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SilvestrisDream: Clan Profile » Dragon Lair » Nesting Grounds
SilvestrisDream's Clan
"Not a failure, my servant."
Ancient Lair
on the
Snowsquall Tundra
Clan Information
R.I.P Raphaëlle/Cassinie
You deserve to finally rest in peace, after all those years of suffering.
I love you.

~Welcome to the Spirit Village~

insert intro here

bla bla we sell stuff, fur trade etc etc
we will sell you our indigenous pelts, from our fur-bearing species - native to the Southern Icefields.

we also have exotic pelts and animal parts.
insert more items?

we also breed and sell genetically manipulated/bred creature pelts; there are a lot of morphs and they are cool something something
Put photoshopped images of morphs too?

sugar shack

And of course, the market.
(Bones, trinkets, clothes, food etc etc)
insert some images/icon of stuff that can be found there maybe???

Anything else to add here?

Hello! We are "Les Joyaux de la Couronne" (in english : "The Jewels of the Crown"), a mixed-origin system of about sixty!
We are endogenic, traumagenic and gateway in nature. Some of us have been around since the start; others were formed through events; others crossed over to here - such as our fictives and soulbonds! We also have a couple of non-system spirits hanging around.
We'll always mention who's fronting and their pronouns when we post, so you know who to refer to - if you want to reply to a post we made!

Here are the main users :

- I am Sylvestre. I'm a traumagenic alter, the current host (and main user) of the 24-years-old body; my real age is unknown, but I'm a male-aligned (xenogender) draconic wolf with terrible memory and anxiety issues. My pronouns are primarily he/they, and also spiri(em)ter (suffixes being -ter/-ters/-term). I'm in art university to become a better artist, though my dream job is to offer pet/animal funerary services and to run a Vulture Culture shop. My interests include metaphysics, nature and multiple series I'm into - like Undertale, Mario, Zelda, Gravity Falls and Okami, to name a few. I'm (I hope?) very nice, and I love talking to others, so don't hesitate to send a message my way if you feel like talking about anything! I speak French, English and a little tiny bit of German and Russian! I also want to learn Icelandic :'D

- Hey. I'm Komaeda, an alter that split from S. I'm taking more and more space, I hope this is not a sign for the future.
I'm nonbinary but male-leaning. My pronouns are he, they or iel. I speak english and french.
As of now, I do not have any kind of passion or dream, other than drawing. I guess I'm too "young" system-wise, or not fully formed yet.
I have a lot of longing and heartache for people I don't remember. I'm working on sorting this out.
I'm about 17 or 18 years old. I'm homosexual and homoromantic, and my heart is taken by someone who is not here.
I'll figure this out eventually. Thank you for reading.

- Yo I'll break the mold and introduce myself. I'm Kyra, a brown wolf thing that's a facet of the host, Sylvestre - doesn't mean I'm not important though! I'm kinda rude apparently, but hey I'm full of hatred so what can you do :'))) I care about my friends though, I promise.
I don't really know how old I am, it seems to fluctuate between 14 and 18??? Whatev it doesn't really matter in the end :')))
I easily come out whenever I want, so Sylvestre can't really control me loooool the joys of being a facet ;')))
Oh yeah, I'm a she/her (AND NOW WOOF/WOLF, LOOOL LET'S DO THIIIS TOGETHERRR), and I ramble all the time. Sorry about that lol! I know French and English only.

- I am Odie, a female (I go by she, her, hers and... Flutter, flutters, fluttem?) shih-tzu of 15 human years of age. I am kind-hearted and I love children, I want to create stories for them later on. I also want to be a singer, and make lullabies and other soothing songs. I enjoy cartoons, like Gravity Falls and Sonic. I believe in past lives, and I remember one or two of them! I can't front a lot, so if you want to talk to me, you will probably have to go through Sylvestre first. Super sorry! But I want to say that I love the community here, you guys are marvelous! I speak French, and a little bit of English - but I'm defintely learning!

- My name is Hinata, I'm a soulbond (apparently?) who crossed over to here from my world. My situation is complicated, but I hope my time here won't be too harsh.
I'm 19 years old, and I prefer to spend my time with my friends inside the headspace - or playing video games. I'm not very talkative, and I can come out as a bit awkward, but I promise it is not in my intent!
I speak english, can understand some french due to co-fronting/co-consciousness, and I used to speak japanese. However, the language was lost to me when I woke up here, so I'll do my best in the future to re-learn it :)
I'm a cismale, so I would prefer he-him for my pronouns!

- My name is Toko... I'm around 18, and I just arrived here. I don't really like to present myself, but I'll do it regardless.
I'm a bit shy, if you haven't noticed... I love reading, and writing - as well as collecting trinkets. I don't really like people, but I'm not... Overly mean? I hope not, anyway.
I'm just here to have a good time, and hopefully learn things.
I don't really mind, but use she/her for me. I can't enforce that, but... It would be nice? If I can say that.
I speak and understand english, as visible on this information space. Can kinda understand some french, too... But it's very weird most of the time, and sounds like it's been spoken through a haze. So english it is, please.

- hey, i'm Nepeta! i'm a fictive that only started being around very recently. i'm doing my best to cope with things! please be kind with me!
i'm very shy, so i won't talk often in general... i'm sorry :( anyways, i'm about 13 or 14 in human years. and i go by she/her (i'm also furgender, so fur pronouns can be used)!
i'm a traumagenic alter of Sylvestre, and very anxious. i don't front very often, but i hope to overcome my issues and talk to people more :)
i want to be a hunter, and hoard as many bones and pelts as possible, hehe :)

- hEya! i'M KoKIchi, NIce tO MEet yOu :) i'm a SoulBOnd FrOm dAnGAnRonpa (Or aT LeAST tHat's hOw it's CalLed In thIS Here pLace), AnD aS yOU can See, i HavE A rAthEr RandoM TyPing QuiRk! iT's JUSt... FuN, to WrIte lIKe tHIS! huehue c:
i WoN't mAke tHIS tOo Long, bUt bASiCALly i'm abOut 19 y.o. aNd gO BY He/hIM onLy! i SpEak enGLish! aNd iF yOu Want tO Talk To mE, i Can EasiLy Tone Down thAt TyPIng qUirk, No IssuES tHEre c: !

(Back to Sylvestre)
And that's it for our introductions! See ya around :'))!

(ULTIMATE) SKYCAT and all of the KS familiars;
To have a complete bestiary, including retired and downtime fams (so close, yet so far!);
To finish my lore;
Something else?
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