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FriendlyBat's Clan
The stars we see are already dead; So let us make new stars.
Lesser Lair
floating upon the
Frigid Floes
Clan Information
Friend requests open | He/him | Asexual | Proud furry | Not feeding dragons | Extreeeemely inactive, if ya need me might gotta say twice. Private messages will always be read, profile comments also more likely to be seen.

If you do not want me to exalt your dragon, please say so when giving/selling it to me.
If a dragon is sold on the AH and you want it back, I will only accept returns if you buy it back for the original price or more depending on the dragon.
Working on lore. Many dragons already have lore, but not all.

The Clan of the Friendly Bat is a Clan of dragons, residing happily in the Ice territory. The village has evolved much since the original snow huts and odd lean-tos, and is now a village full of well-constructed cabins and lanterns strung overhead, or swinging gently from slightly leaning streetlamps.
It is warmly lit, and during the day, a few dragons walk around, clearing the snow and humming softly while the dragons inside are sleeping.
During the night, the dragons wake up. The guards switch out, and many dragons go to see the performances.

Ah, the performances.
Every night, in a different place each time, dragons gather. They prepare a show, and some cloaked dragons dart through the streets. They light the lanterns, swishing through the streets with astonishing speed. They call out to the dragons as they run past, their voices happy and almost joking.
Every night, the performances change- from plays, to dancing with fire while doing impressive aerial acrobatics, and so much more. Everyone excitedly gathers around, chatting. Some of the workers hand out foods, mostly delicious breads and tiny bits of meat, but also many different types of drinks.
The performances last anywhere from all night to only a few hours, and once they’re done, the performers with their brightly colored costumes spiral up into the air with fireworks, the brown-cloaked food-givers wink and put their hoods on, running away at a seemingly superdragon speed, and the dark-cloaked messengers whisk around the props and disappear, leaving no trace they were there but the footprints and lit lanterns.
They are all friendly and happy, and the food-givers are willing to interact with others happily.
No one knows who the performers are, or even if they’re from the Clan at all- they all wear masks over their eyes, which may seem like it wouldn’t keep from knowing who they are, but their cloaks and dark clothing cover them in shadows, or for the performers, their bright clothing and/or the paint they often add to their scales keeps them from being easily recognizable.

Hmm, the guards? I see.
There is always someone guarding the camp, 24/7. During the day, there are three lonely shifts, and during the night one, unless it is a holiday.
There are nine guards in total, enough to switch between day and night shifts. Golden is the most notable of these guards, and seems to care more about his job than the others.
They are mostly respected by the other dragons, although Golden is the most highly respected. They get a customized set of armor, which as they stay for longer and gain more respect they may add carvings to.

Oh, you ask about the Friendly Bat... Alright, I suppose.
The Friendly Bat is simply a bat, or so it seems. It swoops down over the Clan regularly, and sometimes will even visit people in their homes. We view it as a bringer of good luck, and will even leave bits of food out for it sometimes. Most of the time we can’t get a good look at it, but it seems to just be a bat.
Occasionally, when it visits, people’ll get a glimpse of it seemingly offering something to the dragons, and the dragons take it. Of course, it’s only a glimpse, but later that day, those dragons are Exalted.
The Bat is a creature of mystery, not acting like any other bats we have ever seen. Our Clan is named after it, although we think the original dragons of the Clan knew more about it than we do. Sadly, many of them are gone, and the remaining ones do not remember anything, or do not wish to speak.

Exaltation... Well, okay.
Sometimes, a dragon will be given the Honor of Exaltation. It’s quite an Honor, and those who are exalted are sometimes even excited.
Once exalted, a dragon usually goes to the Second Square, and they will just stand on the platform and be lifted up in swirling wind of snowflakes. It’s really cool-looking, although several people laugh at it and say it's really dramatic-looking. I kind of wonder what they do once there...

Zephyrmane. The Wish-keeper.
Zephyrmane is the only dragon to be confined to one place in this whole village. He is one of the oldest dragons in this Clan, and very highly respected. However, he sometimes starts trying to attack us, without warning except the storms around his wings. Some people think he went a little mad over time, but one of the other dragons who have stayed here for a long time, Frostie, said that he was devastated by terrible losses. I'll let her speak now.
(A black Banescale hops into sight. She appears to be a hatchling, and when she chirps out a greeting, she sounds like it too.)
This is Frostie. She's basically permanently a child. However, do not fret, she is about twelve in age and will not act like a little kid to you. She simply froze to death in this state.
(Frostie speaks, now with a level of maturity to her voice, although her tone still does sound a bit like the littler child she is physically.)
Zephyrmane was, and technically still is, a spirit. He used to be extremely catlike, and loved to play pranks. He was cute and everyone was friends with him, or at least didn't hate him. He lived with his 'owner,' Lightbreeze. She's been here since the Clan began, and was widely respected. She kept the peace the best she could, and our earlier days were beautiful. Although, much more chaotic than here.
Anyways, I'm getting off-topic. A terrible storm came through, and destroyed the chaotic first town. The skyscrapers were torn apart, the houses' roofs were torn off, and the beautiful trees we had planted were no more than splinters on the ground. It passed quickly, but took at least two dragons along with it never to be seen again. It also took many lives.
Lightbreeze was one of those many lives that were lost. Her soul was Exalted, Zephyrbreeze claims. He thinks he can get her back if only someone can go and find her, and bring her back.
However, she broke many bones, and was thrown around by the storm. When we found her, she was already gone, without heartbeat nor breath.
Zephyrbreeze became more dragon than cat, and stayed that way since. He used to be a simple spirit, bound to this Clan by Lightbreeze. However, he gained something much more dragonlike when she passed, and was no longer bound here. He claims he led the Clan to the Ice lands, but truly, the Friendly Bat did, sweeping over our heads as soon as we entered the Ice lands. It was the first time we'd seen it, and we followed it until it disappeared, and then again a while later to where we now live.
Zephymane wants vengeance for Lightbreeze. He harnessed some sort of storm for himself. The reason he's confined isn't because he randomly attacks, though. It's because if he's not confined, he'll exalt himself if possible, and probably get himself killed trying to find her. Or do worse, possibly.

(Frostie walks away. Someone leads her away by the hand. She looks and sounds exactly like the little kid she was frozen as again.)
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