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Clan Information
(Just realized I don't have a disclaimer but my bro is on this site too)

The Beginning
The Deepwing Clan was founded, somewhat ironically, by Shadow dragons who fled their enemies in the Tangled Wood. Their leader, Langhar, and her mate Wavemaster, fell into the good graces of a young Water dragon named Nyris and settled in a small lair in the Tsunami Flats. Several other young Water dragons, including Trench, Riptide, and Sweetshallows, heard of the new clan and came to join.

As the Deepwing clan settled themselves in the tidepools of the Tsunami Flats, Langhar keep her eyes peeled for lone dragons wandering near her territory, intent on growing her clan's size and increasing her status within the Water Flight. So when Trench and Sweetshallows were found hunting in her territory, she offered them a place in her clan instead of driving them away. When Riptide, a young guardian dragon, arrived at her den, she welcomed him warmly and he bonded with the clan, formally dedicating his life to its protection. Langhar was thrilled. Her new home had a protector - a proper, devoted protector.

The next to arrive were Ylva, her daughter, and Vandor, both from her old home in the Tangled Wood. She welcomed them cautiously, treating Ylva in particular with suspicion until she was certain that no others had followed them from the Tangled Wood. Shortly thereafter, Dripfang and Current, a Ridgeback and a Bogsneak pair of hatchlings who strayed too far from their nests, threw Langhar for a loop when she found them in her territory.

The first true territorial dispute came when Langhar's clan expanded into the territory of bonded pair Huntress and Ripple, guarding their nest of three eggs. Wavemaster and Huntress clashed in a quick but vicious fight until Nyris used her status as a First Generation to force the two to stop and speak. Huntress was steadfast and reluctant, but Langhar persuaded the pair to join her clan nonetheless.

Marshspider, a curious but sweet-tempered Bogsneak dragon, followed Ylva and Vandor's trail from the Tangled Wood and decided to stay with the Deepwing clan to help look after the hatchlings.

Shortly after Marshspider's arrival, Langhar and Wavemaster's two eggs hatched, bringing young boys Eventide and Daybreak into the world. Eventide quickly proved to be the more precocious of the two, getting himself into trouble mere hours after hatching. Daybreak, on the other hand, is almost the complete opposite - quiet, reserved, and thoughtful, he formed a quick bond with Nyris and shows an aptitude for hearing the Tidelord's prophecies in the bubbles.

The Tensions
Life in the Deepwing clan had settled into an almost-routine. The guard rotated under Riptide's supervision, the hunters went out with Ylva at the lead, and clan members with questions went to Nyris for advice. Huntress and Riptide's two eggs hatched, bringing Fishhook and Pitfall into the clan.

But in the calm, Agharna stewed in her pride and vanity, wildly jealous of Langhar's power and position. She began to plot her enemy's downfall, spurred on by every dismissive comment by the Shadowy matriarch, while Riptide and Ylva were engaged in a passionate fling, underneath her very nose.

Amidst the brewing drama, the clan heralded three new arrivals - a pair of young sisters, Bog and Atoll, and their friend, Goblin. The three hatchlings had been left behind when their clan had moved from the Tsunami Flats into the deeper waters of the Fishspine Reef, and were taken in by the Deepwing clan within moments of setting foot in the clan's territory.

When Riptide and Ylva's nest hatched, bringing five young hatchlings into the world, the clan was thrown into an uproar. Riptide left Ylva in favor of pursuing Trench, while the hatchlings themselves quickly turned on each other, with only the youngest among them, Sea-ice, being able to bring calm. Eventide made his disdain of his sister's brood well known and took every opportunity to pointedly ignore them, while Daybreak was so deep in his studies with Nyris that he barely noticed what was happening. Langhar herself shunned most of her grandchildren in favor of Hurricane, the largest and strongest, whom she raised to be proud and vicious and loyal only to her. Unfortunately, she could not entirely break the bond between Hurricane and Sea-ice.

Meanwhile, Sea-ice's resentment against her family for their treatment of her siblings grew. Agharna, sensing the young dragon's frustrations, jumped at the opportunity. She took Sea-ice under her wing and began opening her eyes to Langhar's dark past and questionable decisions.

As trouble brewed in the clan's upper echelons, tragedy struck its common folk. Of the three hatchlings that Mercutio and the mysterious Leviathan had produced, two had vanished from their nests before they had even been named. Heartbroken, the couple buried their grief by taking in the young wandering Zimri and devoting themselves to caring for their only remaining son, whom they named Deepreef.

The Catalyst
As Langhar's control over the Deepwing clan turned fanatical, Wavemaster drifted from her. But it was Seafoam who opened his eyes for good, and it was to Seafoam that he turned when his mate pushed too far. The two fell in love, and from their secret nest, two sisters hatched - Stonewash and Dawnwave.

When their existence was revealed, the clan exploded. Langhar took out her rage and betrayal not only on Wavemaster, but on Nyris as well.

Langhar's treatment of Agharna sparked her wrath and threw her schemes into motion.

The Revolution
The clan took up battle lines as Marshspider smuggled the clan's three younglings - Eirian (an orphaned tundra), Stonewash, and Dawnwave - to safety, until the fighting stopped.

On Langhar's side were Ylva, Eventide, Hurricane, Thundercloud, Newsky, Mercutio, Pelagius, Leviathan, Deepreef, Zimri, Bog, Atoll, and Goblin.

On Agharna's were Nyris, Vulka, Daybreak, Stormcloud, Seaice, Sweetshallows, Huntress, Ripple, Fishhook, Pitfall, Riptide, Trench, Dripfang, Current, Seafoam.

The fight quickly escalated into a full-scale war. Agharna's dragons had the advantage of numbers, but those rallying behind Langhar were nearly all experienced fighters. In pitched battles, Langhar's dragons had the clear advantage.

In response, Agharna - following Vulka and Wavemaster's advice - threw conventional tactics to the winds and turned to ambushes and raids to drive Langhar's dragons out of Deepwing territory. Vulka led the most, helped by Huntress and Ripple, while Trench and Sweetshallows stalked Langhar and Ylva whenever they left their nests.

The raids left Langhar's dragons were left confused, frustrated, and demoralized - until Langhar returned with a young, handsome Imperial named Pelagius. She touted him as her new mate as well as her new general - a replacement for both Wavemaster and Riptide. For a time, her followers were confident, and Pelagius led them to many early victories.

But Leviathan saw more than his battlefield strategies. She saw how he looked at Langhar, and how Langhar looked - or didn't look - at him. She became convinced that Langhar was using the young dragon for her own satisfaction, rather than out of any true affection for him. She shared her suspicions with her sons, Deepreef and Zimri, and together they confronted Mercutio.

At first, Mercutio refused to believe that Langhar had fallen so far, but as Leviathan brought more and more evidence to the table he could no longer deny the truth. Under the cover of darkness, the four dragons slipped away from Langhar's camp and joined Agharna, bringing the latter vital information. Before the week was out, the new information had led to a sweeping defeat of Langhar's forces.

Then it was time to decide what to do with the remnants of Langhar's forces.

The Aftermath
Hurricane, Thundercloud, Eventide, and Atoll had all been killed in the war. On Agharna's side, Wavemaster had been slain in the final battle by Langhar. Agharna's dragons wanted revenge for the old, kindly dragon, but Agharna aimed to start her reign with peace, not fear. She announced her courtship of Pelagius (surprising both her new clan and Pelagius himself) and pardoned Bog and Goblin for their involvement. But that still left Langhar, Ylva, and Newsky.

Newsky's trial was quiet, straightforward, and as lengthy as any good trial. While he showed no remorse for his choices during the Revolution, his sisters Seaice and Stormcloud vouched for him, and he was imprisoned in a fine cell for some time.

Ylva's trial, on the other hand, was swift and explosive. She arrived fighting and spat venomous words and threats throughout the trial, but the most stunning transgression also sealed her fate. As Ylva was being escorted to the deepest cells, she broke free of her escort and murdered both Vulka and Nyris where they stood. She was dragged out as both progenitors bled out, howling that her son Hurricane had been avenged. She was executed the next day.

Langhar's trial, however, was still the highlight. She and Agharna fought once more, this time verbally instead of physically, and were it not for the memories of Langhar's misdeeds seared into the clan's collective consciousness, she might have convinced them all to let her free. But their memories were still fresh, and Langhar was thrown in the deepest cells of the clan - the very cell, in fact, where her daughter Ylva had spent her last days alive. And it is in this cell that Langhar remains.

The New Queen
The Deepwing clan flourished under Agharna's leadership. New hatchlings were born, and the clan expanded its territory to accommodate. As the Starfall Festival came and went, dragons found themselves attracting more and more familiars. The clan's wealth grew. It felt like a happy ending. But one thing marred the clan's idyllic life - Langhar's escape, and her slaughter of Stormcloud and Bog. Although Trench and Leviathan both followed Langhar's trail, they could not locate her before she passed the boundaries of the Tangled Woods and were forced to return to Agharna empty-clawed.

Following Langhar's departure, Agharna relocated the clan to the Fishspine Reef. Many dragons were reluctant to move, but with the threat of Langhar's return hanging over their heads, vocal resistance was minimal. Pitfall and Waterweb, however, elected to leave the clan, declaring their fortunes to be found elsewhere. Agharna, as well as the rest of the clan, sent them away with well wishes and choice trinkets for luck.

The wandering spiral dragon, Cassus,shared a nest with Pelagius and Agharna - a nest that resulted in five hatchlings. One left for the Sunbeam Ruins as soon as she was able. Two more followed their mother Cassus on her wanderings. Abyssus and Aquilla, however, elected to stay with their father and were formally adopted as Agharna and Pelagius's heirs.

The Exodus
As Abyssus and Aquilla grew to adulthood, news reached the Deepwing clan that Langhar's former clan in the Tangled Wood had collapsed for good. This news came in the form of five refugees - Ogenus, Starset, Shadowset, Rose, and Redwing - from that collapsed clan, following a trail of rumors in search of a new life. Unbeknownst to them, they had been followed - by none other than Lnaghar herself, as vengeful as ever, who now resides in the shadows of Deepwing territory, biding her time. While Starset, Shadowset, and Rose ultimately died of wounds they sustained in the collapse, Ogenus and Redwing found their places within the clan and integrated with relatively little trouble.

Two more dragons came to the Deepwing clan, fleeing not the destruction of their clans but their own demons. Medeni came from a large, impersonal family, seeking closeness and comfort on foreign soil; Dirk rejected his clan in the Shifting Expanse, feeling abandoned an uncared for, and turned to the waters of the Sea of a Thousand Currents in search of a new life. Furthermore, Nyris and Vulka made a nest together, and their daughter, Shoreline, shows promise as a new seer for the clan.

Into the Trench
As the clan grew in number, the clear waters of the Fishspine Reef could no longer accommodate the Deepwing clan. Agharna sent a small party, led by Trench, and consisting of Whirlpool, Tropic, Huntress, and Starling. However, this was only the first step - as Trench and her party sought new territory, Agharna prepared to make her petition to the Tidelord's court. With her, she brought Leviathan, a native of the Spiral Keep; and seer Nyris, who was born from the waves of the Sea itself.

The clan was granted permission to relocate to the trench. Immediately, Agharna set about securing Deepwing's position in the area, the clan's numbers expanded rapidly in response to their new, larger territory. However, in the murky darkness beyond their cavern walls, danger lurked - both old and new.

Langhar had followed her old clan to the venerable depths of the sea, and she was not alone. She had gathered allies among the disinfranchised and the disgruntled; many of the newly-minted gaolers turned to her for the promise of answers, security, freedom; the banescales followed later. In addition to the reborn ancients came outcasts and petty criminals - Redwing and Imcer, long relegated to the fringes of Deepwing society, brought their daughter Starling. Haughty outsiders Frostblight and Wavecrest followed soon after, leaving their son Foamcrest behind to spy on the Council and their families, as he was betrothed to Sunset at the time. In addition, Langhar had carefully cultivated two young dragons from hatching to act as her lieutenants in the inevitable war - Delta, a Nocturne, and the young, impressionable Tisander, lost and alone. But the most formidible ally she had was Lady Black - a powerful fae who detested the Deepwing Clan for reasons unknown.

The rest of the Clan remained blissfully unaware of the mounting threat. Nokk, daughter of consort Pelagius, was dispatched to the Viridian Labyrinth to answer a call for aid from an allied clan. Little did they know at the time that this would lead to a much greater threat - Nokk and her companions uncovered a mysterious threat to Sornieth that would only be made clear much, much later, on the floating island of Yeheg when confronted by members of the Watch.


A huge and ancient Emperor dragon, trapped beyond the shores of Sornieth by the very barrier that the Watch maintained. Not only was Majesty powerful, but it was intelligent - and it craved the destruction of the gods.

Then came Isangelous.

Langhar was unaware of all that had transpired in Nokk's adventures, so when the beautiful Imperial seeress came to her, she took her in immediately, planning to use Isangelous's powers for her own gain. But she became Isangelous's pawn instead - when she stole Tropic's orders to reunite with some of Nokk's compatriots and took his place, she fell directly into Majesty's clutches and died in specatular fashion in the battle against it.

But the movement did not die with her. Now Lady Black sits at its head, pulling the puppet strings of Crystalline, and Imperial who has donned Langhar's regalia and claimed her name.

She is poised to strike, now, and she will wreak havoc when she does.

The Breaking Point

Upon returning from the battle in the Twisting Maw, the Deepwing Clan found themselves in chaos. Lady Black and her minions had ambushed the Council and scattered them to the winds, installing Lady Black as the new queen. Infuriated, the Deepwing dragons rose up to tear down the pretender, but as they reached the Deepwing castle, a new threat arose from the depths of the Sea.


When Langhar and Isangelous fell, their bodies merged into a new Emperor. Now near-mindless with rage, only Langhar's exceptional intelligence and strength of will allowed her to maintain a semblance of sentience - even if it was only the desire to tear the Deepwing clan apart.

The Deepwing clan is scattered; some dead, some lost, others falling under Vengeance's sway and merging with its horrible form. Only a scant handful of goat-eyed dragons are able to protect the remaining Deepwing members from Vengeance's influence.

The Deceased
Hurricane, eldest son of Ylva and Riptide, favored grandson of Langhar. Killed in ambush by Vulka during the Revolution, now serves the Tidelord in death. He grew up under Langhar's tutelage and bonded tentatively with his father once he was old enough to learn to fight. The 'golden child' of his nest, he felt he is superior to his siblings and expected them to aid him whenever he asked, but rarely returned the courtesy.

Thundercloud, the son of Ylva and Riptide. Constantly overlooked as mediocre in a family of exceptional dragons, Thundercloud's self-doubts were exploited by Langhar during the Revoluion. In the final battle, Thundercloud managed to blind Ripple, but was killed by Huntress.

Eventide was the son of Langhar and Wavemaster, second in line to lead the clan after his sister Ylva. He took over the heirship after Ylva stepped down to lead the clan. He began life playful, mischievous, and carefree, but he grew into an angry and aggressive adult, loyal only to his mother Langhar. During the final battle of the Revolution, Eventide went claw-to-claw with his own brother, Daybreak. Eventide fought with all his might, with no thought spared to the kinship they shared. But though he wounded his brother grievously, Eventide lost the struggle, and his life ended with his brother's teeth in his throat.

Atoll was a charming and charismatic young Ridgeback with a wicked streak and a hidden heart of gold. Intensely loyal to both her biological sister Bog and her adopted brother Goblin, she fought with Langhar because it was Langhar who welcomed the three of them into the clan when they were younglings. Unfortunately, Atoll's skill lay in words and not in war, and she was slain in one of the Revolution's first battles by Wavemaster.

Wavemaster was Langhar's mate and - supposedly - the love of her life. His heart broke when she changed so drastically after the pair were driven out of Shadow territory, and eventually her emotional abuse drove him to seek comfort from Seafoam, a young, kind Fae and a member of the Deepwing clan. Their affair produced two hatchlings and was the catalyst for the Revolution to break out. This would ultimately prove to be Wavemaster's downfall - he was slain during the final battle by Langhar herself, and bled out before the battle ended. However, he was later returned to life through mysterious means and started a new life with the beautiful Coatl, Atlantis. Unfortunately, he met his final demise at Langhar's jealous claws mere weeks before Lady Black's coup.

Ylva was enraged by the deaths of her son and brother during the Revolution. Though she survived the Revolution itself, she sealed her fate by attacking and killing Nyris and Vulka during her trial. She was executed the next day.

Nyris was the progenitor of the Deepwing clan, an accomplished shaman and reader of the Tidelord's prophecies. She took Agharna under her wing when the young pearlcatcher was only a child, and attempted to mediate the damage Langhar was doing to the clan, until she could do no more and the Revolution began. Although she never actively participated in any battles, she supported her mate Vulka, who was an ambush fighter and dealt massive damage to Langhar's side throughout the war. She was murdered by Ylva during the latter's trial. However, she returned to life a day later.

Vulka, Nyris's mate and fellow progenitor, was normally a quiet and gentle soul. A natural loner, Vulka existed on the fringes of the clan and befriended those who found themselves in the same position. During the Revolution, however, Vulka proved himself to be an adept fighter and a cunning, ruthless strategist. He personally ambushed and killed Hurricane, and had a hand in the death of Eventide. For this, Ylva murdered him at her trial. However, he returned to life a day later.

Bog, the gruff, protective older sister to Atoll and their friend Goblin. Always ready to jump into the fray for the sake of her siblings, be they biological or adopted. After Atoll was killed in the Revolution, Bog lost all motivation to fight. So when the final battle came, she and Goblin hid in the caves of the Deepwing nest, fending off attackers but never attacking themselves. Because of this, Bog was able to convince Agharna to pardon them, under conditions of parole for some time. After her parole was up, she was permitted to join the guard. She was guarding Langhar's cell with the elder Imperial escaped, and died as a result of her injuries. She left behind a nest of one, who was cared for by his father, Newsky.

Stormcloud was born with stunted wings and remained a weak flyer into adulthood, making her self-conscious, and short-tempered, lashing out at any perceived insult. During the Revolution, Stormcloud fought alongside Agharna, with her grandfather, father, and sister. Although she did not mourn for Hurricane when he was killed, she cried over Thundercloud, visited Newsky in his cell after the Revolution was over and attended Wavemaster's funeral. She refused to speak to her mother after Ylva murdered Nyris and Vulka at her trial, and did not attend her execution. After the aftermath of the Revolution settled, Stormcloud devoted herself to the fighting arts. She was made a prison guard, and was one of two dragons killed in Langhar's escape along with her friend Bog.

Waterweb was the son of Fishhook and Daybreak, who wandered from the Deepwing clan in search of adventure. He found it briefly in the Sunbeam Ruins, but met his fate while wandering the Hewn City. He met his fate alone, and now slumbers in the Lightweaver's embrace.

Nighttide was the daughter of Goblin and Stonewash. She was brooding, angry, and vengeful - she will seize upon any opportunity to avenge a perceived slight, no matter how small the offense. Eventually, she left the clan in search of a kinder place to live, and settled in a tiny nest in the Shifting Expanse.

Seaspirit was Nighttide's sister, also the daughter of Goblin and Stonewash. She was a jokester, a clown with a talent for trouble who loves to outshine the rest by almost any means necessary - even if those means land her in hot water. One day, her pranks went too awry and she fled the clan in a spectacular display of overreaction.

Tidesong was often described as "an old dragon in a young dragon's body". Much like his sister Nighttide, Tidesong was withdrawn and suspicious. Having witnessed the death of a young dragon when he was a hatchling, he has become mistrustful of the world around him, finding solace only in the closeness of his sisters. His Nightmare companion found him in his dreams soon after the event, and over time has grown to become a source of comfort as well. When he descended into the depths of the Leviathan Trench, seeking the Spiral Keep and the prophetic knowledge of the Tidelord himself, he was not seen again. His nightmare companion remained with the clan.

Smoothstorm was sly, charismatic, and slippery. Born to a platonic union between Daybreak and his life-partner Fishhook, she and her brother Waterweb are the first Deepwing eggs to hatch into a stable, healthy clan. It's an achievement Daybreak is proud of, and one that has given Smoothstorm ample time and opportunity to stretch her natural talents beyond combat. joined the search for the Tidelord during the 2019 Wavecrest Saturnalia and never returned home.

Outcrop - Despite the proud, martial nature of his parents, Outcrop was a gentle soul. Devoted to the healing arts from a young age, Outcrop befriended a Longneck Magi, who began to teach him the ways of the arcane. Seeing his talent, Seafoam also offered to take him under her wing and teach him the basics of healing. Alas, Outcrop met a violent end at the claws of Langhar's followers when he wandered too close to their stronghold while searching for medicine.

Cloudracer - Cloudracer was playful and adventurous, seeking out the skies above instead of the depths below. She befriended the clouddancer pack that cavorts in the clouds above the Fishspine Reef, and spends much of her time with them, reveling in seeing the world mapped out below her. She wished to visit each and every one of these places and see the inhabitants for herself. But this dream would never come to pass - in her wanderings, she strayed across Langhar's path and was killed in a fit of rage.

Whirlpool - A proud and stubborn gaoler, Whirlpool lived alone for much of her life, only interacting with her friend (and eventual mate) Eirian on a regular basis. When her daughter Pelanni joined Langhar's forces, she refused to follow in her daughter's footsteps and was killed for her refusal.

Tropic - Tropic is fascinated with all things golden. From a young age, he was captivated by the bright, glittering scales of his native Fishspine Reef, but that captivation grew, and he refocused his attentions on the treasures of abandoned lairs and older, stranger creatures in the Sea. He has carved out a niche for himself as the clan's treasure hunter. He was contacted by Trench, the chief scout, to join the mission against Majesty, but was killed by Langhar.

Langhar was a nightmare for the Deepwing Clan from the beginning. When she killed Tropic and usurped his place in the war against Majesty, she signed her own death warrant - the seer Isangelous was Majesty's agent, and lured Langhar to her death. Ultimately, Langhar's arrogance and certainty that she could control the mighty Emperor was her downfall.
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