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Radflannel's Clan
Need Skink and Scales scrolls!!
Venerable Lair
of the
Rotrock Rim
Clan Information
The Story of our Clan

Beware the devils with smiling faces and outstretched hands, they are the hardest to say deny.

The First Chapter: The Carnival

Once upon a darkened night, when the moon was full, and the Arcanist was observing his land, two babes came into the world. Appearing from stardust, dropped unto the earth, their wings fluttered and their eyes opened. One was a male, a tundra, with bright eyes and a devil's grin. He wore an ashen coat of charcoal and a mane of royal down. The other was female, fur as fluffed and rusty as embers, as if she was born of fire, and her mane was black as night. The Arcanist gave them names and smiled upon their curiosity, and so they began to learn their talents.

The male, named Azazeloux, was a skilled seafarer, and so he was given a boat to sail around the spires of the Crystalspine Reaches, where few of the Arcane Flight dared to stray. He was accomplished with a silver tongue and often wormed coin away from passers-by with simple words and smiles. The female, so named Clementyne, was a warrioress. She fought bravely and truly, often saving the corsair Azazeloux from harm's way. They made a wonderful team and, one night, they laid together to make a nest, very much in love. She was his partner in crime, and he was her most glorious adventure. And he loved her. And she loved him,

Soon, their troupe grew, finding mages and fortune-tellers, seekers and fighters. Azazeloux and Clementyne had outgrown their stomping grounds and their troupe decided to travel, spreading their talent and entertaining along the way. Azazeloux became a ringmaster for his followers and friends, and they were known across the Starwood Strand as a travelling carnival of sorts. As their numbers grew, so too did those who meant them harm. Even among their ranks, trouble brewed.

The Second Chapter: The Laboratory

With talents such as the troupe's comes curiosity from those of a more scientific mindset. One such dragon was a Spiral, an outsider of the troupe who closely followed the Arcanist, named Eureka. He saw potential in the genetic code of the troupe and decided he would capitalize on it. He challenged Azazeloux for Clan leadership and nearly killed the Tundra before Clementyne stepped in. With the ringleader beat, the clan had a new head. Eureka. Immediately, a facility was built, called Radlabs, and experiments were run. Eureka was not a cruel man, but he did believe in the phrase "the ends will justify the means". He sought to learn the secrets of genetics, and why simple scrolls could manipulate the phenotype of a dragon. And so tests were run. Tests through breeding, through genetic manipulation, through dissection. All children that did not find homes within a few weeks, and were no longer of use to Eureka, were sent to serve the Arcanist.

At first, the Arcanist reveled in his followers. What better way to show appreciation? However, when the deity began to find more and more bright-eyed hatchlings in his wake, he became concerned and turned his observatory scope down onto the Radlabs institute. Once Eureka was found out, the Arcanist banished him and the rest of the Clan from the Starfall Isles, only to return if proven worthy. Eureka, not one to be disheartened, sought refuge with The Shadowbinder, the broodmother of the mischievous Shadow Flight. She welcomed him with wary glances and open arms, and he set up his laboratory in the Wispwillow Grove. The torture and pain would remain still.

Even the Shadowbinder grew wary of the pained hatchlings sent to serve her. She confronted Eureka and, unfortunately, was not as kind as the Arcanist. She banished him and chased him away from her darkened home, even torture being beneath her. He sought refuge once more with a goddess known for her adaptability and cruelty. She welcomed him and his research, but enemies still lurked for the clan. This enemy, however, came in the form of a friend.

The Third Chapter: The Coven

A dragon from another clan heard of the cruelty of Eureka's laboratory. A warlock by the name of Mayhem came to call and challenged Eureka for the rank of Clan Leader. The Spiral scoffed and bared his teeth, but Mayhem was a native of The Scarred Wasteland and knew it's tricks. With a gleam in his eye and a grin, he dared Eureka to duel him near the Wyrmwound, and the foolish scientist agreed.

Mayhem is a dragon of wit and cunning, and as a native of The Scarred Wasteland, knew well the brew at the center of the 'Wound. With a snarl and a snag, the Skydancer pinned Eureka to the flat of the earth, and the Wyrmwound took its toll. Just from exposure to the pathogens around them, Eureka, a pure Spiral of the Starfall Isles, was corrupted and made ill. The ground burned his scales off his back and tendrils whipped up from the ground to burn his flesh. By the time Eureka begged for mercy, the damage was done. He curled away in agony, needing to wear an Accent glamour to cover the burns. With the scientist defeated, Mayhem was the new reigning clan leader, and he liberated the specimens from the Radlabs building and showed them mercy.

He showed many of the clan his ways of magic, and they moved their belongings to dwell in the area between the Wandering Contagion and the Wispwillow Grove. Azazeloux, still a young dragon, but heavily affected by Eureka, was the first to seek salvation with the deities and practices Mayhem spoke of. The Skydancer was more than happy to show him the way, and the clan has been called a coven ever since.
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Found your clan through Calliope ! She is breathtaking you did such a good job breeding her!
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I realised too soon, that was.. 2 years ago. Rolf
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