not lead them in this time,” she stated.

“No, I did not,” he responded.

“Seirei tells me you have been residing her for several weeks now,” Kinya continued, “and you did not move against us.”

“I have abandoned my hunt for the one called Exaltling and chosen to explore a different path.” Soulhunter said. “I don’t know why, but when I am the most troubled I wind up here in the Wyldwood—even if it is likely to be my death sentence.”
Kinya cocked her head. “It does not have to end in a death sentence.”

Kinya settled back. “Tarry here for a time, Soulhunter,” she ordered. “There is no escape for you this time.”

Soulhunter silently coiled in the middle of the library feeling the eyes of the various dragons residing in it watching him. Though he wondered if he were waiting patiently for his own execution, the look in Kinya’s eyes said that the golden Fae had something else in mind.

Soulhunter lost track of the hours that passed before the scent of fresh blood flooded the room and his eyes snapped to the entrance where Maia appeared. Soulhunter wasn't sure what parts of the red on her were her actual markings and what splashes of red were the blood that seemed to drench almost every part of her. Kinya's face went even more still as the Spiral entered the room.

"What have you found?" she asked.

Maia moved forward and leaned over and whispered in Kinya’s ear, the sibilant hisses indistinguishable to Soulhunter. Maia finally lifted her head and Kinya nodded then turned her green eyes to Soulhunter. “For a long time you were one of the Champions of our clan even if you were not fully part of it, but then you allowed the Shadow Hunters to breach our defenses and decimate our clan. And now you are saying that you are no longer a hunter, that you are no threat to us? I can’t truly believe that—Hikaru told me what he saw of your battle in that room and even now I can still see the look of a Hunter in your eyes.”

“Then you’ll kill me after all?” Soulhunter asked.

“Justice would demand that I do it,” Kinya said, “but, I am not my father nor am I my majordomo or captain of the guard. My purpose is the survival of my clan and to keep them safe by whatever means I must. You will hunt again, Soulhunter, but this time you will hunt the prey I dictate.”

Soulhunter’s eyes narrowed. “And how is that any different from when I followed the directives of my former master?” he asked.

“If you succeed in this hunt, you will restore my clan and I will free you of the deathmark you bear in this land,” Kinya said. “However, know that if you take one step that looks like it is leading to betrayal, you will never know what hit you and you will be gone from this world.”

“So you’re offering me pardon if I take on this hunt?” Soulhunter asked.

“Pardon, your life, and an opportunity for you to explore those paths you spoke of earlier,” Kinya said. “Or death. It depends on which road you want to travel.”

“What does this hunt consist of?” Soulhunter asked.

“You will hunt the Shadow Hunters,” Kinya said, “in their own territory. They will have in their possession a mirror that contains my people. Bring it to me and if the deities will it—destroy the Shadow Hunters.”

“You expect me to take on the entirety of the Shadow Hunters alone?” Soulhunter frowned. “That is not a bargain, Kinya, that is suicide.”

Kinya shook her head. “I am not your former master, Soulhunter, my demands are not that unreasonable. Down in the Great Hall you will find the remnants of the warriors of the Edge of the Wyld Clan. They have orders to follow your commands as they would mine, but they also stand ready to end your life if you turn against us.”

There was a dry rustle of scales and Soulhunter uncoiled and straightened. He lowered his head to the ground in submission. “As you wish,” he said.

“Go,” Kinya said. “I wish you a successful hunt.”
Soulhunter lifted his head and turned to exit, unsurprised when both Maia and Kuro accompanied him.

“Who will protect your mistress if you’re not here to do it?” Soulhunter asked idly.

“Our mistress will take care of herself and we will take care of you if you doublecross us,” Kuro said.

“You will find what I did to the Bogsneak much more preferable to what is in store for you if you turn against us,” Maia purred. “I’ll relay it to you in great detail on our journey. You are the one who told me that there were no limits.”

Soulhunter made his way down into the Great Hall and froze as he observed the dragons waiting for him.

Standing among them was his former master and her close companions and several other imposing, scarred warriors—some of whom he’d known when he originally came to the holding and some whom he didn’t know their names.

"So what do we do now, O Great Leader?" the question was drawled by a glittering green and black male spiral lazing across one of the tables, a female spiral that looked almost exactly like him was watching Soulhunter intently.

Soulhunter looks at the only free dragons left in the Edge of the Wyld clan. He could feel Haran's boiling hatred as she looked at him, but she was being held in check by both Sangoshou and Obsidian.

"We hunt," Soulhunter stated softly. "We go to the Tangled Wood and hunt for that mirror that's imprisoned the Clan and we destroy the Shadow Hunters."

The Origin of the Clan

After his elders in the Marowyld Clan died, Faewyld set out on a journey to find the purpose that his old mentor, Marrow, told him about. His journeys led him away from the dusty caverns on the edge of Dragonhome and the Viridian Labyrinth and deep into Nature’s Territory. He explored almost every nook and cranny of the Viridian Labyrinth as he made his way slowly east and into the Gladeveins where Marrow promised his destiny awaited.

Faewyld ventured deep into the Gladeveins and was nearing the edge of the territory when he found another Fae Dragon nearly at death’s door from starvation. He took the Fae under his wing and she named herself Akane. Akane quickly proved to be far more trouble than she was worth, but she refused to stay behind at any of the clan holdings Faewyld left her at, always finding him when he least expected it. Eventually, he gave up and let the other Fae follow him as he continued his search.

As the days and nights lingered on, Faewyld acquired a soft spot for her and he cherished her deeply. One night they took cover from a raging storm in a cavern located behind one of the three waterfalls that flowed into the channel between the Tangled Wood and the Viridian Labyrinth. Before he realized it, Akane was sitting on a nest of three eggs.

Just before the hatchlings broke shell, Akane told Faewyld she didn't want to wander anymore and that their children deserved more than just the open sky for their roof. Faewyld was reluctant to stop moving because he felt like he still hadn't found the destiny Marrow promised him so long ago, but after a raging fight, Faewyld finally gave in. He explored the cave they'd rested in and the surrounding areas and found no one else in the area and he declared that they would remain where they were for the time being.

Location of the Clan & Territory Details
The Edge of the Wyld Clan takes their name partially from their founder Faewyld and partly from the fact that they are situated on the very edge of the Viridian Labyrinth directly across the channel from the Tangled Wood. The territory covered by the Edge of the Wyld territory is primarily made up of a primordial forest that Faewyld dubbed the “Wyldwood” in honor of one of the dragons that raised him. The caverns that the clan dwells is called “Marodepths” after the other dragon that raised Faewyld though the cavern name isn’t as well known as the name of the forest above. The Wyldwood is expansive and has enough to feed a clan of 200 dragons for a long time as long as resources are used wisely. The dragons of the Edge of the Wyld Clan have also been known to venture a short distance into the Maren Trench (the name is not official but comes from the large amount of merfolk that inhabit its waters) on their foraging excursions, but don’t formally claim the area.

The main entrance of the lair and the one through which all dragons on official business enter is called the Akatsuki (Daybreak) entrance and is located behind one of the three waterfalls that tumble into the Maren Trench—the waterfall doesn’t currently have a documented name. There are three other entrances to the Marodepths. There is an entrance deep in the middle of the Wyldwood informally dubbed “Shadetree”, its formal name is “Fukai Mori”. Another is located at the base of the waterfalls and is called “Kairyuu”. The fourth entrance is the least known and is undocumented on the majority of the maps that circulate of the Edge of the Wyld territory. It’s unimaginatively called the “Outer Wyld Entrance” (blame Akane for that, she never did have a particular way with words).

For the most part, the territory of the Edge of the Wyld clan is well secured and there are no particular tolls if a dragon happens to pass through it on their way to another destination, but they will be watched for every step of their journey even if they don’t see the watchers. There is a little known tunnel that spans the distance between the Tangled Wood and the Viridian Labyrinth cutting through Maren territory without the merfolk knowing anything of it. Knowledge of the tunnel is limited and its usually found by complete chance. At one point, passage from the tunnel into the Viridian Labyrinth was undocumented, but after the Shadow Hunter raid on the Edge of the Wyld that has since changed.

The primary threats to the Edge of the Wyld come in the form of Maren incursions, renegade Centaur raids, and rare attacks from the Serthis and Talonak. Most encounters with Harpies and the Longnecks are reported by members of the clan who venture outside of Edge of the Wyld clan territories on trading or diplomatic missions.

Overview of the Clan



OLD VERSION After she was of age, the eldest hatchling of Faewyld and Akane's one and only nest together (that wasn't the result of too much moonshine & loneliness), Kinya, volunteered to take over the management of the clan. This freed her mother from the unwanted place of caretaking, allowing her to flit away amongst the glades around the lair. Faewyld gratefully dropped out of the lair leadership, but acts as one of the main hunt organizers to help provide for the steadily growing clan.

Under Kinya's management, the Edge of the Wyld Clan has grown by leaps and bounds. It is a boisterous clan filled with dragons of all flights and species united in their love and loyalty to Kinya who goes out of her way every day to interact with them.
Clan Lore(Tumblr Link) | Truncated Version [Coming Soon]

* Get all permadergs to level 7 (or above)

* Next Lair Expansion: 200,000/1,120,000 (1,064,000 if done before 26-Mar-16)

* Finish (Basic) Lore for 1st 3 pages of Dragons: 34/45 complete (Longer Term: Basic Lore for all 6 pages of permadergs)

* Get Mischief & Mayhem to 25 to be new trainers (level Nekura with them)

* Finish Clan Overview, Current Clan Situation, Team Listing, Key Character Table, & get more lore out of my head onto the FR Tumblr


* Fully expand the lair 140/200 (12 exp to go)

* Knock down the number of permanent dragons, lore them all, and get them to 25.

Current Status:
At 25: 18/90 (Not a masochist really >.>)
Complete Lore: 29/90

* Get the clan lore finished along with the dragon bios

* Open up "Edge of the Wyld Wordworks" (after I have all the dragons lored, more lore on the Tumblr, & some stories)

* All the familiars (I wants them XD)

Current Wish: Ice Sprite (for Solstice)

Future Ventures: Mischief Managed Sales & Leveling, Edge of the Wyld Word Works, Edge of the Wyld Hatchery
ABOUT THE PLAYER: A writer and lover of fantasy novels I've adored dragons and the like since I was a young girl (a really long time nowadays...).

Note to the Admins: subether and Amatsiru are my roommates & we will show up using the same IP.
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