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casanovasAnchor's Clan
Getting back into the groove of it!
Venerable Lair
of the
Hewn City
Clan Information
*note, I often snipe fodder and resell on the light AH. If you have any complaints, please PM me and we can work on resolving our conflict :)
I also buy and sell gene/breed scrolls for less than reg marketplace but a little higher than lowest! if you need something picked up while light's in dom, hmu and I'll see what I can do for you! Make things affordable! Yay!
The Reforged
The shattered reborn in the heat of battle

The history of the Reforged is long, and a tale told best by a fire and in a comfortable nest of general bedding.
Fresh is the massacre of this once sundered clan, and the distant, weary look in the eyes of the survivors tells more than any words. The clan seems desolate for its size, disheveled as though a great deal of dragons fled in a short span of time. The stench of rot lingers in the winding caverns, eye-watering and foul.

Were you to ask the defeated looking fae, she would tell you that she had failed. If you looked at the battle-scarred mirror, he would glance away, unable to meet your eyes.


The defeated fae had once been a proud queen of a lightning clan, ruling with the mirror at her heels. She had chased him from her clan, and was left to rule alone; her ideal situation.

It was a long time before the ambitious mirror, Esmyth, committed a coup d'etat. He seized the throne for himself, with the help of the original submissive king, and a handful of powerful warriors. Althra had not been a well-liked queen by most, a tyrant of sorts.

Esmyth turned out to be no better. His words kindled fire, and he was a superb leader. Time told of his cruelty; another misfortune of the once united clan.
He moved them to the Tidelord's domain, where he wove a fanciful tale of washing away old lives. A tale told only to enchant those who listened.

He tried again to move deeper; farther into the forbidding waters of the Leviathan Trench. That was when the clan split asunder. Few of the dragons under his rule wanted to travel deeper, and his adamance tore his once faithful followers from him. They turned to Althra, a ruler they knew to guide them well, if steely.
The old queen would not rise for them, instead leaving the mantle to Verity, who bore it to his best ability.

The clans went their separate ways, Esmyth's clan took to calling themselves the Clan of the Charged Depths, and Verity dubbed his followers The Thunderborn. The two clans interacted as little as possible, the Thunderborn being crafters and traders, while the Charged Depths dragons taking to mercenary work and heavy religious training.

The two would not linger much with one another, until the Rot began to seep into their shared waters; into the Sea in which they had settled.
It started slow; a stench; a foulness in the water. But as time passed, their dragons became ill. Rotting from the inside as the toxins ate away at their flesh.

The clans new this was the beginning of a war, and sent convoys to one another to discuss an alliance of sorts. In the end, they chose to send their weak and ill to the Temple of the Lambent Loom, who graciously accepted the refugees into their homes.
The remaining warriors gathered, and prepared for a battle they knew they would not soon forget.

As predicted, so it would be. It was no attack, it was a massacre. Never had the dragons of the Charged Depths and Thunderborn seen so much plague. Most of those who stayed succumbed within a day, and those surviving were sent to the Tidelord, to serve under him rather than live with whatever fate might meet them had they chosen to stay.

And as the battle ceased, as things began to stop, a sense of wrongness hung in the air. The caverns of the Charged Depths lair were strong with the acrid stench of plague. They had lost.

The lair in the Fishspine reef was all but destroyed. The caverns would be all they had.

Refugees began to trickle in slowly, hopelessness reflecting in their eyes. Their lives were forever changed, and they recognized this.


Those who live

Althra - Once a queen, this broken dragon now serves as a silent healer for her dragons, serving her people to her best abilities (bio not up-to-date).

Ryith - An older exile, recently returned. He is seen most frequently with hatchlings, telling tall tales of adventures he claimed to have. He does not meet the eyes of dragons old enough to know his shame. (No bio, will work ASAP)

Tristan - A warrior from the Temple of the Lambent Loom, Tristan is a stalwart defender of justice, and an adherent to the law of this wreckage of a clan. (No bio, will work ASAP)

Furiosa - Warrior of the clan, secretive and sly, she often patrols the borders of the clan for injured dragons or beastclan attackers. (bio not up to date)

Etzel - An elder of the Reforged, Etzel doesn't speak much nowadays, having lost his love, Nova, during the battle. He seems permanently discolored, and frail. (bio not up to date)

Verity - An old leader of the Thunderborn, Verity does little other than stare bleakly at inanimate objects nowadays. (bio not up to date)

Sintara - A newcomer to the clan, and from the frozen floes guarded by the Icewarden, Sintara came to the clan in search of adventure. Needless to say she found little more than a ragged group of dragons. However, she has high hopes for the Reforged, and maybe - just maybe - the leadership to rejuvenate them.

Eurgrain - Relatively new to the Reforged, Eurgrain remains hopeful that the clan will grow back stronger than before. He can most often be seen near Althra, chattering incessantly. (bio not up to date)

Ketricken - A scout, Ketricken seems far away until spoken to, at which point she becomes over the top cheerful. She can most often be found either patrolling diligently, or sleeping. (No bio- will fix ASAP)

Spartax - Rugged and worn looking on the outside, Spartax seems to be full of life, and optimistic. He can most often be found simply wandering the caverns. (No bio- will fix ASAP)

Tix - Well mannered and quiet, Tix seems bothered by the recent events, but not devastated as many of the others are. She seems most disturbed when Janyln is nearby, and no longer speaks to the wildclaw. (bio not up to date)

Janyln - The dark colored oracle of the clan, Janyln predicted a "wave of death would wash over the clan" before the Rot had arrived. She had saved no one for this prediction, as it had been cast off as probably something imagined or overblown. Determining she could have done better, she has taken up studying darker magic. (bio up to date)

Aaka - Another fortuneweaver of the clan, Aaka had no such prediction of death. She seems uncertain most times, and generally quiet. She can be seen most often skulking about the less-occupied chambers.(bio not up to date)

Nighthawk - Permanently afflicted by the Rot that swept through, Nighthawk is now sporting a vile looking growth, as the disease seemed to affect her differently. She seems to believe nothing is wrong, and can be seen most often in her personal chamber, fixing it to her liking with various painting.(bio not up to date)

Beloved An older carver, he seems to accept what has happened, and does not dwell on it. Instead, he has been carving various goods as though his life depended on it. Most often he can be found either swimming about the trench in search of things to carve, or carving actively in the main chamber. (bio not up to date)

Regal - An in-denial assassin, Regal seems convinced that the Rot didn't kill anyone, and that it must be a conspiracy of some sort. He says this to anyone who will listen, and spouts about needing to find them. Regal can most often be found in his personal chambers, or the main chamber. (bio not up to date)

Aidan - A priest from the Arcanist's realm, Aidan has come to aid the Reforged in their healing. Ever searching for the cure for the residual afflictions, Aidan hopes to make his mark on the clan.
He can most often be found in the high chambers, reading through various books. (no bio)

Ilerias - A once pompous skydancer, Ilerias is now soft-spoken and somber. He spends most of his time in the lower chambers, writing poems of his new beloved, Aidan. (no bio)

Wyatt - The prince of this broken clan, Wyatt's healing (courtesy of Aidan) left him marked, but alive. Now, he has tried to bear his mantle the best that he can, and reunite the tattered clan.
He is often seen speaking with his father, Ryith.

The Fallen

Nova - Fallen to the Plague. She had been a well-worded mediator, able to dissolve conflicts quickly and without claws.

Patience - Last in-clan daughter of Etzel and Nova, Patience died treating those afflicted. She had been the treasurer, and often adorned herself extravagantly. She died without a legacy.

Gaster - A scientist of sorts. Gaster sought to aid the Tidelord in this seemingly endless battle to stem the tide of rot. He is remembered best for his influence on Esmyth, and aid in the Usurper King's rise to power.

Ernst - A hopeless romantic, passed while trying to aid the clan with no sense of self-preservation. He left a son which still lives on within the clan.

Veldra - A dull colored newcomer, she offered herself to the Tidelord as soon as they were attacked. She serves bravely with him, and is remembered well.

Shadow - A dragon who had found her charge within the clan. She died on her journey to the Lambent Loom. Known best for her sharp tongue and playful jibes, Shadow will be missed.

Storm - One of the founding members of the original clan, Storm fell fighting the encroaching plague dragons. Though he had not been a warrior, he had chosen to stay and fight. Already missed, this wayward familiar keeper died valiantly.

Tsai - Treasurer of the Thunderborn and close mate to Paragon, Tsai was one of the first to fall to the Rot. He will not be soon forgotten.

Azarin - An older ridgeback, and closest friend to Sylvana, Azarin offered himself to the battle, and now serves under the Tidelord.

Whisp - A new mate to Ilerias, Whisp had died attempting to flee to the Lambent Loom with the rest of the refugees.

Lyramysta - One of the first among Althra's original clan, Lyramysta vanished and is presumed dead by the hands of the Kingsclaw, an organization previously led by Esmyth gone AWOL. Greatly missed, Lyramysta left a great number of offspring, five of which still exist on the mortal plane.

((Hey there! Sorry about all that scrolling, OOC details look messy at the top ^^;

Sorry for all the angst, I promise these poor guys didn't start like this, it just kinda evolved into this >>;

Now, I'm still working on the roster! It'll probably be in the order in which the dragons are placed in the lair, so if you're curious about a specific one who's un-biod, you can look. You can also message me- I have a fairly good personality for each one set up, and can probably tell you about them!

If you'd like to RP with me at all, let me know, since I'd really like to get into that :0
Hatchling letters are welcome! I really don't need too much angst, I know it seems like I'm full of it, but really I didn't want this for these guys ;-;

Alright, if you have a question about buying a dragon, go ahead and message me, since I can usually be persuaded unless there's a super important lore reason ^^

If I buy a cheap dragon, they're probably gonna be fodder. I will 100% send them back to you for the same price paid! If I have them all trained, I might ask for some compensation, sorry!

Ah, most of my dragons have mates? If you see a pair you'd like to have a baby from, let me know and I'll be sure to tell you when they breed!

This is all a bit of a mess, but hopefully it's comprehensive!
UPCOMING PLOTS: The Kingsclaw, The Mad Prophet
Thank you !

Self notes:
For Althra: skydancer
For Ryith: spiral, skink, shimmer, thylacine
For Beloved: skink, eyespots
For Aaka: iridescent, spinner, runes
For Serendipity: hex, peregrine, stained
For Fluke: stained
For Janyln: skink
For Elisa: runes

Acquire 3 - 4 dragons to designate as the "Kingsclaw", train them to 25.

Goals: Acquire all reasonable sprite in this order: Fire, Arcane, Ice, Plague, Lightning, Shadow, Wind, Earth, Water, Nature.
Next: Arcane

Acquire all reasonable 1st festival apparel in this order: Boneyard Tatters, Metalurgist's Forgetools, Archivist's Spellscroll, Frigid Fugitive's Shackles, Windbound Plumage, Tricktrouper Crown, Thresher Flatfins

Acquire the remaining second round of festival apparel in this order: Companion Comet, Magmatic Pauldrons, Golem Gauntlet, Crystalhide Treads, Gustborne Balloon.

Acquire misc retired apparel: All armbands, all sashs, all crowns, Twice-dyed Cowl, Veterans Battlescars

AFTER ALL THAT (hahahahaha good luck @ myself) then I may expand my lair fully, gene my projects without holding back, AND begin my quest for the near impossible to get Light Sprite

If you'd like writing commissions, feel free to send me a PM! I do my best, and am in need of cash for all the above goals. I can draw, but not very well.

If you'd like to talk to me about Transformers, I would be more than willing to, since at this point that's my biggest interest.

Needed for Rockbreaker*s:
Coalbound Coatl: 0
Ancient Memories: 0
Pillar of Ages: 1
Eight become One: 0
Broken Geode: 0
Pebble Collector: 1
Tomb Keeper: 2 (low priority)
Veined Marble: 0
Sardonyx Cabochon: 0
Ancient Soulwarden: 0
Neglected Caveminder: 1
Sandstone: 1
Unearthed Ancestor: 1
Labradorescense: 1

*0 means I already have the desired amount))
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02/12 Birthed new hatchlings!
02/12 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Spiral Female
02/12 Birthed new hatchlings!
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I really like the lore! It is so captivating! I actually got caught up in it for a good 3-4 mins. Well done! I have some clan lore as well but it is a WIP. If you want to see some finished lore then check out Flower. Feel free to tell me what you think! =)
Sep 15, 2019, 03:02:47
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Aw, thank you. My lair is all over the place but now I am going with a beach/moonstone look.
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Nostalgic wrote:
Your lair is lovely!
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Kraken was on the front page! Congrats!
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Thank you for taking in Bee! I hope he’s useful to you when he grows up.
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ahh the 'afraid to hover over the imps' comment got me! i WISH haha. Thanks for all the kind words ^^ (also, looking through your lair, i really like spartax! he's a good blue boy)
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NameChanged334 wrote:
That's perfectly fine! I just saw her stats and was curious. Have a good day!
Apr 05, 2018, 15:41:42
NameChanged334 wrote:
Hey there! I saw Livy in the auction house, and was curious if she was fully stoned?
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Nightwraith was on the front page! Lovely colors, your lair is really nice!! :D
Apr 04, 2018, 07:02:59
Skogur wrote:
hey i was wondering, does evee have an elim on him?
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I decide to buy wasp gene from you instead gem-market, because I hope that this gems will benefit you in contrast of market. Thanks and good luck ;=)
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