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Xara's Clan
I guess I got lost somewhere again.
Ancient Lair
of the
Clan Information
Rulers of the clan are a pack of elders. As of yet the future leaders of this clan have yet not been hatched. Current goal of this den is to expand and train fighters as well with finding eggs or obtaining them by trade. Most of the dragons living here refer them as the Egghunter tribe .

The wind blew over the desolated fields as shadows from the clouds decorated the lands that was still barren, since the world was reborn. Back then life was just now returning to the lands as even the scorn tree´s where starting to show signs of life and as the glistening mist of the morning dew reflected the sunlight while moistening the freshly grown tree buds of a small tree that was in a hurry to capture the light and grow large .

This tree was clinging to life on the Windswept Plateau struggled to grow large, it felt a presence at its roots. Something moving along with its root system. And in time as its roots grew thicker and moved the soil around it while pushing it up towards the surface it soon discovered a odd egg shaped rock resting against its roots. But it also sensed that it was alive, something was alive within it, as the warmth from this eggs shaped rock remained even when the winter came as well that vibration from its heartbeat.

In time the constant sound of its heartbeat soothed its loneliness and perhaps it was the reason why this tree continued to grow even when it was isolated like it was and constantly hit by the strong winds on the Windswept Plateau.

Those buds would have blossomed and the leafs fallen many times when this story continues as the tree that clung to life, grew large. Spreading its leafs more and more towards the sunlight while hiding its precious friend against its bark . Wrapping its small branches near its roots around it, protecting it. It was its treasure its friend .
Perhaps if there had been other tree´s around this tree would perhaps have ignored its companion but in time when the tree´s own saplings had grown large and now formed this small grove and it was perhaps the reason why the fate of the tree´s companion changed in the passage of time.

One day as the old tree was basking in sunlight it felt that the shadows from the clouds or what it presumed was clouds approach . It was not the first time dragons had visited the grove , honestly they seemed to frequent the area more than ever now , specially when its seeds where in season. But the season was wrong so the old tree pondered , shaking its branches as the wind sang through its leafs.

"Citrio" The dragons voice boomed as the dragoness voice seemed more annoyed by the minute as Ylfa spoke. " We got to rest and if I hear you complain agai..." The dragoness was interrupted as the male imperials spoke up with a clear growl in his tone . "If it was not for YOU ,we would not have been in this mess" The anger in the male imperials tone of voice grew even more frustrated as Citrio spoke out again. "Its the third lair ....".
The tree sensed the wind as Ylfa´s tail swung and with that the female imperials tail swatted against Citrio´s side.

"SILENCE" By now the tree sensed how its roots and brances shook as the two dragons fought . The smaller female was more agile than the large male as the nature dragons eyes glowed bright in anger while the lightnings dragons wings sparkled as the static in its small feathers on his leathery wings grew more with the dragons rage.
Unknown by the tree, this was not the first time those two fought and honestly the reason why they had been kicked out of two lairs already but the last time was for a whole different reason. "YOU PIGHEADED WRENCH" Citrio roared out while his heavy body slammed against Ylfa side. And with that, her body flew towards the tree.

That dragons heavy body slung against its large trunk as the sound of the tree´s bark cracking was loud. Usually when the dragons approached it they where only after the mushrooms that grew on its bark or nibbling on its leafs . But now a large crack had formed on it, as its wounds weep out the golden amber .

By now Ylfa was shaking her head as her heavy body leaned against the tree . As a nature dragon Ylfa could sense the tree´s pain but right now she was ignoring it ,as right now her fight with Citrio was not over yet, not by a long shot. "But it WAS MINE!" She yelled out "I FOUND IT AND ITS MINE!". That sound of frustration in her voice was apparent as she swiftly hurrled herself towards Citrio as those two dragons clashed again .

Their movements where fast as the ground shook hard, hurling up rocks and dirt as they continued to fight. Perhaps in 1000 more years the tree´s spirit would have been enough for it to speak or see but sadly its fate had been sealed by this fight as the crack grew larger each time the ground shook from the dragons fight . Right now it only could listen and sense what was happening by its roots, how the wind changed or just how the suns warmth changed when their shadows hit against its trunk.

"YOU SHOULD HAVE GIVEN THAT GEM UP!" Citrio roared at her "NO ITS MINE!" Ylfa yelled back just as her teeth sank into Citrio´s right shoulder . Citrio´s claws dug into Ylfa´s shoulders as he pushed her back. The shadow grew larger against the tree´s trunk as the tree sensed its impending doom . The loud crack was heard as their body´s slammed against the large tree´s big trunk .
The tree´s small lower branches scraped against Ylfas side breaking, as one of its now broken branches ripped through the satchel on Ylfa´s side as that green large egg shaped gem rolled out.Hitting against the old tree´s thick roots .

But yet as the pain wrecked through the old tree it it could sense it, that feeling it so knew. This new stone by its roots felt the same that warmth, that soothing heartbeat as the branches that wrapped around its own treasure loosened. That moment as the tree´s leafs fell from its branches it felt like it was supposed to be. It always thought that its sole purpose was to collect the light with its leafs, bare seeds and protect the wildlife. Perhaps its fate was more. Perhaps it was meant to find that treasure when it struggled to grow, perhaps its fate was to die like this as the roaring voices of those two dragons grew silent for it, as that crack broke more branches away from its hidden treasure. It was meant to protect its treasure until now.

That glimmer distracted the two dragons as the first rays of sunlight hit against the crystal covered egg that had been hidden from the world for so long . They both watched as it fell from the old tree that had been there since anyone could remember honestly . Another egg shaped gem? Ylfa thought to herself. But as it fell down, her green eyes watched as it hit against her own treasured gem that unknowingly to her had fallen from her satchel in the heat of the fight with her beloved Citrio.

But as soon as those two gems hit against each other a large cracking sound was heard. That was the same moment Ylfa´s grip on Citrio´s shoulder loosened as both of them where startled by the sight of the magic infused crystallized shells that had protected those two eggs broke.
"EGGS?" Citrio´s and Ylfa´s voices united as those two eggs rolled towards their feet ´s. It was clear to them both that those eggs where wind eggs by the colors and markings.

"I see" A voice suddenly broke the silence that had formed, as those two looked up towards the direction of where they heard that voice. The sun glared in their eyes as they could not see what or who it was but they knew by the monotone voice that it must be a Fae speaking to them. "you silly dragons, I bet you where fighting over the gems. Figures that your kind cant sense magic as much as us Fae´s" .

Alaric flew down closer, landing near the shattered remains of the slowly fading remnants of the magic infused crystal . Collecting as much as he could into his satchel before the earth would absorb its magic while he spoke. " Fight, fight, fight and rushing into things for glory and treasure " Muttering something as his eyes glanced towards the eggs , noticing that one of them was probably a pearlcaster. "You two"

Ylfa and Citrio could not sense what feelings or emotions the small Fae was giving out by his voice ,but they figured it by his words that he was both angry and serious towards them . "Seems fate has chosen you two , and me it seems ." His wings shaking as he turned his gaze now towards them and glaring at them " to be involved into this saga " That small Fae vanishing suddenly , but as soon as that monotoned voice was heard again he was fluttering beside them.

"You see its all about fate you two , and you two are now destined to dig a lair here for yourself... And others , since you ." Barely letting go of his last word as a small bolt of lightning hit against Ylfa´s face. "Are fated to be an egg hunter "

"WHAT?!?" Ylfa shrieked out as her body limped slightly against the now dead tree.
Her green eyes stared at the small Fae as her surprise was even more than Citrio´s . Though as the Fae continued to talk it was clear that something humored Citrio as his large body soon shook as he struggled to withhold his laughter while Alaric continued to talk with his dull monotoned voice that was surprisingly loud if you think about it, as for a Fae Alaric was rather small and for a imperial he was like a small pebble next to a large boulder.

"Though it has to be in this land. As you can see the eggs you had found by chance both are belonging to the wind clan" The small Fae quickly flew towards the eggs, poking them few times and nodding as he spoke "Yup yup and soon about to hatch... I am guessing in a month... Perhaps less , perhaps more... Still some magic infused on them ." Citrio´s snort broke out as he moved himself away and slumped down on his behind with a rather goofy looking facial expression . Unable to hide his amusement by now "Bwahahahahaha... You a matriarch "

"SHUT UP!" As Ylfa was about to yell out again the small Fae spoke out again "No, that is not her fate nor yours " Barely ended his words as he hurled another lightning bolt but now towards Citrio. "And stop that laughing" The sparkling glares of the lightning bolt hitting Citrio as his laughter was silenced . It seems that the little Fae had grabbed the two imperials attention as they both remained silent while listening to him far into the night.

In the morning, as the first ray´s of sun hit against the dead tree´s remnants there was nobody there, only piles of leafs that the relentless wind blew around . And as the last leaf from the dead tree fell from its now barren branches , a flock of Fae flew ever closer to the tree.

But on the side note , if anyone is pondering. My irl hubby is Athrax,we do live together so we would share a ip, also I do own a laptop that I sometimes take with me to moms place or my siblings.
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