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Clan Information
It was a stormy night in the windswept plateau. You are looking for a place to land to weather out the storm. The rain is so heavy you don't even see the other dragon until it touches your wing. You see it is a male Ridgeback with many scars, and he was wrapped in bloody bandages. He leads you to the ground and into a cave that seems to reek of rotting bones. Inside you see many paintings and carvings on the walls telling the story of how the eleven dragon gods were created and how they defeated the shade, mostly involving the wind flight god, windsinger. It was obvious this was the lair of a clan of dragons that were led by Windsinger. You notice something lying near the wall...a snake skeleton? You pass by many tunnels. One led to the egg nursery, one to the food storage, and one to training grounds. When the Ridgeback leads you down the wide center tunnel to the central cavern, you see there were many dragons going from one cave to the next, including Imperials, Mirrors, Tundras, Guardians, Pearlcatchers, Snappers, Spirals, Coatls, and even a Skydancer and Wildclaw. The all looked very powerful. In the center of the cave, there was a humongous pile of treasure, gems, runes, feathers, tablets, bones, swords, pearls, furs, crystals, armor, fossils, weapons, and many other treasures. Atop the pile, you see a ginormous, majestic Mirror dragon, donning a cape made out of a winter wolf hide, with a Fae dragon wrapped in a golden scarf sitting on her shoulder. You could tell she was the founder of the clan. She climbed down from the pile and stood so close her nose was almost touching yours. She stood there inspecting you in silence for a moment before she leaned back, looking satisfied, and said with a calm but booming voice, "Welcome to the clan. We have deemed you worthy enough of staying the night in these halls. What is your name?". "(Enter name here)." you say. the Mirror says "Welcome. My name is Aurix. Walk with me." The Fae sitting on Aurix's shoulder flies off down the tunnel that led to the nursery while Aurix and you go down a separate tunnel."Our clan's goal is to protect weaker dragons from the Beastclans." You see a Skydancer walk by with a Harpy behind her. You were about to say something when Aurix said "You may have noticed some Beastclans living with us. Those are our Familiars. They have betrayed they're clan and joined us in our quest.". Aurix whistled a high note and a moment later, a forest green Furian darted out a tunnel and landed on Aurix"s outstretched arm. You flinched back in surprise. "Oh, don't worry. Jade wont hurt you. She's my Familiar." Jade crawled from Aurix's arm onto her shoulder and sat there. Aurix led you to a small cave with a small bed inside. "We usually use this for storage, but as you can see its currently unoccupied. Make yourself comfortable. I'll send one of my dragons to wake you in the morning once the storm is over." As she left, you notice two small eyes watching from the shadows. As you creep closer, it suddenly jumps and lands on your back. You turn your head to see a Grey River Flight sitting on you! Just then, a tough looking Wildclaw walks into the cave. She takes one look at you and the River Flight and starts laughing uncontrollably. "Looks like you found Thunder for me." she said "He got out of the familiar hold and Aurix sent me to retrieve him. My name is Skye by the way. You've met Thunder." The Flight jumps down from your back and twists between your legs, demanding to be pet. As you lean down to scratch him under the chin Skye says "Well would you look at that. Normally Flights don't warm up to dragons so fast! You must have a good heart." You were pleased by the comment."Hey I have an idea!" Skye yells, startling Thunder. "Why don't you join the clan?" she continued. "We could use all the dragons we could get.And we do currently have an opening." You pondered the idea for a moment. You were currently between clan's at the moment, and you could really help these dragons. "Sure." you say "Yay!" Skye yells, startling Thunder again, making him jump back on you. "Lets go tell Aurix!" She led you down the hall to a large chamber where Aurix and a few other dragons were leaning over a map of the continent marked with Beastclan locations. "Hey Aurix." Skye says. "Ah, Skye. I see you met our guest." Aurix said "Guess what?" Skye continued "This dragon-" she turned back to face you "Sorry, forgot to ask your name" she says embarrassed. "(Y/n)" you and Aurix say at the same time. "Right. Anyway, (Y/n) has decided to join the clan!" Aurix beamed with pride. "Very well," she said "Skye, take (Y/n) to go see Alturion to get the clan's crest painted on him (BTW your a "him" in this story. Deal with it)" Skye led you though the tunnels until you arrived at a secluded cave filled with trinkets, gadgets, and a male Tundra wearing a cloak and bird skull. "You have come to join the clan, yes?" he asks "Yes" you say. he grunted in acknowledgement. "I am Alturion. Come here." he continued. He asked you many questions, like what your name was and how you got to the clan. Finally, Alturion grabbed a bowl of dark blue/green paint from a shelf. As he painted a symbol on your shoulder, he said "Through ancient blood and blackened skies, a Wind soldier shall once more rise." He finished painting and then said "I hear-by name thee Windblast, for he was brought to us in a Destiny Storm." He steps back as you examine your new mark. It was a fierce depiction of Windsinger's face, roaring as the clouds themselves roared with him. For the first time in your life, you had a sense of purpose. A feeling like your were where you belonged, protecting others. You turn to Thunder who was currently climbing your arm. You brought him up to eye level and said...

"This is where I belong."

What'd you guys think? I call this piece of writing "Windblast Destiny". I write story's like that all the time. Be sure to check out my latest fan-fic, A Tale of Two Night Furys! I am also working on 2 other fan-fictions, Clay's Love and Reunited. Hope you like them!
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05/03 Birthed new hatchlings!
04/28 Birthed new hatchlings! 1 Fae Female, 2 Tundra Male, 2 Tundra Female
04/27 Birthed new hatchlings!
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