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Returu's Clan
Hmmmm.... dragons....>->
Ancient Lair
The Observatory
Clan Information
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Note: I am currently in the process of updating and organizing my lair and lore, so what i have on here at this point is no longer fully accurate ^^


Clan FellWing

The Lair

The observatory, an ancient building that lies in the center of the Starfall Isles, surrounded by the great crystal mountains. Within its towering wall lies knowledge dating from millennia past, and it also serves as lair of the arcane deity, the Arcanist.

Arcane energy courses through the land, twisting the land around it; under the shadow of the great lair, an opening can be seen, its mouth decorated with the crystals and flora of the region.

The tunnel beckons strangers forward, though numerous glowing eyes act as a warning and as the tunnel finally opens, a great cavern gleams with arcane energy, several smaller tunnels lead out from the central cavern, and in its center a great pale crystal seems to hang in mid air, seemingly reflecting the light of Sornieth’s sun, and generating a gentle welcoming warmth to those that live there. Sounds of water flowing echo through the lair and faintly sounds of treasure and items rattling can be heard in the background.

The Clan

As you settle onto the ground, a growl echoes through the cavern, turning in the direction of the sound, 4 eyes glinting with the power of arcane energy greet you. A Storm colored mirror moves slowly into the light, his body decked in a full set of bloodscale armor, behind 3 more dragons stand guard, fully decked out in armor sets, and each one watching your every move.

"Greetings stranger." Another voice calls out, turning from the 4 imposing dragons, you catch sight of a guardian female, her midnight and emerald coloring a perfect blend, as her own arcane eyes watch you with curiosity. A comet circles around her body as she moves; the rest of her other apparel matching her colors. Though you can still hear the warning growls of the mirror, the awareness that this guardian is the one you need to explain yourself to, is most prominent.

"Many come this way, to the Clan of the Fallen Wings, dragons from all flights and species, from the swirling pools of water, to the burning embers of fire." She says softly, even as a tiny nocturne flutters about her head. "All are welcome in our lair either to rest, or to stay if they so desire, as long as you mean us and those who live here no harm, and that whilst you live in our lair, we ask that you follow our laws." She continues to watch you calmly. "We are one of the many clans that follow the Arcanist, and like our deity, we seek knowledge above all else." The guardian female settles down slightly as she continues to speak, the nocturne settling on her horns as they watch you. "Though not all of us are of the arcane element, those that live here seek the knowledge that the Arcanist seeks. And just as we accept dragons from other lairs and lands, so do we accept that the knowledge our young seek, may cause them to one day to leave our lair." She glances over to where the mirror prowls behind you and asks. "So what brings you to the FellWing Clan, my brethren. Are you seeking a place to rest? a place to stay or merely passing through on your journey?"

Clan Structure

There are dozens of 'jobs' in the clan, below is an overview, within each role are often a several specific jobs.

The Matriarch is the primary leader of the Clan; despite been the ‘Queen’ of the lair, she has several Chief dragons who support her, providing her with the information she needs to keep the Clan, and lair in excellent condition. She has her own personal guard; classified as the ‘Royal Guard’ these dragons are her consorts, and are easily spotted by the battlescale armor and wolfskin.

The Chief’s are often the most experienced or knowledgeable dragons within the other ranks; and are not always the strongest in terms of strength etc.

Sentinals often have more than one duty, however, all dragons that are fully combat trained, and have spend many hours grueling in the Coliseum gain the title of sentinel. Other than the royal guard, Sentinals are the only dragons within the clan who are permitted to wear the battlescale armor. They are the first and most powerful line of defense the clan has.

Generally serving beneath the sentinels, the Guards effectively operate as the ‘military’ of the lair, though nowhere near as experienced as the Sentinels in terms of strength, they are more than capable of defending the lair should the need arise. Guards take full responsibility for protecting the youngsters and those less able to fight. The ‘Protectors’ are in fact a part of the guard, but are more directly responsible for protecting the hoard and vault. Guards adorn themselves with gold, iron and steel armor.

The hoarders, or Treasurers as they prefer to be called, are rarely found anywhere other than the hoard, with only the more senior members permitted to enter the hidden Vault. These dragons keep an eye on the ever increasing items which dragons naturally collect, making sure that everything is well tended to and in its right place; they also keep the
Matriarch and others up to date on what they need. Treasurers have laid claim to the Steampunk apparel.

The Artisans are the ‘crafts’ dragons of the lair; ranging been the ones responsible for designing the structure of the lair itself, to repairing the armor of the sentinels and a variety of other skills. Artisans naturally have great artistic talent, as well as an occasional penchant for ‘borrowing’ things, in order to make their craft more appealing.

Diplomats operate on their own for the most part, as they are away form the clan for extended periods of time; these individuals have a lot of trust placed in them by the Matriarch and often must make decisions that they believe will best serve the Clan. Ultimately the goal the diplomats strive for is to help form strong bonds with other clans across the flights. There are 11 diplomats in total, 1 for each of the flights; as well as helping to maintain good relationships within the clan itself.

The dragons who become nest tenders are very caring and gentle, and assist the parents with looking after the eggs, and helping out wherever they can, such as making sure that none of the eggs float away by accident. As well as looking after the eggs, they also tend to the newborn hatchlings, trying to keep them from getting into too much trouble, and teaching them the basic skills. With the forging of the filigree armor, nest tenders have chosen to wear this apparel, as despite their gentle nature, they are well able to defend the youngsters should they need to.

Couriers operate as the messengers within the lair, more often than not these dragons are either nocturnes or fae, as their size grants them maneuverability not often seen among the larger species. They are almost always in motion and often deliver messages to the scouting and gathering parties, as well as further afield to the roaming diplomats.

Storytellers are dragons that have travelled far and wide, and are often found telling stories to the youngsters, some of them hold truth whilst others are complete fabrications. Lorekeepers meanwhile are responsible for keeping records of the clan’s history and progress, and are responsible for imparting that knowledge into the youngsters. Dragons of these trades tend to wear a variety of apparel, often chosen to give them a more mysterious look.

All adult dragons assist with gathering, scavenging and digging, helping to gather the food and materials that the lair needs. However there are some dragons that excel at certain gathering professions, and more often than not these dragons will be assigned to gather things more frequently than others.

Newborn dragons are cared for by the entire lair; though it is the nest tenders and lorekeepers they have the most contact with in the early days. As they grow they 'attach' themselves to an adult dragon, operating as an apprentice in the trade they wish to take up. From an early age they are taught to help gather food and items, as well as other chores around the lair. As well as been an apprentice to a specific dragon, youngsters ‘dabble’ in the other jobs, expanding their knowledge. Upon becoming an adult, young dragon’s are taken into the coliseum to be trained, spending several days there, giving the younsters an advantage should they choose to leave the lair of their own accord. Dragons that are sent to serve the Arcanist are always dubbed ‘Magelet’ the clan explaining that the Arcanist has so many to serve him, that he can’t remember hundreds of different names.

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02/22 Birthed new hatchlings! 2 Guardian Male, 1 Guardian Female
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01/22 Birthed new hatchlings! 2 Guardian Male, 1 Guardian Female
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