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Chraelix's Clan
i can feel the thunder that's breaking in your heart
Ancient Lair
of the
Forum of the Obscured Crescent
Clan Information
this website has eaten my life goodbye world

skydancers and coatls and nocturnes are my babes

goals to reach at some point:
hey i have my own quest thread now neato

also, i coli a lot. like a lot a lot. so i do coli challenges fairly frequently. here's some i've done. couple of shadow flight challenges:


and also the determination challenge:

vague notes on clan lore-
- naethran is a shameless flirter and thinks he's terribly suave with his fancy outfit... even though he's really not. he still flirted even after lokatza showed up, but will never act on any of his flirting; lokatza is his true mate, and accordingly hunted down every last scrap of those midnight silks that lokatza wears. he used to be a fae, and liked to flop all over lokatza when she was a mirror; now that they're both such different breeds that's not really possible, but he will still occasionally loop around her and make really sappy faces

- lokatza basically runs everything; much more serious than nae and rarely laughs but when she does, it's usually because of some silly joke or outrageous show of flair from nae. austere, yes, but with a quiet, secret love for the fine things- hence the silks that nae got for her
(and yet there are still times where she looks at nae like "seriously stop it you're too big to flop all over me now cut it out and quit making googly eyes at me we have a clan to run how did you ever actually START this lair i'm the one that ends up running anything shadowbinder help me i will kick you in the teeth")

- nae and lokatza's firstborn son, kilnes, is something of a legend in the clan- he trained to the peak of his ability (ie level 25) before going to serve the shadowbinder. every now and then some little whisper of him is heard in rumours, of how well he's serving, and it only reinforces his pseudo-legend status in the clan

- petrarchus is the clan's lorekeeper

- caland is the 'lieutenant' of sorts - second in command after nae and lokatza - and tends to look at things very logically due to being lightning-born (lopez, her mate, is not as important in the clan but caland likes having him around and he likes being around her, so)

- pumkin is the clan's shaman. nobody really knows what that entails, and nobody is really likely to ask because pumkin is one Creepy Lady. she's given a wide berth. she used to do more of the healing/alchemy stuff for the clan until talulah arrived- she let the other dragon take over so she could focus more on her shaman stuff and somehow become even creepier in the process. if it weren't for her eyes being lightning blue, most of the others in the clan would swear she was plague-born.

- talulah is the clan's healer/alchemist with a smattering of shaman stuff thrown in. she found mikhal barely alive at the edge of the clan's territory, slashed almost to pieces by a roaming mirror clan, and she nursed him back to health

- mikhal, for his part, absolutely adores talulah and is utterly devoted to her. he wears a mask to hide the worst of his scars even though she assures him that, as the one that healed him in the first place, she'd seen them and she loves him for them- insecurities are hard to shake. he's never far from talulah's side so he's become the unofficial healer's assistant to her

- possible note on exalt fodder: wandering adult dragons have come to learn that if they seek this clan out, they can be trained for the shadowbinder's service, rather than being sent to her with nothing but their instincts. as such, mayaserana is the 'sergeant'- she takes the potential exalts out in pairs and trains them until she deems them fit for service with the shadowbinder. most dragons give the clan some sort of offering - treasure, items, etc - as thanks for the training before they leave

- expanding on exalt fodder: the clan is moderately well known for taking in any wandering dragons wishing to become better trained for service to the shadowbinder. mayaserana, the 'drill sergeant' for that purpose, has found that she's become more busy than she likes and put a call out for other dragons willing to be fully trained and serve as trainers. so far, only two dragons have answered the call: lelldorin and mandorallen

- lelldorin arrived at the clan first, offering his services as a battle cleric. mandorallen showed up later in full armour, ready to fight against anything not draconic. they... didn't really like each other at all when they first met. lelldorin thought mandorallen was WAY too stiff and formal, while mandorallen thought that lelldorin was too casual and doubted the usefulness of his magic abilities. they are currently training under mayaserana in order to turn around and become trainers themselves, but not individually like her, however; these two are a battle cleric/warrior team with an aspiration to take advantage of the stronger enemies in the golem workshop. maya is not sure she approves of this ""slower"" training method for those simply wanting to serve shadowbinder, but concedes that when they finish their training they will do well in training other dragons that wish to be even stronger. she still has not taken down the call for trainers- rumour has it that expanding training to other areas besides the mire can draw in more dragons, ultimately helping their clan's deity further.

- over the course of their training mandorallen and lelldorin did almost a complete 180, becoming fast friends after lelldorin saved mandorallen from a crafty pack of kamaitachi. nowadays, lelldorin can usually be found perched on mandorallen's head, keeping close watch.

- the bogsneak mutagen: when it first came out, when news first spread that baldwin had mutated himself and was working to perfect the brew to create other, new dragons, the clan was mostly horrified. the thought of a dragon being brewed was unnatural to them. nae and lokatza were probably a little more moderate about it, but under pressure from most of the rest of the clan, they decreed that no bogsneaks would be brewed by the clan or allowed to join. (for now, at least; the ban on not allowing a certain species of dragon to join itched at them, considering there had to have been clans that banned nocturnes when they returned as well.)

- pumkin, the clan's old shaman and alchemist before talulah arrived, did not obey that. she secretly gathered all the necessary ingredients, brewed a single bogsneak egg, and smuggled it back into the clan. in a hidden nest away from the clan, she hatched that egg into a small female hatchling- only then is pumkin discovered.

- pumkin is then exiled ((going to attempt to find a good home for her with someone else that likes lore like this))

- the hatchling remains- for who could blame a hatchling barely hours old who had no control over being born? nae, lokatza, and caland do their best with her, but she's skittish and scared and most of the rest of the clan still gives her suspicious looks. she considers running away, but she knows there's no way she'd be able to survive on her own in the wispwillow grove or tangled wood; she determines that when she grows up, she's going to try and be as useful as possible so that it would be harder for the clan to throw her out.

- partway through the bogsneak hatchling's childhood, orlaina comes to the clan, a hatchling of her own (holtzmann) tagging along with her. the clan still hasn't fully come to accept bogsneaks, but the ban is pretty weak at that point. orlaina basically bulls her way in with her no-nonsense attitude, chastising the clan for letting their treasure get so disorganized (becoming their accountant and one of the trainers in the process to keep a better eye on the clan's funds), and also, when she discovers it, barely giving the bogsneak hatchling the attention it needs.

- basically, orlaina straight up adopts the bogsneak hatchling and names her refuge, and the hatchling and holtzmann become close friends. holtzmann is more than a little strange and doesn't always get on well with the rest of the clan- the bogsneak hatchling is all the friends she needs, she figures.

"don't worry, baby, mama laina's got you."

- orlaina, holtzmann, and refuge all end up being trainers for the clan, specializing in the crystal pools, ghostlight ruins, and harpy's roost respectively. mayaserana takes down the call she put out for trainers at this point.
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