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Lola96: Clan Profile » Dragon Lair » Nesting Grounds
Lola96's Clan
Let's get Tricky!
Venerable Lair
carved into the
Reedcleft Ascent
Clan Information
Note to mods, I have a laptop, a phone (currently 2 as I got one for Christmas 2020, the other hasn't been deactivated yet!) and sometimes hop on my Mom's laptop.

She/her, 24, Aries, Ace/Apothesexual, Bi and Lesbian questioning, Autistic, introvert, hoarder, FR+3/EST USA-sometimes a nightowl, sometimes a day person, it fluctuates when I'm up.

I am horrible at Math and thusly conversions, for sales of all kinds, I need treasure to be written out so I can use my calculator to check if I have enough for a derg or other item/service being sold.
My Mom and I strongly think I have Dyscalculia, which is similar to Dyslexia, but for Math.

I don't understand most shortenings of prices/conversion rates, so a little help would go a long way!

Please let me know if any of my dergs in my sales tab interest you, certain ones in my den may also be available- I usually put my pretties in there, but may put ones up for grabs in there too- just ask!

I have a bit of social anxiety, but I'll try to reply to any messages sent my way.

I love Avatar the last Airbender/Legend of Korra/Rise of Kyoshi, Fall guys, Pokemon, Subnautica, Undertale/Deltarune, FNAF, BATIM, Epic Mickey, Spore (DS and Wii-could never get my hands on the PC version!), Petz dogz 2 Wii, The Dog Island Wii, Mario, MHA (My Hero Academia), Haven, and most CBS shows- especially the Late show with Steven Colbert- he's hilarious!

I watch Twitch a lot, KaraCorvus being one of my mains!
(Her content is 18+, so be wary if you're younger or don't like adult content!)

If you're unsure if I like something, it can't hurt to ask, we may find a mutual love of something!

I have a hatchery- Click the button below to go there!

(Button by Sandboa #339158

(Not really using it much, but it has my pairs and pinglists on there, just ask if you want me to add you!)

If you would like me to breed a specific pair, let me know, as well as if you have a dragon you would like to breed with one of mine!

I'm also fine with people asking to use my nests, don't be afraid to inquire on my behalf!

My wishlist is currently sitting with my Shadow boy 58010094.png Though anything in bios is good too/art!

My Discord: Lola96 450127 #2187
My Tumblr is Coatlscoatlseverywhere!
Merge Dragons: MVUIBIJLLP

I'm heavily into Crows by Miss Viviwren #261551
Please check her Subspecies out if you have a chance/like Corvids- especially Crows!

I tend to love Wildclaws, as well as Spirals, Sneaks (Bogsneaks), Imps, Tuns, Gaolers, certain Banes, certain Veils, and Coatls!

My gene preferences change, at first I was all about Butterfly and Petals, then I became obsessed with Starcon dergs, then I became into certain Metallic/Alloy dergs, and Peacock, with a little bit of Spinner thrown in there-it makes dergs look like soap bubbles! Now Jaguar and Rosette have my attention (in particular colors)!

Bright, contrasty, and or pastel colors are what I like, though darker shades of blue, green, and pink are good too!

I also seem to have a thing for Common eyed dergs!

Dunno why, prolly cause' they're so striking in color!

I'm collecting female Primals, as the others I have gotten have been female!

I have two Legend of Korra Korra fandergs, an Asami, an Aang, an Azula, a Duke Crocker and Dwight Hendrickson from Haven fandergs, two Izuku fandergs, a Flora from Winx club, and a Crowley from Good Omens fanderg!

I also get distracted waaay too much, if I don't respond/have a delayed response- here or on other social media, I'm not ignoring/avoiding you.
(I'm just too addicted to Twitch atm as well!)

I just flit between things, remember I want/need to do something, then remember another thing and move on without finishing the first thing/come back to it later.


I have a habit of buying dergs off the AH during pushes to exalt, as well as in the everyday to make money off of.

If I bought a derg near the ever fluctuating fodder price, chances are high that they're fodder- unless they grow on me, which if you check the solo dergs tab, you can see some lucky fodder floor survivors/those who have yet to be sorted!

If you don't wish for a derg to be sent to Noodledad, tell me ASAP and I'll send it back!

I may forget who I bought a particular derg from, so if I exalt one from a hatchery, it was not out of malice, and instead out of a need for space.

(I wish there was an OT function like Pokemon...It's true that once out of a lair it's no longer yours, but we should be able to give credit to those who originally bred them!

Not everyone has a hatchery and or bio buttons!

I'd love a "Bred by" part in the info tab of each derg!)

Hi there, welcome to the clan of Mikiwing!
My name is Lola, and this is my clan!

Here at the clan of Mikiwing we accept dergs of all elements, colors, shapes, sizes, orientations, and genes!

We live in a cave system in the Reedcleft Ascent. (Unless there's caves in the Twisting Crescendo!)

There are two main entrances, one for flying dergs/those that can float through magic in the atrium. It is a big hole in the ceiling with a special door that can sense when a derg is near to open. It is big enough for most Guardians, Imperials, and Ridgebacks to fit through comfortably. This is not perfect however, and does cause problems with those who tend to loiter. Some of the younger dergs like to fool around with the door a bit, making it open and close repeatedly with no intention of going in or coming out. Luckily the door is wind powered, so there is no threat of it running out of power anytime soon!

The second entrance is for those who can't fly, whether they're Snappers, Gaolers, old, too young to fly, are carrying stuff, are blind/disabled or something happened to their wings, it doesn't matter. It's also perfectly fine for those with fully functional wings to take this entrance whenever they so choose to!
(Some dergs may be afraid of heights/choose to stay landbound- Spiral wink!)

You enter a part of the cave system that has this long spiral staircase cut out of stone going up to a hole in the ceiling. It doesn't matter which entrance you take, as they both will take you to the main atrium where someone should be there to greet you.

There are dens that are closer to the wind for those that like to feel/hear the wind howling outside. These rooms are even equipped with solar windows with special covers on them that can be opened to the outside at any time.
For others that may not like the constant whipping of the winds outside, there are dens located farther in, where you can't hear the winds at all. Somehow the dens, no matter where they are located, are always comfortable to whoever resides in them.
Each den always has a fresh supply of water running through them, and when someone checks in with Miki and Shadowing, they make sure that there is always food in there that the occupant(s) desire.

Though dergs are always more than welcome to go hunting, foraging, and or grow their own food, as long as every derg is happy and full dergs can do what they wish!

There are general rules, but food doesn't really have any limitations!

Just generally be nice and not a dik dik, if a derg is not sure if something is aloud, it is highly recommended that they ask Miki or Shadowing about the matter!

Miki the Spiral is the Matriarch and her mate Shadowing is the Patriarch. He is quiet and usually defers to her for most things. If you wish to talk business, go speak to Miki.


DalphiaRose's Code Generators
Recent Clan Activity [View All]
02/14 Birthed new hatchlings!
02/14 Birthed new hatchlings! 2 Wildclaw Male, 1 Wildclaw Female
02/14 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Coatl Male, 1 Coatl Female
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Kuzuha wrote:
thank you for telling me :D!
Feb 12, 2021, 09:00:26
TimmyShu wrote:
Honestly the day I named him was a blur so I guess I accidentally dedicated his name to digimon? :'3
Nov 04, 2020, 16:20:16
TimmyShu wrote:
The bio for Cherire was hilarious XD
Nov 04, 2020, 16:19:44
Masono wrote:
hello i wanted to tell u that the nest u asked for is nestsed and hatches in a few days now.
Oct 03, 2020, 22:13:28
PachaMama wrote:
thanks for adopting that Ace Pride girl <3
Sep 06, 2020, 18:16:48
lizabet wrote:
Thank you! c: I’m glad people still appreciate my dragons!
Aug 31, 2020, 19:54:56
KelliFish wrote:
Thank you!
Aug 23, 2020, 08:21:07
Frostwing05 wrote:
hnng thank! :D i always think of myself as being either a firebender or a waterbender if atla was real ^^
Aug 23, 2020, 08:06:34
ItsMeSunnyD wrote:
Mariner was on the front page!! Beautiful dragon!!
Aug 11, 2020, 20:26:27
LostCactus wrote:
Thank you for buying my Ridgeback uwu Hope, you like it
Jul 01, 2020, 07:10:05
AKhaoticNoodle wrote:
Sorry random comment but 'Petz' was such a good game back in the day.
May 01, 2020, 02:09:22
AoiNoRyuu wrote:
Izuki was on the front page^^
Apr 23, 2020, 14:39:25
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