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Zaitria's Clan
Semi-hiatus cause life is lame.
Venerable Lair
of the
Rotrock Rim
Clan Information
Trying to get a second generation Imp from each flight!
Still need: Light, Arcane, Plague, Earth, ice, Shadow, Wind, Nature

Anyone not listed isn't aligned with a particular group.

Main Clan: Festerfell
Guard Captain:

Sub Clan: Sin

Consort Faction
Light: Avner
Lightning: Raijin
Fire: Emberglow
Arcane: Hex
Plague: Fen
Earth: Rylan
Ice: Krystallus
Shadow: Umbris
Wind: Aleron
Water: Kor
Nature: Udon

Dragon Wishlist

Plague: Gloom Iridescent/ Sanguine Hex/ Spines


12/14/19 Logged in because Ande showed me the Banescales.
03/16/19 Everything has changed o_o I can now sort my lair into factions! Too bad my tablet is stuck in vertical view and everything is super small...
12/03/18 Sold one of my first G1s for 500g. A bit sad, but it's been two years and I hadn't fulfilled her gene plan :(
11/28/18 Just realized I'm about a year behind on the consort breeding project :'(
11/25/18 Trying to clear out lair again. All on the auction house. Will haggle if you're interested in someone.
06/23/18 I have a lot of catching up to do!
01/08/18 I can't coli today. I keep getting disconnected and can't tell if it's my internet or something else.
01/01/18 A new year and renewed motivation to get my lair in order! I think I want all Rifal's guards to be second generation imps, so a new goal to work towards. There will be one from each flight and each will be in charge of guarding the consort of the same flight.
11/14/17 I'm still trying to sell off the godspawn I don't want anymore. Much regret buying them :(
10/16/17 I'm back!!!!! I had to buy mom a chromebook so I could get my laptop back though. This whole situation is messed up.
08/20/17 Redoing my sub clan again.
08/19/17 Back for the festival on my really old netbook that takes a few minutes to load each page. May just try checking back once a day though, cause I miss the site :(
07/24/17 Today is my last day with my laptop.
07/19/17 My mother is apparently entitled to everything she wants, including my laptop, because she is sick. I am going on forced hiatus until whenever I get my laptop back... estimated to be in November. I'll try to log in for festivals to continue my breeding project through the kindness of friends' devices, but that may end up being something else she ruins as well.

If there's a dragon without clothing or a familiar you're interested in, I've sent all the dragons I'm willing to sell in CRs to @Zerik who has agreed to help me get rid of them.
07/15/17 Exalted the previous sins for godspawn versions (the crazy dom battle made it an easier decision).
07/13/17 Doing a lair cleanout and trading away the crystal quartet. Neat idea, but I never did anything with them :( Traded them all away together for fodder though, so at least there's that ^.^
06/05/17 I've been here a year o.o
02/19/17 I forgot to find a shadow consort ahead of time and now the festival is here!!! I lucked out finding rtb Umbris though, so at least the hatchlings will be born at the end of the festival :D

On another note... I've been thinking of getting rid of some dragons for fodder space, but I can't decide who. May just get rid of whoever doesn't have stuff written for them... but at the same time I don't want to break up my sub clan sin...
01/22/17 It's been about a month and no one has wanted to join my legacy challenge, so I'll just do it by myself. Also coli keeps disconnecting me so I'm going to have to exalt without leveling. At least I found Nemesis a mate today.
12/27/16 My legacy challenge project is a go! I almost didn't make it in time, but Blight and Cauldron are sitting on a nest of 3 (and I have 383t left)!!! Now I just have to see if anyone will join me in this...
12/15/16 Christmas has come early! I bought Zerik's old laptop (but newer than mine) and now coli works 97% better!
11/14/16 I failed my lair cleanup D: I rehomed some dragons, but then purchased the Crystal Quartet's parents and uncle from Andelice
10/22/16 I redid Blight's scry and really want to try my Blight x Cauldron community legacy challenge again >.< If I gene him, then I'll post in dragon trading instead of just plague's forums.
10/19/16 I've decided to send my 'A' pair to serve the Plaguebringer. A tough decision for me, but I doubt they'll ever get gened and I could use the lair space >.<
10/18/16 It's been awhile since I've done anything except casually breeding/feeding my clan. Coli was kind enough to allow Zom to train a few dragons to 5 before freezing, so the Plaguebringer got some new tributes towards RoR :D Also my alphabet legacy D dragons will be breeding in a couple days ^___^ can't wait to see who hatches next!
08/17/16 Omg, I just traded for Ande's Raizel and Raskreia dragons!!!!! I've been wanting a pair like them since I saw them x.x Now I have to decide if I keep their daughter still or not.
08/14/16 I've been gifted a level 25 zombie dragon by the wonderful Lamborghini! I can't believe how amazingly awesome everyone is on this site ;-; Now hopefully I can get past coli freezing and level my team!
08/06/16 I'm excited to finally have the Lolth dragon I envisioned in my lair!!! :D Also I was traded back the first dragon I hatched and am starting a GenOne alphabet legacy challenge with her and the previous Ice consort (need to find a replacement for him though >.< ) Yay for goals!
07/18/16 Fodder Lines! I've decided if dragons aren't selling, then I'll breed & exalt them and then try selling the offspring. This way I can continue lineages, support the Plaguebringer, and keep my lair fresh :D If the offspring don't sell then I'll pick one to breed and repeat the process.
07/11/16 Still no traffic on my interest check, so I give up doing anything with my flight. I still want to do the project, but maybe by myself or just with friends. There's a new registration window coming, so I'll focus on getting dragons ready for new members right now instead :)
07/07/16 I posted an interest check for a group legacy challenge last night in plague, but so far looking like no interest :( I also wrote some more bits for the sins and am working on organizing everyone else - small accomplishments! Need more room though x.x
06/25/16 I now owe Ande 160k worth of poisons from the Sandswept delta for Rifal's gene >.< I probably should have waited till I could afford it myself, but I wanted to breed her for the Jubilee :x And it looks great on her imo ^^;
06/09/16 I traded the dragon I hatched for three male Godspawn! And yes, I'm going to keep calling them that xD I've decided my first goal to pursue is getting a male from each flight Rifal will have a harem :D And I sold my first dragon on the auction house for 10k, yay money!
06/08/16 Omg omg omg I found an egg while scavenging! And the new colors are out today! I forgot to incubate my nests over the weeked so they won't hatch today, but this makes up for it ^_^

I was hoping for another male for Rifal, but she looks nice.

6/6/16 I suppose it's about time to write something about myself?

I like coming up with story ideas, but I'm horrible at writing them down. Chances are all my dragons have some sort of story about them floating around in my head; you'll probably never get to read them though. Not that you'd want to xP

Also there will probably be several of us on the same ip at times.
Recent Clan Activity [View All]
03/01 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Coatl Male, 3 Coatl Female
02/29 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Guardian Male
02/29 Birthed new hatchlings! 2 Fae Female, 2 Mirror Female
Zaitria User ID: 251485
Date Joined: 2016-06-03
Birthday: November 23
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Recent Comments
Scethry wrote:
No problem, I've been absent for the entire day. :)
Aug 06, 2016, 20:11:22
DemiDeity wrote:
I'm so glad you like him! And I absolutely love Malice--I couldn't help myself when I saw him ^^
Jul 14, 2016, 04:33:19
Necrosie wrote:
Im glad that you've liked the Mirror! ^^ I hope he will give much joy for you! :) Such good home he got from your place.
Jun 19, 2016, 06:57:22
Kiryu777 wrote:
You're very welcome :). And even if they're just notes, they're still good. Yeah, I wanted to try and mention the parents and I like your idea of the godspawns. Glad you like the offsrping ^^ And don't worry, things will get better for Alice :)
Jun 16, 2016, 08:35:54
Kiryu777 wrote:
Just read the stories and bios for your dragons and I must say they're really good :). I look forward to reading more when you come up with more ^^.
Jun 15, 2016, 08:05:02
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