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Cadyrn's Clan
Keepers of the grove of spring
Mighty Lair
of the
Clan Information
//A large green guardian drake slowly makes his way towards you through the brush. At first his eyes look at you wearily, but after a final scrutinous gaze he nods and beckons you over.//

Hello and welcome to our wonderfully luscious grove somewhere hidden in the gladeveins. Well seeing that you managed to find your way here, It's not hiding from you any longer! My name is Aedwen and I am the keeper of this grove. Our ever growing clan has one goal. It is as the name suggests, we keep the grove. Keep it healthy, keep it safe and most of all keep it a sanctuary for all those in need of it. You see many lost souls find their way into this place. As we care for the grove the grove cares for us. Can't you feel the energy in the air? How every breath fills your body with spirit...
Oh my, I've been rambling on again haven't I? Well I'll leave you to exploring this place by yourself. You should stop by my mate Featherwing if you want a story! Or if you want to listen to our history, head over to the trees of remembrance and listen to their tales!

As you waltz towards a hill filled with aspen trees, they softly whisper tales of long ago:

CHAPTER 1: The keepers of the grove

//The young dragon Aedwen hatched as the prophesy sung by the weeping trees of long ago had foretold. He was to arrive in the coming spring after years filled with turmoil.
With the first crack of his shell the flora surrounding it became invigorated with new life. The trees regained their lush green crowns, vines slithered from branch to branch and the air became filled with the enchanting scent of blooming flowers.
Despite his small size he felt within him the unwavering urge to protect his birthplace from any soul who would dare to disrupt the tranquillity and balance of this environment.
However, with no guardian to care for him, or sibling to play with he found himself alone. Alone in a vast verdant forest. Even though he longed for kin, and to be nurtured, he knew his duty was with the fauna and flora of his grove. And he fostered the critters, helped the plants grow providing nutrients and kept the natural balance. He fought off bigger and more dangerous creatures that would come and hunt in his grove. Those that came to gorge their bellies full or to take the life of others for sport. With an unwavering devotion he performed this duty day and night.

Until one day he felt another presence within the boundaries of the grove. Something bigger than any of the normal critters and creatures. To his surprise he found another young dragon, completely different from him. She had feathered wings and a coat of fur that adorned most of her body. Unsure of where she came from he felt a kinship towards this strange new addition to his grove. She didn't remember where she came from or even what her name was or in fact if she was ever given a name in the first place. So Aedwen gave her the name Featherwing. He has never been or will ever be the creative type. They bonded performing the daily duties of the grove and eventually she became his mate. Shortly after that the two of them would have not only the grove to care after but their very own nest.
Together they are the keepers of the grove of spring. //

CHAPTER 2: Damanta

//As Aedwen and Featherwing got bigger their grove followed. A bigger grove means longer patrols. Not only that but word spread of this lush new grove.
The trees whispered it to one another. As did the bees with their dances, informing their kin of this new paradise where long past dusk, the flowers still bloomed and gave their nectar. From tree to tree, critter to critter, bee to bee, the word spread to other dragons.
Not long after fully becoming the keepers of the grove an envoy came to greet them. Bearing warm greeting and gifts. Aedwen and Featherwing were pleased upon seeing the wonderful new flora they received. They were told about the clans in the neighbouring lands, about the way of the nature flight, about the Viridian labyrinth.
Shortly after the envoy a new dragon appeared. Damanta, a female nocturne whom had been searching for a clan, a home to call her own.
(To see Damanta's story visit her in her lair. She will gladly tell you.)
After telling her story both of the keepers were overjoyed to give her a place among them. With the addition of another member both the keepers gained a new-found strength and the grove became just a bit greener. //

CHAPTER 3: Moarga

//The entire grove was shivering in anticipation as Aedwen and Featherwing's clutch would hatch one of the following days. The first tiny fractures had begun to appear on their dark brown bark like shells. Both of them were giddy and maybe a bit too excited. Aedwen had been gathering so much supplies he needed to expand his burrow. Featherwing remained atop and around the nest for as long as she could, and when she needed a moment of fresh air Damanta gladly took over.
But as the sun reached its highest point there a disturbance entered the grove. A high-pitched cry came from the northern most border. Damanta and Featherwing stayed at the nest as Aedwen flew out to where the sound came from. Again, the creature cried out. A wave of dread rushed through Aedwen. He hurried towards the border and landed with a loud thump, shaking the trees, and scaring away the birds resting within them. A third time he heard the cry. It was very near. As soft as he could he crawled through the forest and came near a small brook. It was There he saw a small little skydancer hatchling. Bright verdant and with wonderful patterns on its wings. Beside him rested a king Parda. The Parda let out a warning growl as Aedwen got closer. But the big dragon lowered his head and showed that he was not a threat. The Parda sensed his intentions and allowed him to get closer. As Aedwen inspected the small hatchling, it couldn't have been older than a few days. Softly he nudged the hatchling, it looked up with weary eyes. Without much delay he put the small dragon on his back and went back towards his nest, the Parda followed but kept a close eye on his Skydancer friend.
When they finally came back to the nest, both Damanta and Skyfeather were surprised to see the hatchling. They fed the little thing and put it to rest next to the eggs where Skyfeather could keep a close watch. As all three dragons were young and inexperienced feeding three hatchlings would become a difficult task. For none of them have had any experience before. And both of the keepers weren't even born in a nest of their own. But despite all the troubles that would be ahead, they would care for the little hatchling, whom they named Moarga. As if it was one of their own. With that the grove had another dragon within its domain. And the three had allot of work ahead of them. //

CHAPTER 4: The first nest and the first outsider.

//The sun’s earliest beams made their way through the canopy and into Featherwing’s burrow. Where the loud snapping and cracking of eggshells broke the silence of the morning. Quickly Aedwen called over Damanta and Moarga, the latter fully recovered and in fact no longer a hatchling. The warmth of the grove and its rich waters and food caused him to grow into a juvenile within a couple of days after he was found. The four dragons stood motionless in the burrow. Wondering what little creatures would come out of the two now shambling eggs there before them. With a small shriek the first one opened. A small moss green hatchling crawled out and looked at the big dragons surrounding it. It let out a few yelps and huddled towards Featherwing. Nestling it within her fur. Moments later the slightly bigger egg cracked wide open and a bright green snout peered through. Just like it’s mother it was covered in a soft fur. After sniffing and looking around it joined its sibling within Featherwing’s Fur. Both her and Aedwen felt such a pride within them. Aedwen put his head next to the two little hatchlings and gazed at them. The two watched him with big eyes and crawled towards him. Smelling him and crawling on top of his head.
With the two little new souls warming the keepers’ hearts the grove began blooming stronger than ever before. The birds outside began to sing their prettiest songs. The trees danced joyfully in the wind. And the river drummed along with its many cascades. Together it was as if the entire grove welcomed the two new souls to this world. Aedwen named his daughter, the one who first crawled out of her egg Alaevyn. A guardian just like her father. Featherwing chose to name the little tundra dragon Rotala. As it was her favourite plant and his bright green colours reminded her exactly of how the young leaves of the waterweed look. As the day continued Featherwing stayed with the young on top of her burrow basking in the warm rays of the sun. Damanta taught Moarga the ways of the keepers, and what their day to day activities were. Finally, Aedwen checked the borders of the grove. He noticed the lush green vegetation had covered a much greater area than the last time he checked.

As he was gathering some more resources he felt something. A presence had entered his grove. Something he had not felt before. It felt big. Bigger than when he felt Moarga. But still something was off. Ready to face off against anything that would come to harm his nest or his grove he flared off to where his feeling steered him. He came into a smaller opening where a couple of trees had fallen long ago, and the young vegetation was fighting for their place in the sunlight to eventually become the new giant trees that would cover up the hole. Leaning against one of the trees sat a lean beige coloured dragon with a bright orange underbelly. He dove into the trees and looked at it from a distance. Slow and cautious he made his way towards this mysterious figure. However, his large posture made it nearly impossible to be sneaky. The dragon had spotted him and rose to it’s feet. Compared to Aedwen it was tiny. After conversing with her Aedwen discovered the dragon to be a female wildclaw. Who had left her own nest in search for a better place to live. (Their conversation can be read in Deirfiur’s description.) As she had no name, Aedwen decided when hearing her backstory to name her Deirfiur.
When Aedwen Finally reached their burrow, the sun was already setting. After a bit of questioning Skyfeather agreed with Aedwen’s thought to let her stay for as long as she’d like. If she does whatever she can for the grove. However, after she was put inside of a small shelter made up of trees that grew in a dome like shape, fed and fell asleep. Damanta had her doubts. She had nothing against Deirfiur, the name Aedwen gave to the wildclaw. She found it troubling to keep a plague dragon within the grove. But they decided to put the little ones in their nests and see what the wildclaw had in store. Before they would make a final decision.//
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