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Frailty: Clan Profile » Dragon Lair » Nesting Grounds
Frailty's Clan
See, a little insanity makes life interesting
Venerable Lair
of the
Leviathan Trench
Clan Information

I still log on every once in awhile to check on how things are going. If you need to contact me just PM me and I'll respond when I see it.

I'm putting a bit of my personalty into each of my dragons. I love them all and am super fond of them. My theory is if I can love them for their flaws I can love myself just as much. So sorry if my clan seems flawed, clique and to down. Its just how I feel at the moment and its how I'm coping.

If there is a dragon in the fodder tab I would love to sell them to you if you wanted.(Though usually not very much I just want them to be loved)

~Wish List~
(Secret Santa List And General Wants)
-Someone to talk to
-Someone to bounce lore off of
-Art for The Poison doofus line (Gijinkas and dragon art. Nokken and Invidias kids. It would be all the imps except Nisshoku, Nathaniel, Bul, Salam, and Ume)
-Genes for my gene projects (Poison and Toxin are always needed, firefly is neat, I also like underbelly alot. Maybe a few skydancer and pearlcatcher scrolls? Honestly I can find a use for any gene ^^')
-Yua my little orphan kid needs capsule still!
-The rainbow ribbons are neat
-Faerie set
-Wildclaw scrolls
-Night sky silks
-The Star sets are super cool to!
-Scatter scrolls are neat
-Gen ones with nov 26th as their birthday (Preferably the year 2016. I didnt get to hatch for that one)
-Stacks of 99 things. I'm trying to collect 99 of everything
-Unhatched eggs (I need more genes than i need eggs though!)
-Gems always welcome
-Food is also good. I'm always running low
-Art for any of my gened gen ones honestly
-Apparel sets in general. I dont have alot of variety. The sage sets look cool, along with the thorn stuff and woodland stuff.
-Or just apparel in general lol. I have tons of wraps and steampunk stuff, so I'm all set on those. Any others would be neat though!
-I also always need treasure for lair expansions... My collection has no control!!
~Accents are always welcome! I missed the last years festivals and such to. So any of that would be nice
-Usermade accents to match the love trio, my Live Love Laugh project (Raibu, Suki, Warai)
-Im trying to gene up a subspecies to look like seashells. They both need Iri/Shim/Opal ahaha
-I missed out on this years festival stuff, so any of that would be neat! Especially festival accents :)
-Familiars would also be neat. I dont really coli grind, so I dont get the new familiars ^^"
-I also need the battle stones for a ruins wrecker :) I have the eliminates, but not the rest
-I want this outfit for Nathaniel! Some kind person gave me what the outfit contains so it should be alot easier!

*breathes slowly*
*whispers* everything...
Ironic since I've based my whole lair around blood. I think thats why it haunts me DX


I am in college now and going for Environmental Biology to be a Park Ranger.I wanted to go for something fun and not boring.I'm 21 years old. I went to Tech for Photography and I love anime a lot so if anyone wants to talk about anime PM me! I've pretty much watched all the mainstream anime, plus a lot of the obscure stuff, so I have a broad liking of anime. Ah, also, I'm female? I kinda forgot to put gender, lol. I took the test thing, and im a ISFP, which seems pretty accurate :)

All the Imperials I have override the rule of only having gen ones. They are all descended from my first dragons I got on site, and a friends gen 3 imps.

~Current Loves~
Oof, old gened gen ones *drools*

~Dragon Info~
Favorite Breed- Pearlcatcher
Breeds I like- All Of Them!
Favorite Gene- Poison
Genes I like- All of them!

The WaveSingers Clan is what I decided to name my clan. It is founded by Wren and Jinx. Wren has the ability to stop ageing in dragons that join the clan, by controlling their blood. Its her power. When a new dragon wants to join, they must wait till their desired age, and then they can be fully welcomed into the clan. At the point of initiation, the ageing process is stopped. Th initiation itself is the sharing of blood with Wren. Just a small bit is exchanged. But from that point on, the minds of the clan are connected. They can sense where everyone is at. Most never leave the clan, because the feeling of family is to strong. Along with the ability to sense one another, they can also develop the ability to control blood. The amount of control and power they gain is dependent on the dragon itself. Some have more aptitude than others.

Clan Quote~Insanity Sings In Our Blood

~Nest Info~
My nest is always open! Just ask!

~My Pairs~
Nokken/Invidia (10kt)
Jinx/Wren (15kt)

~My Friends' Shops/Art Threads(Free Advertising)~
$~1ustres' Art Thread
$~therenin's Art Shop!


~RolePlays I'm In!~
~Island RP (1x1)
~Newbies 1x1 Pokemon RP

~Genes I Need~
(In Order of What I Want Done First. Bold I Already Have)
Casia- Poison/Jaguar/Capsule
Cheonsa- Poison/Sereph/Runes
Kaeligteo- Spiral/Poison/Peregrine/Thylacine
Raibu- Poison/Peregrine/Underbelly
Suki- Poison/Peregrine/Underbelly
Yusan- Poison/Morph/Ghost
Iram- Python/Morph/Runes

Miscellaneous Links~
~My Questions Thread
~Breeding Dragons For Newbies
~Color Predictor
~Level 25s For Sale
~Legacy Challenge
~Grinding and Gathering Swip Guide
~Grinding And Gathering Farming Guide
~Newbie Dragon Giveaway
~Flight Userbars
~Flight Pixles
~Advertising Shop
~Free Flight Flags
~Chibi Generator
~Mimics Bios
~Mimic's List
~I need to get the pixel on this post
~My Legacy Challenge
~My Lore Beginnings
~Baldwin Visual Guide

~Who Has my Babies~

My Poetry Entries~

«Contradictions» Brightshine
animosity of Clarity
Bright- inhospitable
The Irony
of a Visible
by Light-

The Light
that Guides
the Bite
of The Tides
in Night

Cool- Soothing
Almost Choosing
to Fool
that who'll
always Trust
-Naively- in The

«Blisters and Stories» GreensKeeper
Seeing the Blue sky- Darken
The Thunder- Harkens
The tales of Old
Are told
To listening ears
As the Rain tears

Dark- Murky
The Sound Lurks
In the Darkness
Forever Heartless

Rain Splatters
And Batters
The Hapless Listener
Recent Clan Activity [View All]
01/14 Birthed new hatchlings! 2 Imperial Male
12/26 Birthed new hatchlings! 2 Guardian Male, 1 Guardian Female
12/23 Birthed new hatchlings! 2 Pearlcatcher Male, 1 Pearlcatcher Female, 1 Tundra Female
Frailty User ID: 141402
Date Joined: 2015-04-08
Birthday: November 26
Forum Posts: 5964
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Recent Comments
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crystallarium wrote:
Thank you for letting me know! I'm glad you told me! <3
Dec 23, 2019, 13:24:10
fistfulofdragons wrote:
Thank you!!! <3 :D
Nov 21, 2019, 07:14:51
HelpMeObiWan wrote:
No, thank you for allowing me to adopt him! He's gorgeous!
Jun 05, 2019, 03:30:33
Screams wrote:
Thank you XD
May 21, 2019, 02:51:44
Screams wrote:
Um.. Ok then
May 20, 2019, 22:30:05
SugarJunkie wrote:
Magenta is best poison! I have a poitox magenta breeding pair, their babies are like a Lisa Frank's fever dream, it's great XD
May 20, 2019, 15:30:05
SugarJunkie wrote:
That's weird, I would think she would be a strong contender! She's beautiful. But maybe I'm just weak to Magenta Poison? :P Either way, you're welcome!
May 20, 2019, 15:10:27
ViaCurro wrote:
Vesper has a name now^^ (It‘s absolutely fine that you asked about it, sometimes it just takes me a while to find the perfect name for a dragon)
May 16, 2019, 21:56:20
Goldengaytimes wrote:
Yes please, thank you!
May 14, 2019, 04:28:45
Goldengaytimes wrote:
Oh my, he looks so dapper! I actually really enjoy that outfit on him; he looks like some sort of magical con artist
May 13, 2019, 20:01:07
warmhope wrote:
I love them all too and Seokjin is my main bias wrecker aaha ㅠㅠ and we don’t mention the U word u.u anybody who says that about any of the members can’t call themselves “ARMY”..
May 11, 2019, 07:16:48
warmhope wrote:
Ah, thank you ^^ I feel happy whenever I see other Hob biased people ((not 100% you are, just assuming by your comment ahah)) our boi deserves so much more love :')
May 10, 2019, 16:34:43
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