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CamiMoore's Clan
Cease the day.
Ancient Lair
of the
Fortress of Ends
Clan Information
The Child of Gaia

"You better not hurt me or Mini's going to bite you!"

2n7gj15.png P A S S I V E:
Plentiful Harvest
Every few seconds, a berry bush spawns along a wall that Kaliska flies past. Each bush can contain up to three berries that heal her for a very small portion of health. She can eat one berry every ten seconds, and if all berries are consumed, the bush dies. A maximum of three bushes can be spawned if no other bushes have already died. Enemies can destroy berry bushes by auto-attacking them twice. Berries may be consumed by allies.
2n7gj15.png Q: Pap Out
Kaliska channels her magical powers through a paw and 'paps' a champion. 'Papping' an enemy will cause them damage and slow them for two seconds, while 'papping' an ally will give them an attack speed boost.

2n7gj15.png W:

2n7gj15.png E:

2n7gj15.png R:


In the beginning, when galaxies collided to create our world, remains of the 'Creation' called stardust fell upon dragon eggs that were scattered throughout the land. When time came, life burst forth from these shells and dragons began to thrive. Living alongside faithful familiars and brave circles of family and friends, these dragons grew into formidable foes, ready to fight with tooth and claw to defend the ones that matter to them. They grew in different territories, but their destinies would always be intertwined. The stardust imbued in their being called out from their hearts one day. These dragons dreamed of exploding stars and shining galaxies from beyond, and of other dragons - those who they have never seen before.

They were drawn to each other as every one of them set out to find the meaning of their dreams. They were attracted, and would always be connected like a hundred stars forming a constellation. Once gathered, these ancestors of ours founded this clan: the Stardancers Clan. We believe that our ancestors have turned into stardust and joined the skies above us. They watch over us every night, speak to us in dreams, and guide us as we grow. We have survived for as long as anyone can remember, and we will continue to walk this world until we are turned into stardust, and join our faraway ancestors. We shall dominate the skies.

Our Duties

s17.gif Hunters - these dragons are responsible for feeding the clan. Fauna or flora, hunters can chase or dig out anything that can provide their clanmates with energy and strength.

s17.gif Gatherers - these are dragons assigned to search for raw materials needed for reinforcing territory utilities like nests and barriers, fabrication and healing.

s17.gif Caretakers - those assigned as caretakers tend to the needs of the sages, queens and hatchlings that aren't ready to become academics or mercenaries yet. Caretakers protect them and make sure that they are well fed.

s17.gif Mentors - Knights and Warlocks who are given apprentices (Mercenaries and Academics) are called Mentors. They hone the skills of their apprentices to become efficient in battle, and to help out with gathering or hunting.

s24.gif Aristocrats - As their name states, these dragons are of royal blood. Tales tell of the first aristocrat who was believed to have been chosen by the stars themselves when a meteor - formerly called a shooting star - landed in the very first clan settlement. An egg was found among the rubble, intact and unharmed. On the third night since its discovery, the first Skydancer of the clan pecked and clawed out of its shell, its ebony black wings adorned with splashes of gold and silver markings that glimmered in the moonlight. Aristocrats possess powers that no ordinary Stardancer can have. They vary from magical to physical properties. Because of such power, they do not live with their clan members. They are hidden in a den in the southmost portion of the southern hemisphere, 'its door visible only to eyes of stardust'. They are able to communicate with their clanmates through different means - reaching them through dreams, sending familiars to travel with their messages, controlling natural elements, etc. In their den exists a crystal clear lake where they can wish to see the clan and watch over it.

s24.gif Admiral - also known as clan leader, the Admiral is given nine lives by the clan ancestors if they approve of him or her. He or she is responsible for the survival of the clan, and the battles that he or she will lead. The Admiral has the most important responsibility of all as he or she also negotiates most of the time with outsiders who wish to become allies with the clan or even join it.

s24.gif Commodore - assigned by the Admiral on the night that he or she receives his or her nine lives, the Commodore is the one who will take the Admiral's place when the latter loses all nine lives. The Commodore plays an important role in organizing the clan's daily tasks.

s24.gif Healer - a dragon chosen to become the clan healer is often gifted with divination abilities from birth. Healers have special connections with their ancestors and with the cosmos beyond. He or she can read signs given by constellations, shooting stars, and other phenomena such as eclipses and the presence of Northern Lights. The Healer is considered as the bridge between the galaxies and the clan. Aside from communicating with their ancestors, a Healer is also capable of curing injuries and illnesses through the help of different remedies.

s24.gif Knights - alongside Warlocks, Knights are always on the first line during battle. They are trained as Mercenaries during their younger days, and when their mentors think they are ready, they pass the Test of Strength before they become full Knights. They always use their physical strength to their advantage, and will not hesitate to swipe and jab at an enemy to fend it off. Knights are taught that killing is unnecessary, but if there is no other way to save their clan from destruction, they will do all that it takes to win the battle.

s24.gif Warlocks - with Knights to back them up, Warlocks are always on the first line during battle. They are trained as Academics during their younger days, and when their mentors approve of their development, they pass the Test of Mind in order to become full Warlocks. Harnessing the energies of the earth, they are able to use elemental magic to fight their opponents. While they have limited physical strength, the power of their minds mustn't be belittled. They are also capable of healing their wounded comrades in battle via spells (this comes with a price; for every healing spell executed, their energy will be drained, and abuse of healing spells will eventually make a dragon pass out). They make great supporting allies during combat.

s24.gif Mercenaries & Academics - Knights and Warlocks in training. They pass two kinds of tests: the Test of Strength for Mercenaries, and the Test of Mind for Academics. Both involve fighting their mentors and using all the skills they have learned during apprenticeship. The battle ends when the mentor calls out, "Surrender!" If the Mercenary or Academic is successful, the mentor simply lets out a battle cry to the skies.

s24.gif Sages - dragons who are too old to fight, gather, hunt or take care of hatchlings retire from clan duties and live as Sages. They share their wisdom to younger cats who ask for their guidance. Without them, the clan would be as weak as an uprooted tree. They play a vital role in clan survival and will always be considered as important clanmates.

s24.gif Queens - the Queens are dragons expecting hatchlings. It takes nine months for a hatchling to be born. On the third month, Queens are temporarily retired from clan duties, and are watched over and taken care of by caretakers.
Clan Customs

s11.gif Dragons with crystal, facet, or gembond genes are believed to be reincarnated dragons. These genes are seen as physical representations of the stars beyond the observable sphere at night, stars of which are embedded with the spirits of long deceased clan ancestors.

s11.gif Aristocrats may choose to fight or not during wars. Because they are powerful, they become an important asset to the clan but should they perish, losing them will cause difficulties to their clanmates if not handicap them.

s11.gif For good reason only, aristocrats may go against the admiral's commands. Despite the distance between them, they are still entitled to follow the admiral when needed. Should an aristocrat do the clan harm or betray the admiral, their power can be easily taken away by the 'stars' as punishment. Afterwards, depending on the gravity of the situation, they can either join the clan in its main settlement or become exiles.

s11.gif Aristocrats may choose any dragon in the clan to become their apprentice, given that they are at least a mercenary, an academic, or a healer in training.

s11.gif When Stardancers die, their bodies are burned while the Healer says a prayer. They believe that the wind helps carry the ashes up to the sky for them to turn into stars.

s11.gif Before the night of the full moon, hunters and gatherers all work together to bring back as much prey as possible to the clan because on the next night when the sky is brightest due to the light of the full moon, they share a grand feast and refrain from quarrels with dragons inside and outside of the clan.

s11.gif Though most descendants are attracted to joining their fellow Stardancers, some have a different calling in life. Instead of following the clan, they live outside of it and in other clans to share the tradition of the Stardancers - and perhaps to find the rest of their 'kin'. These dragons are called Messengers.

s11.gif This color signifies 'mate'.

s11.gif This color signifies 'apprentice'.

s11.gif This color signifies 'mentor'.

Meet the Maker

Hello! My name's Cam. 20 years old, Filipina, and I am currently trying to survive life. Please let my neurons be strong enough to sustain the stress.

I hoard pretty Nocturnes.

I love roleplaying, the Sims, League of Legends, and reading. I also do random giveaways here or on Facebook. Don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like to roleplay!


s05.gif Look for Rainbow Core accent for Firebrand0.
s05.gif Mainecoon needed for Kaliska!!!
s05.gif Gossamer silks for Florenthayne.


s12.gif Harry Potter
s12.gif Supernatural
s12.gif My Little Pony
s12.gif Shingeki no Kyojin
s12.gif Warriors (Erin Hunter)
s12.gif League of Legends
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