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ZenithDragon's Clan
In archery, you must call upon the winds to guide your aim.
Ancient Lair
carved into the
Reedcleft Ascent
Clan Information
WIP I will be updating my Clan Information at a later date to provide better information on how the clan stands currently as well as some basic information on the lair itself.

Unnamed dragons are usually up for sale/trade so feel free to PM an offer for it.

Perhaps I should start with a basic description of the clan, which as of December of 2019 has been updated and edited:

Origins and Current Events

Since its founding by Lief and Mira long ago, the Limitless clan has served as a safe haven for dragons with odd adaptations that set them apart, and in some cases above, their peers. These dragons, some forced from their clan and others striking out of their own accord, found their way to the clan either by finding the lair itself or encountering a party of dragons from that lair. Their interests are as broad as their skillsets, with dragons from all flights and regions of Sornieth inhabiting this space. Thankfully the main clan lair has largely served as an adequate place to house all the clan’s members.

The lair itself is known as the Reedcleft Coliseum, primarily because of it’s location and the shape the cavern makes. Counting the ground level, there are four circular levels with entrances leading into the different dens on those levels, giving the cavern the shape of a coliseum. Most of the recreational and training activities take place on the ground and first levels of the clan. The ground level also has a garden, one source of the clan’s self sufficiency, fish tanks in the laboratory being the second half.T he upper levels are reserved for the residential sections and the laboratory on the top floor. It is but one of the dens that has earned the pride of the clan, the kitchen and library vying for the top honor as well. It is where dragons can have their abilities identified, and, if they should prove detrimental to them, they can seek a cure or some other measure to prevent negative side effects.

Regardless of where they come from, residents gradually adapt to the clan’s rather flexible lifestyle. It goes without saying that as the kitchen rose in prominence and more chefs came to live with the clan, many dragons became more gluttonous, if they weren’t already gluttonous. Alternative alteration magical studies are also at the forefront of training, causing a few mass-gaining bolts to be flung about. However, dragons are largely permitted to act as they wish, so long as it doesn’t pose a risk or otherwise threaten or annoy another clan mate. As such, dragons are allowed to decorate their dens with items from their home region if they should desire that.

For the most part the clan remained isolated, largely keeping to itself and training its members in private. However, as they grew in number and size, it did become necessary to seek land outside the lair. It was a bold move that caused a heated debate within the clan. However, clan dens began forming a sort of outskirts outside the main cavern, where dragons could go and live while still being able to share in the ample benefits of the clan.

Merchants of Fortune

Among the ventures the clan had elected to engage in was the development of a merchant settlement in the Zephyr Steppes. It considerably more risky than building the Outskirts area outside the main lair, considering the whole of the post would be exposed and the intent was for other dragons to come, visit and hopefully purchase something from the merchants living there. As such, guards have been stationed there to help protect against bandits, Beastclan members and similar threats.

There is still a small merchant population within the Reedcleft Coliseum and life on the trading post does not diverge a great deal from life in the main lair. There is a garden within the settlement that supplies the plant and insect ingredients and hunters and fisher drakes that supply the meat and seafood. The chefs stationed there treat dragons, both residents and visitors, to a buffet of various foods and adaptation training still goes on. This training is overseen by sub leaders also stationed at the settlement, whom also oversee the daily activities of the space. For the moment, the settlement is proving to be a boon and, save for a few altercations, it has proven to be much safer than most of the naysayers predicted.

Rise Against the Shade

With Rauken and Narvara’s transformation into the ancient Gaoler species, the Limitless clan sought to take on a larger role in the war against the Shade, a conflict that felt more dire than the war for dominance. Of course, the Reedcleft Coliseum, while spacious and capable of housing a great number of dragons, was not equipped to house Shade entities for any span of time, much less the span that would entail a Gaoler team from a prison to come and claim them. Given that, it was decided to construct a camp within the Twisting Crescendo, where in the event of a Shade entity breaking free, it would be subjected to the harsh winds the area was known for.

The camp was dubbed the Crescendo Shade Holding Lair, and life there functions much like the main lair, with a light buffet for the guards and passing Seekers and a training ground for the members to sharpen their battle techniques for the monsters they face. Generally, they do live by Gaoler tendencies of minimalistic living, leaving most of their belongings at the Reedcleft Coliseum.

Alliance with the Mist

The origins of the clan’s alliance with the aspiring clan on the border between the Windswept Plateau and the Sea of a Thousand Currents is actually a rather amusing story. When the clan found their water supply tainted, though by no means dangerously so, they traced the source back to the other clan’s lair. They heard the pleas for peace and profuse apologies from the clan’s rather large leader and, given their own stance on creating piece and ties with other clans. Because of this, they elected to forge an alliance with the peaceful clan, given their shared interests and approaches to creating peace.

Dragons began traveling between the lairs to visit with friends and trade goods. Eventually the other lair became a staging ground of sorts for hosting diplomatic meetings on behalf of both the clans. It was something the other leader could only dream of, and willingly accepted. As such, while there still is some distinction between the two clans, they have merged into one clan in many regards.

The Grand Expansion

As the clan rose in prominence, it's renown began to attract all manner of dragonkind. And rather than shy away from the attention, something changed. The clan accepted all that would stay; for they had food to spare and a need of maw's to feed. Without a doubt, that was a major factor in drawing dragons to the lair.

Within weeks the clan's ranks swelled, both in numbers and in waistlines. Many came with gardening expertise, turning the clan's gardening project from a simple farm to a small-scale Viridian Labyrinth of fruit bearing foliage and edible plants. From there, fish yields from the lab increased, and insect-attraction strategies were working. And domestic farming efforts were showing promising results. That meant the clan had become one of bursting food stores and bloated bellies.

What's more, magical energies began to amass around the clan, seeming to reflect their gluttonous interests. Dragons began to expand and push the limits of the dens and living spaces they'd constructed. However, for some it represented not just a radical change of life, but a beneficial one as well. Here they could be part of something great: a clan that had gone from a reclusive gathering of strange dragons to one who, through pens, claws, and crops were trying to improve the world.

Experiences with Allies

The Opal Eye Clan (dragonknight32)


Notes: In college. This may mean reduced reply time.
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