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Amaranth41's Clan
I love you so much, I would stab a man for you
Ancient Lair
constructed near the
Tempest Spire
Clan Information

The stranger in this land, all are welcome here. All who need a helping hand, all are welcome here. The homeless on the street, no place to eat or sleep. Here all will find rest.

Welcome to the Wanderer's Haven!

tumblr_ns5subPqpO1uwq352o6_250.png LORE
The Wanderer's Haven is a small city nestled on the very edge of the Lightning Farm. The leader of the Wanderer's Haven is Nova, a Guardian who was relentlessly teased when she was younger for her small size. She was determined to prove everyone wrong, show that she was capable, and ended up going on a journey where she met Ereth, who left his clan simply because he wanted to explore. The two became fast friends and laid the foundations for the Wanderer's Haven, a place that welcomes any kind of dragon.

After the Wanderer's Haven was created, there was a faction that decided to break off and go back to a less technologically-centered way of life. This group dubbed themselves WildClan and now make their home in caves that riddle the base of the cliffs at the edge of the Shifting Expanse and Sunbeam Ruins.


The Wanderer's Haven is a bustling young city that was founded on the principle that no dragon should be excluded since everyine has one reason or another behind them being where they are. They accept travelers, misfits, outcasts, anyone looking for a home. This makes the clan incredibly diverse, but also means that it unknowingly harbors some possibly dangerous dragons. Lopte in particular is quite shady, there are rumors floating around in certain circles that she might be planning a revolution.

A small clan founded for those who want less modern hassle in their lives. WildClan dragons do everything for themselves, and live mostly within a natural cave system at the base of the cliffs that form the Sunbeam Ruins. Dragons usually leave WildClan alone, however there are Beastclans that constantly try to encroach on their territory, thinking them to be more primitive and more vulnerable. This is very wrong, as WildClan has some of the best fighters that the Shifting Expanse has to offer.

Outside of the Wanderer's Haven main village, Bali and Nihlus are in charge several archaeological digs that are intended to help document the history of the area. One of their sites, TSE-32, or better known as "the ruins," has unearthed what appears to be a large structure of unknown origin. The substance of which it is built is unquantifiable by Sornieth's best computers, and the strange architecture has not been documented anywhere else on the continent. Officially, it is believed to be some sort of temple built by a previously unknown culture. Unofficially, it is simply a place to stay away from. There have been many superstitions regarding the ruins, many members of the Wanderer's Haven believe that it may be haunted, as some archaeologists have come back saying they thought they saw something glow blue in the dark before disappearing. Outside of those working the dig, most dragons choose to stay away, except for one: Miller. He spends much of his time there and claims that it is important to whatever he's doing in the Wanderer's Haven. However, what exactly that is and why the ruins are important remain ever mysterious.


Far in the future, Sornieth has entered the space age. They have left their native planet and conquered the stars. In this future, there is a Bogsneak named Messier who has a penchant for exploration and discovery. After leaving the military, she goes out and buys her own ship, which she fills with friends, scientists, and others who wish to explore beyond what is known. This ship is the Wanderer, an explorer ship that surveys and catalogs new planets. The ship itself is of Lightning Fleet origin, however none inside owe allegiance to any one Fleet over the other, so they are free to travel wherever they wish as a neutral party and are not limited to just the space belonging to their native Fleet.

Spaceflight Rising is an AU created by Llealynarisia and FelisImpurrator, see the thread here!


Hey there! My name is Ammy, I'm a writer and an artist who really needs to sit her butt down and write lore for her dragons. I'm a competitive gymnast, competing Xcel Platinum this season. I'm a huge nerd and I really love to read, some of my big fandoms right now include Percy Jackson, Magnus Chase, Marvel, The Expanse, Lord of the Rings, My Hero Academia, Harry Potter, Babylon 5, Voltron, Pokemon, Hamilton, and too many others to think of right now. I'm super open and friendly, so if you want to talk feel free to PM me! I'm also really big into roleplaying so you can pitch ideas if you'd like, although I do try to be quite descriptive so don't be surprised if my line count is way up there.

My younger sister is GoldenFae, so go check her lair out if you'd like. Also mods we live in the same house and use the same wifi pls don't ban us


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09/27 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Guardian Male, 2 Tundra Male
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09/15 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Guardian Female, 1 Pearlcatcher Male, 1 Pearlcatcher Female
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