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EgoLobster: Clan Profile » Dragon Lair » Nesting Grounds
EgoLobster's Clan
:happy noises: I want to give everyone a hug
Venerable Lair
of the
Twisting Crescendo
Clan Information
You ever spend 3kg on a really nice goat-eyed g1 and you can't afford their WC scroll so you sit there and stare at them fully-gened and missing that WC scroll sadly like 'I can get the scroll I'm just lazy'
I impulse bought a triple antique Imp boy and I freaking love him and he's my baby
15 year old kid who gives really good advice and makes the best cookies.
I'm actually a Lobster but don't tell anyone. I advocate for Lobster rights and someday I shall take my people back to the human shores to mingle amongst mankind as equals once more

Note to Self:
Weekly I need:
119 Bluetipped Shellbugs
14 Blackwing Croaker Legs
126 Redstreak Frilled Eels
14 Sunbeam Rotalas


-I sometimes default dance unironically without thinking and my soul slips further into the void
-I'm only somewhat a sociopath, don't worry
-He OWO'd me please help how many rawrs do I send in response
-Yeah but like... Food
-No offense but if Satan offered me infinite cookie dough for a soul I'd technically at that point already be preparing to commit homicide
-I'm trying to be ironically edgy but it's led to me unironically listening to Blink 182
-mac n' Cheetos time
-Do you ever play an online first person shooter and think 'oh boy my main is T H I C C'
-I ate 42 bread rolls at a roadhouse and I think my stomach ruptured send help
-:confused noises:
-I'm not like other girls, I've got chronic teenage arthritis (;
-sometimes my hands just do their own thing.
-I ate a plastic fork once
-Did I tell you about that one time where I watched Vines for 9 hours straight without moving to do anything
-My pronouns are Cheez-It/Cheez-Them
-Regrets are just a phase, my dear
-Oh honey no
-If dragons eat gene scrolls what do they taste like? Do they each have their own flavour?
-It's called waterfalls you uncultured swine (Dr. Phil reference, that needed context)
-Sometimes I lie in bed and have an existential crisis over why sporks exist
-I'm not quirky! Honestly! Just mentally deranged!
-Can I clear my search history from my brain too
-Being a teenager is so weird. One moment you want to die, the next you're like 'wow life is amazing'
-I'm a stale piece of bread
-Remember that time my username was Digital_Reaper? Let's never go back to that
-:uno reverse card:
-m o m g e t m y n u t s
-:growls and bares his teeth: UWU
-I always say that I'm upset the furry community is treated the way it is but then I make awful jokes about furries
-go crazy, yeh? Go absolutely bonkers!
-I'll kill you with my tears
-Sometimes the only person that talks to me is my growling stomach
-Considering how much I eat it shouldn't be possible my ribs are visible, yet here we are
-bby ily i just love food more
-I will wear my Pyrocynical merch till the day I die
-:happy russian noises from within my Pyro sweatshirt:
-:off-key russian singing:
-Gonna go back to Germany and drink my sorrows away
-mfw my bf says death to the furries and you remember he doesn't know you're a furry
-My heart hurts. Either from artery failure or loneliness. Probably both.
-When a fan says they look up to you and you just feel immense pain and sorrow for this child
-mayonnaise egg
-Shall I compare thee to the feeling of not being hungry?
-oh baby I smell a starbucks nearby
-my seattle senses are kicking in, where's the coffee
-are you going to finish that c r o i s s a n t
-Carl Wheezer is my spirit animal
-Liking The Office isn't a personality trait
-Karen, just because you can legally take your child to see the new Child's Play doesn't mean you should
-I studied childhood development and how violent media affects brain development on a child for a year and all I learned is that I was poorly-parented
-My Dad likes the edge pieces of the brownies, I'm living with an alien send help
-My dad actually believes in conspiracy theories and is married to a philosopher, and you wonder why I turned out how I did
-bby if you hear ocean man blasting out of a speaker outside your house at 2 am it's me
-You're not scared of me? Poor life choice.
-:bass boosted default dance:
-I make youtube videos. I can't be more depressing.
-Canada is just cooler America with better gun control
-Politics are stupid
-When he says he wants to be a lawyer, run the opposite direction. He has no heart ladies
-Jellyfish are amazing
-Chain hunting Nihilego on USUM, 5 months in, we've finally hit 40k attempts. Wish I could drink a scotch rn.
-If you drink light beer or put ice in your beer you're dead to me
-he said I'm cute. Dang right
-You're lucky to have a friend like me? You couldn't be farther from the truth
-Shakespeare's forehead rivaled Jacksfilms
-The Emoji Movie gets an 11/10, but it's inaccurate because as a human I can promise I'm only capable of feeling hunger as an emotion
-~the only things that are in my bed are pizza crumbs and endless dread~
-~it's 2pm and I'm still in bed I contribute nothing might as well be dead~
-911 my sister is playing fashion frenzy on roblox take the sociopath away please
-:law and order sound:
-God Ordis is daddy material (THAT'S A JOKe)
-Ever since I found out Talus's voice actor is a female I've been playing his Oni skin.
-He protecc, he attacc, but most importantly, he the snacc that smiles bacc
-I'm not paranoid, I just don't trust people
-bby you can't teabag me in splatoon that's not funny
-you'll never understand love until you own a cornish rex cat
-how do you go from feeling like you flunked a test to your teacher pm'ing you asking about how you got the score you did.
-doctor these are the wrong test results, I'm not a certified genius, I still watch veggietales for the nostalgia
-I ate a candle on accident help
-I'm incapable of expressing empathy, sorry lol
-what's with taking pictures of your food, it's not going to hide your lack of a personality
-My teacher used PEE as an acronym, I'm gonna die
-stop I'm tired it's 4am no more attack on titan tonight fam
-Mom approached me with a bible today
-You know it's bad when the doctors say 'well the good news is I guess you can say you're not like the other kids'
-I detect high levels of autism
-eating cheetos at 3 AM while the oil painting of great grandpa stares down at you is when you know you've disappointed your ancestors
-Every time I get off a plane and think I'm tired I just remember how my ancestors must have felt getting off the first fleet
-I don't eat cereal with a spoon or milk, what's the big deal
-Spotify is as bipolar as me, one second I'm listening to Leave Your Guns at Home by Johnny Cash and the next it's just my Five Finger Death Punch playlist
-Because I only tend to show people my cutesy art people think I like to draw cutesy things but note I've only shown you select pages in my sketchbook
-Y'ever just walk in on your sister listening to slime asmr
-You're not growing up that fast kiddo, I still remember when you watched ElsaxJackFrost edits on YouTube

I am:

delaying doing my schoolwork
P.S Possums if you're reading this you're a microwave k bye


15 - Bigender (He/Him/She/Her)

I don't accept random friend requests. I only friend people who I've talked to a bit and enjoy hanging out with.

As the name suggests, I'm incredibly narcissistic, which, combined with self-consciousness, makes me incredibly paranoid and depressed. If you can get around that and my eccentric nature, I'm a really friendly person, and I love nothing more than to joke around with my friends and make them happy.

"Self care is taking ten adderall and chugging a gallon of sunny d and getting in a knife fight with your 47 mental illnesses"

tfw your dad stocks the fridge with pepsi and you become increasingly suspicious he's attempting to convert you to pepsi over diet coke so you'll stop stealing from his stash

I did a speedpaint of Vincent, it was absolutely epic! Please check it out here!
Starlegh lives near me, we're irl friends - not the same person, mods! (:
Ghostarooni is also an irl fren, even if she's inactive

Catkidemma, Kenjisnow, Ethiera, BlackJay,SorcererUmbra and Amaranth41 are my writing club, if you wanna read some sick lore please ask them to send you their writing

went back through my friends list cause it was getting high again, only keeping mods and people I'm close to on my friends list ^^;

Kairo if you're reading this you're a weeb stick of butter

Yo if you have spares of these lying around I hoard these like there's no tomorrow


There have been rumors about a small group of dragons who live together inside the eye of the Twisting Crescendo - where not even the Windsinger dare go.

Sightings have been confirmed - the shape of a dragon whisking through the pelting rain here, the glowing beam of a lighthouse shining from within there, but nobody dare went to speak with them for the fear the storm would tear them to pieces.

However, for those brave enough to make the journey, a wonderful group of kindly dragons were waiting inside.

While introverted, they were still quite outgoing among each other. Although you figured they would be starving to death from the wind ripping up their crops and flinging them into the ocean, they appeared to be quite happy and healthy.

They seemed to have an odd method of farming indoors, growing odd, hardy little plants of which you had never seen before.

Come stay a while, and you might meet some new friends. We don't bite (:
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11/01 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Imperial Male, 2 Imperial Female
10/21 Became friends with 8sidesoneguy Maybe in a few years they'll write a buddy comedy about you guys.
10/18 Became friends with Scarheart99789 Maybe in a few years they'll write a buddy comedy about you guys.
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Recent Comments
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Kinged wrote:
happy thanksgiving!! hope it went well and you had a good time!! and if you don't celebrate, then i hope you're enjoying the holidays nevertheless <3
Nov 28, 2019, 20:07:37
Kinged wrote:
I thought I had left a profile comment, but alas, it was only my doppelgänger who had.
Nov 04, 2019, 21:11:52
FEARtheArchMage wrote:
Trash cans my Arthropoda Amigo ~ Human's are so used to seeing and using them they never bat an eye when one just sort of, appears. It's second nature to just accept it's presence as non-threatening, plus free food!
Nov 02, 2019, 10:56:06
FEARtheArchMage wrote:
A lobster you say...? /looks left, looks right, leans in/ no one knows I'm a raccoon...so your secrets safe with me ~
Nov 02, 2019, 09:22:49
Forreal wrote:
And oooooh my god I love Striker. He’s the knight mentioned in Hiraeth’s bio, come seeking revenge for crimes Hiraeth can’t remember
Oct 28, 2019, 22:04:24
Forreal wrote:
My lair is a mess and a half, dude. It just so happens everyone is in order today. And yeah, about the names, I lost a bet on whether I’d get a double in a chat with the name you see there. Though, I kinda like it, now. I’ll probably do more.
Oct 28, 2019, 22:03:45
Forreal wrote:
Also my main lair just grew by 5 dragons today (well, 4 brand new ones; I hatched Striker when P5 Scramble was revealed to be a sequel, but he got all his genes today)
Oct 28, 2019, 20:36:30
Forreal wrote:
(Sorry, got busy & forgot to respond) I love him lots! He’s got a big part in the structure of my clan, when I write it down. And cool! I’m a big proponent of G1 lairs lol, they’re super rewarding! And eh, it’s been better, but I’m surviving
Oct 28, 2019, 20:35:36
Forreal wrote:
We should!!! Feel free to hmu on Discord or my PMs, I just suck at starting a conversation lmao. And he definitely is!!! Once I’m out of my writer’s block, he’ll be getting a bio similar to Hiraeth’s. But to be fair, only Hir has one anyways
Oct 28, 2019, 11:18:12
Forreal wrote:
I couldn’t remember if I told you or not asrgdsfg. I changed it to be more P5 oriented since I’m on custom design #4 for that project lmao. And don’t worry about it!!! Having you back is enough of a gift!!
Oct 28, 2019, 10:21:46
Forreal wrote:
How did I not know you were back oh my god
Oct 28, 2019, 08:53:25
Kinged wrote:
sending you some love your way! <3 hope all is well
Oct 18, 2019, 22:53:32
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