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silvercatshadow's Clan
The Singing Heart cannot be broken, but it can grow weary.
Ancient Lair
of the
Clan Information

Previous Mistral Guild Co-Leader, and proud Knight of Space...
at your service


!!NOTE TO ADMINS: I have others in my household that use FR on the same computer I do, so there will be multiple account accessing happening from the same computers I use. !!


Welcome to Anthem

The sweet, clear sound of bells reaches your ears. You stop your movements to hone in on the fluttering noise.

"Sing on, sing on... sharing a common tongue
The singing- there was so much singing there!
Sing on, sing on... voices and thoughts as one!
The singing heart is always open
It's beating out- alive and free
The singing heart cannot be broken
Speak to one another with songs...
Singing for all eternity..."

The light, airy voice flits about you, easing a sigh from your chest and a small smile to your lips. It sounds as sweet and clear as a choir of bells and chimes all conducted by a lazy wind... but the more you listen to it, the more certain you are that the chiming sound is no bell.
You look slowly, as if your movements were subdued somehow, to your right flank. There you see a female Tundra lazing amidst the billowing green grasses of the Windswept Plateau.

Her fur, chocolate, her wings, beige, and the glittering gems bonded to her body, a deep shade of maroon. She is singing the same lines over and over, a certain kind of reverence in her pleasant voice. You take a step towards the Tundra, wanting to be closer to such a beautiful sound, but as soon as you take your first step, the sweet sound cuts off, and the Tundra is on her feet.
She looks to you warily, bur her lime-green gaze is soft underneath the hesitance. She raises her head to cast a look to the cliff face- to the arching opening that yawns at its base.
Turning back to you, the female Tundra says nothing... but turns and quickly dashs away, the cape fastened around her neck fanning out behind her as she makes her escape. You frown, wishing she would have kept on singing and not run away... but you make your way over to the cave in pursuit anyways.

"Hello, hello, friend- or at least for your sake... I hope you are a friend... oh you who enters my lair."

A light, but low voice hums as you step inside the arched entryway of a dragon lair. You look around, peering into the darkness to search for the where the rumbling voice came from- or for any sign of the brown Tundra- but you find nothing.

Suddenly, a mighty gust careens into you- nearly carrying you right out of the entrance- but you stand firm. Bright, lime-colored eyes flick open and slowly move towards you... as the creature steps into the light, it is revealed that a large Guardian dragon is the one who tossed the earlier gale at you. She slowly folds her massive black wings away, lumbering over to where you stand, mildly startled, but not too shaken.

"Be you friend, or foe? Beware before you answer- no matter which you identify as... it would do you well to be on your best behavior.

"My name is Meirolee, I am the matriarch of this lair. I welcome you into my domain, feel free to look around, but be careful not to stray... this is a rather large lair- I'd hate for you to get lost-"

"Oh Meirolee, my dearest matriarch, do try and keep from terrifying our guests,"
another voice calls, this one tinted with a note of amusement. Trotting easily from around a bend is a male Tundra. His coat is a midnight speckle struck through with rose crackle. He wears a steady smile on his face, a black hat on his head, pink feather attachments to his tail and wings, and holds a pink rose gently in his jaws. Meirolee looks down to him and swishes her mighty brown tail.

"I have my reasons, BrightDown, but I will relent for now. If you wish you may show the newcomer around." Meirolee gives you one last wary look before turning and leaving you and BrightDown standing at the entrance of the lair.

A soft shuffling is heard, and as you squint into the darkness of the lair behind BrightDown, another Tundra-shaped dragon creeps into view. As soon as the female stops beside BrightDown, he smiles warmly at her, opening one of his wings to wrap around the smaller Tundra's shoulders and pull her close. He bends slightly to nuzzle the brown Tundra affectionately, and she returns the gesture with a broad smile on her face and a small, delighted noise. BrightDown flicks his gaze to you once more. "Welcome, stranger. This is my darling, Joyful, and we welcome you to the lair under the careful watch of Meirolee. She keeps a sharp eye on everything here- that's a true Guardian dragon if I've ever met one. Welcome to the Anthem, enjoy your visit."

The two Tundras lead you around the very bend from which they entered, Joyful looking back to motion you forward eagerly as the Tundras plod on in front of you. As you turn after them, the cave opens up to a sudden brightly lit doorway followed by a burst of unexpectedly fresh air; once you recover from your temporary blindness, you open your eyes to a magnificent sight. The scene before you is, quite literally, heavenly.

Several large, connected platforms spanning in several directions seem to stretch and shift in the endless skyscape...
You take a step onto this strange mirage only to find that it is completely solid - and that several dragons are even walking around on its massive length. Seeing many other very different floating platforms somehow holding fast in the SKY... you place a hand on your head- this is somewhere between frightening and wonderful... you cannot decide.


The Anthem Never Ends
tumblr_inline_o041s0Gu7u1ts73zp_540.pngmistralbotff_by_thestorykeeper-d9oickp.png tumblr_inline_o138s5qqTH1ts73zp_540.pnggaTqJ8t.png

The Dadliest battle ever- Earth v Wind: Hurricane!


October Noodlefest DOM push: Breeze

Familiars Needed[updated 1/19/2017]:
Acid-Tongue Serpenta, Algae-Bottom Slarg, Anomalous Nekomata, Anomalous Skink, Arcane Sprite, Autumn Sea Dragon, Barking Jester, Barred Skira, Bellus Glamortail, Black-wing Hummingbird, Bloodstone Beetle, Bluetail Skira, Bone Fiend, Boolean, Cactus Marzal, Chocolate Ferret, Cinderkelp Loach, Coarsefur Yeti, Cog Frog, Conjoined Skink, Crowned Roc, Crystalhide Jester, Dainty Wavehopper, Darktouched Chimera, Deeprealm Hunter, Disoriented Spirit, Driftwood Baron, Duskthicket Bonepicker, Earth Sprite, Featherback Boar, Fire Sprite, Frost Delver, Garden Larail, Glamortail Hopper, Golden Bantam Fangar, Glowing Globe, Golden Featherfin, Golden Idol, Goldenbeast, Goldenplains Poodle Mith, Hawksbill Goliath, Hippojay, Ice Sprite, Irregular Nekomata, Light Sprite, Lightning Sprite, Longjaw Lurefish, Lurefish, Malevolent Spirit, Maned Cobra, Mantarune, Mantled Foo, Maren Shark Hunter, Maren Spearmaiden, Melon Marzal, Mirage Puffer, Molten Wartoad, Moss-Covered Golem, Noxious Coralclimber, Oceansurf Magus, Orbiting Spirit, Overcharged Silverbeast, Painted Protobeast, Perching Java Sparrow, Pink-Tail Mole, Plague Sprite, Protobeast, Red-Footed Akirbeak, Roc, Rosy Peryton, Seaweed Scavenger, Seaweed Scavenger, Shadow Sprite, Silky Mole, Silver Featherfin, Skycat, Smokebillow Sham, Smoldering Sconce, Sorcerous Arms, Speedy, Spined Cobra, Spiney Whale, Spirit Armor, Stone Borer, Stonewatch Prince, Sunsea Pseudo, Swiftfoot Slayer, Tar-Trooper Slarg, Tender Larail, Tendril Loach, Tengu Caller, Thornthick Thief, Tradewinds Gull, Tricolor Yapper, Undying Featherback, Unlikely Alliance, Veiled Vision, Vulpine Lamp, Wartoad, Wave Sweeper, Waveswell Sorcerer, Wind Sprite.
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01/29 Birthed new hatchlings! 3 Tundra Female
01/29 Birthed new hatchlings! 3 Tundra Female
01/29 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Guardian Male, 2 Guardian Female
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