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Sylveadiff's Clan
Dreams can come true, what does that say about nightmares?
Ancient Lair
of the
Clan Information
There is no point. There is actually no point. Turn back.

Hi! Welcome to Sylveadiff's profile! This is an active roleplayer's clan with many dragons up for most sorts of literate, intermediate roleplay.

For the most part dragons will come and go as time goes on, and I only exalt if a dragon is killed either in roleplay or by another of my dragons, or has an IC reason to want to leave. I use liquid time and compressed time, meaning that I may have a dragon in many threads and their age may not correspond to their listed number. My main character is Tobias at the moment.


Empatheia-Railclaw current relations: No ongoing conflicts.

http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/cc/2243826 Lorebank in progress

-Thisbattymom is my mom kthanks-


11/28/16 - King Jachiel steps down, heralding Nott and Darcy as the new rulers of Empatheia. Strange stories of witchcraft and Serthis attacks are on the rise in Railclaw.

12/1/16 - King Jachiel is pronounced dead. Hours later, the wild mage Windherald succumbs to her wounds. Jester, Silver and Moses attack Siivvullok. Faust interferes and Jester and Moses are slain.

12/18/16 - Queen Nott is gifted the egg of a nocturne dragon, and with it on her throne calls the Custos knights to Empatheia for a meeting, including former member King Rhoss of Railclaw. The egg hatches during the meeting, and is taken as a sign that peace is on its way at last. Toxin is imprisoned by his own people for treason, and Dash awakens from their curse and absorbs the soul of its sibling Buttercup, renaming itself Anubis.

1/19/17 - A goodbye feast is thrown in honor of Batinka, who leaves Empatheia forever to spread the Plaguebringer's words.

1/27/17 - The trial of Sir Toxin, overseen by Erika, Magister, Cyr and Kyle comes to an end. Toxin is executed by Ravreneim.

2/5/17 - A National day of mourning is declared in Railclaw after a harpy raid ends in the loss of multiple nests and many Railclawer lives.

2/8/17 - King Darcy of Empatheia addresses clan Railclaw on their own ground, offering his sympathies and ending his speach in a poem. http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/cc/2020440#post_25508058

2/24/17 - Haze is killed on a hunt.

3/2/17 - Troubled by the constant infighting in Railclaw society, King Rhoss puts himself at the mercy of the Plaguebringer, leaving Railclaw to serve her. Gyrfalcon becomes the new Railclaw king.

3/7/17 - Railclaw begins a campaign against the Forgive Me Nots following an executive decision from the new king, Gyrfalcon. Panic and Magister lead the attack.

3/8/17 - Prince Markarth returns to Railclaw, and is welcomed by his brother, Gyrfalcon. Magister is slain in battle, and Railclaw troops withdraw from the attack on the Forgive Me Nots. It is a victory for the clan, but at the expense of their founder's life it is a hollow one.

3/19/17 - An Empatheian festival is thrown. Dragons rejoice!

3/27/17 - King Gyrfalcon puts a bounty on Valentine, dead, for treason of 120 gems.

4/23/17 - The Railclaw elite hunters kill a whale off the coast of the Ice flight, and carve its bones. Parts of the whale are scattered to all corners of Sornieth, with the largest portion sacrificed in the name of the tidelord.

4/26/17 - The Forgive Me Nots invade Empatheia, and king Darcy is slain. Toro rises to the throne.

5/4/17 - Archangel defects to Railclaw. The Empatheian army collapses in on itself due to ensuing infighting, and resources are quickly diverted to the large militia within the capital city.

5/17/17 - Empatheian citizen and minor celebrity Silverfrost, known privately as Winterfrost, is murdered beyond the borders.

5/28/17 - Clan Railclaw hosts a feast on Sorceare's property. The festivities last three days, after which the younger of the clan's hunters, those who did not bring in prey for the feast, disperse into the wilds to kill in the name of the Gladekeeper. House Faust of Empatheia also celebrates.

7/3/17 - Herop becomes matriarch of Clan Railclaw. She abolishes the Railclaw monarchy, to Mary's dismay.

7/17/17 - Nott dies.

7/29/17 - Archangel fuses to the ground, eclipsing a small graveyard. Flesh Hill is founded.

9/27/17 - Clan Railclaw and the Empatheian Empire forge an alliance. The two clans once being bitter enemies, this new development brings unexpected hope for those caught up in their pileup of intrigue and hostility.

10/9/17 - Antitheus is banished from this realm, driven back by a band of Empatheian warriors and led by the House Steel demon Delirio. Delirio does not survive. A national holiday is declared.

10/14/17 - Railclawers start work on a statue in honor of a past medic, Kyle. He was one of the founding members of the clan.

10/23/17 - Railclaw and Empatheian citizens celebrate the Riot of Rot together.

11/1/17 - The ship Miss Margret is taken by pirates in the sea of a thousand currants.

12/4/17 - Clan Pigsburrow falls to beastclan interference. Pigsburrow dragons flee south to Empatheia and Kaltvinter.

1/4/18 - An attempted bombing of the Railclaw treasury is thwarted by Aurelius. An investigation begins.

1/10/18 - Things go back to normal in Clan Railclaw after the would-be bomber is caught, tried, and disposed of.

1/28/18 - A particularly bad plague sweeps through the clans.

2/8/18 - News of Sir Marmor's death goes public.

3/6/18 - Old King Rhoss has returned to Railclaw. Rumors abound.

6/8/18 - A clan-wide party is thrown in Railclaw for the return of two hunters, Haze and Catsbane. The fall of a grand talonok arena will be sung of in tales for a very, very long time.

7/22/18 - Thundercrack Carnival begins again. The dragons of Railclaw are stirred up, singing and building in the name of the far-off Stormcatcher.

8/26/18 - Clan Railclaw warriors rally on top of Flesh Hill and launch a surprise attack on Dullmist. Flagellation is killed, and the city is bombed and burned.

8/27/18 - Gyrfalcon, Markarth, Eborsisk, Rooks and Alcippe are publicly heralded as the killers of Flagellation, demon founder of Dullmist. Other Railclaw warriors are praised for their involvement, and a funeral is held for Markarth, whose gryphonbone mask was recovered before the explosion that destroyed Dullmist.

9/7/18 - the Duchy of River Sorrow secedes from the Empatheian Empire.

9/23/18 - A cold war has started between Empatheia and Railclaw.

1/2/19 - Famine strikes Railclaw. Empatheian scouts pierce the border and circle in on the blighted warrior-hunters.

2/20/19 - Empatheian troops withdraw from Railclaw. A truce is declared.

10/14/19 - House Risk and mercenary troops leave Empatheia, marching toward Kaltvinter to retrieve stranded members of the disbanded Pigsburrow thieves' guild.

10/26-29/19 - Empatheia invades Weaver's Sett, collapsing upper Kaltvinter into it in the process. King Toro is fatally wounded during the fight and dies shortly afterward.

10/30/19 - Oasis heads north with the reassembled Pigsburrow Thieves to reestablish their state there, while Empatheia's warriors head home to deliver the bad news and figure out who to appoint to the throne.

11/7/19 - Empatheia's warriors have returned home, as has the dispatch from Railclaw that was keeping order in their stead.
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05/28 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Pearlcatcher Male, 1 Pearlcatcher Female
02/04 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Guardian Male, 1 Mirror Female
12/26 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Tundra Female
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