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Medievalredragon: Clan Profile » Dragon Lair » Nesting Grounds
Medievalredragon's Clan
Come Play a Renaissance Whoz from Dirt!
Ancient Lair
hidden within
Cairnstone Rest
Clan Information
FR+3 /Recreational Hatchery/ Lore-Centric/She



Member Flat Sorneity Society at https://www1.flightrising.com/forums/frd/2625735/1

Hatchery tab: Troll Gate (hatchery specializes in hatching dragons on the dates of:
Celestial Events (solar and lunar eclipses, meteor showers, Equinoxes, Solstices, Conjunctions, Full Moons (ncluding Super Moon, Blue Moons, Blood Moons), Dark Moons, Comets, Asteroids, Planetary events,


Special Dates (Leap Day, Valentines, Halloween/Day of the Dead, Krampus, St. Nicholas day, Christmas, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Friday's the 13th). Will hatch birthday dragons on request.


In the far reaches of Sornieth, in Dragonhome, at the very fringe of the Venerable Lair of Cairnstone Rest, in the city of Whoville, resides the Medievalredragon Clan. This clan is a motley group of dragons from all over Sornieth that come together for the sole purpose of participating in a live-action-role playing experiment in their off-duty time where they take on the “persona” of individuals of the fantasy race called “Whoz.”* They then recreate the fantasy world of “Dirt,” specifically its arts, sciences and martial endeavors in its most glorious “historical” periods: the “Roman,” “Medieval” and “Renaissance” Ages.**

Members of the Medievalredragon Clan continue to do their duty to the Earthshaker and their flight in defending their lands and Sornieth from dragon enemies. However, in their off-duty hours they prefer to live a different type of life where they can escape the grim reality (for even a little while) of holding the line against the Beastclans and Skeletal Wyrms.

The Medievalredragon Clan takes its name from some of the Medieval Lore of Dirt about “Arthur Pendragon” whose symbol was a red dragon. The name of their LARP experience is the Society for Creative Role Play (SCRP or "Society"). To fund their life-style they opened up an Inn and Fertility Spa for guests in Cairnstone Rest (motto: "Forget your cares and take a rest at Cairnstone Rest!"). They also sell their artisan-made luxury products at the great Auction House and trade with other clans.

*The Whoz are a weird half-centaur mixed race --the upper half is a centaur while the lower half is ape-like. As an interesting aside, males of this race are called “Who-manz” and females are called “Who-wo-manz, while the hatchlings for some reason are called “Kidz”.

**Clan members choose to pretend to be Whoz because while there are dragons mentioned in Dirt Lore they seem to mostly live at places called “Pottery” (China) and “Big Fish” (Wales) and ”Pirate Raiders Land” (Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark) and never get to wear cool apparel or eat interestingly prepared foods.

***The clan’s information about the Whoz , Dirt and the Whoz history and culture comes from a mysterious cache of ancient texts that were the sole inheritance of a young orphaned fae that the clan leaders recused from torture by one of the beast clans. When that fae grew to adulthood she used those ancient texts as inspiration for a series of fantasy books she wrote about Dirt and the Whoz.



Proud member of the Sedimentary Court



Art made by @NameChanged334 #168546
https://www1.flightrising.com/forums/frd/2455133#post_2455133 (while this humorous badge was initially made for June 2018 scattersight issue, the sentiment is applicable for all aspects of FR life) :^)

EXALTING POLICY: I do exalt dragons, usually for foddart. I exalt dragons that I acquire that cost less than 15k/15G on the AH (which is the guideline I use to assume they are fodder) or whatever the sales floor is during a big push.

If I buy your dragon and if you are passionate about them not being exalted, please PM me nicely to let me know AND to set up a trade with another fodder dragon.

If you gifted me a dragon (i.e give them to me for free) with the specific expectation that they are not to be exalted (preferably listed in their bio when you send it to me), I will re-home them (and pass along the request not to exalt them to the next lair). Otherwise, please don't thank me for buying your dragons if they were bought at 15kt or lower (or whatever the fodder floor is during a big push). In any case, I will name all dragons before exalting them.


- I will breed dragons on request.

- I'm open to receiving hatchling, sibling letters and will reply!

- I am happy to make new friends just please let me know who you are first and if you are interested in Role Play and/or lore exchange or just being a lair voyeur.


Clan wish list held by Freya (Clan Quartermaster General) (Hibernal Den, Perms Tab, Page 1)

List of clan goals is held by Pendragon (Clan Seneschal and Lead of the Battle Group) (Main Lair, Barracks Tab)

List of those who joined the ranks of the Earthshaker's chosen is held by Rama (Clan Field Marshall) (Main Lair, Barracks Tab)



Breeding Rarity Charts:

List of which breeds eat what:

Earth Coli Venues: Forgotten Cave, Redrock Cove

Coliseum Treasure/Food/Profit Guide

(use Food with <2 Food Points or from Coli)
(use Coli Items not from digging/scavenging)
(apparel worth <4-5KT or G) (Highnoon Hanks,
Dented Iron armor, cloth wraps, pretty bow)
(doubles and low price @AH)
(use Coli items)

Items sorted by Lore:

Familiars By Color Guide

Familiars and Where to Find Them Guide

A Visual Guide to Familiars

Eclipse’s Apparel Guide 7/29/19

Nymphs vs Sprites (by flight)
http://www1.flightrising.com/forums/frd/2265314 (side by side nymphs vs sprites identifier)

Eggs needed: shadow, fire, arcane.


MJ 2020 Poetry Contest 1st Place: Hooked on Haiku Category for "Siren Song" by Hallows


MJ 2020 Story Contest 1st Place: Wild Blue Yonder Category for "What Once Was Lost, But NOw Is Found" https://www1.flightrising.com/forums/link?url=https%3A%2F%2Fdrive.google.com%2Ffile%2Fd%2F1sRqLVvfsoH5G0RDFsO3mpeAsgiNVpKdx%2Fview%3Fusp%3Dsharing
by Pocketmayhem



Badges earned from Earth Forum: Lore Writing Laterdays are held by Nyx (who loves bunnies) in the hibernal den.

Badges earned from transmuting objects Earned for reductions for Earth Flight's Calcite Cauldron are held by Bones (Alchemical Apprentice) in the hibernal den.

Badges earned From Earth Flight's Calcite Cauldron for donating items to be reduced are held by Pyrope (Clan Primary Alchemist) in the hibernal den.

Badges earned for Donations to Iron Trove (Earth Dom. Bank) are held by Freya (Clan Quartermaster General) in the hibernal den.

Badge earned for donating food and delivering Earth Flight gift baskets during 2019 Rockbreaker's Ceremony is held by Quatro (Clan Team Lead, Herald and Navigator) for Rockbreaker's Ceremony Gift Basket Delivery Team)

Badges earned for donations of stacks of food to Stone Soup Cauldron (benefiting Earth's Food Bank) during 2019 Rockbreaker's Ceremony is held by Freya (Clan Quartermaster General) in the hibernal den

*FOR MODS: My 2 sons, daughter and I all have separate FR accounts in the same house. We change IPs depending on whether they are at their father’s house or we are out and about using mobile devices. We often use the same devices/computers too. We do sometimes borrow each other's nests for specific breeding projects.
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02/28 Became friends with ecetulle Maybe in a few years they'll write a buddy comedy about you guys.
02/14 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Coatl Male, 1 Coatl Female
01/29 Birthed new hatchlings!
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