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Coliseum Battles
Information regarding combat in Flight Rising.

The Flight Rising Coliseum is the place to train your dragons for battle, fight monsters, earn loot, and face-off against rival clans for a chance at the weekly leaderboard standings.

Organizing a Party
You will start your journey by creating a party. Parties can consist of no less than one dragon and no more than three. Clicking the Organize Party button will take you to a menu that includes three party slots, and a scroll list of the eligible dragons in your clan. (If a dragon has not been given a name, is low on energy, or is a hatchling, they will not be eligible to join a party.)

Mousing over any dragons in this menu will display their level, element, health, breath, experience gained, attribute stats, and current Battle Stone loadout in the Dragon Information window.


To assemble your party, simply click-and-drag your dragons from the Available Dragons window on the right into one of the three spots on the left. To swap them out, drag them back to the right, or a new dragon into their place. When you are finished, press the Back button to save your changes and return to the main lobby.

Selecting Abilities and Improving Attributes
Dragons in Flight Rising learn their abilities by way of items called Battle Stones. These stones come in four varieties:

  • Energy Stones: Energy Stones are comprised of abilities that provide your dragon with Breath, which is needed to perform other actions.
  • Ability Stones: Ability Stones are the bread and butter of your dragon's combat style. These stones comprise of your offensive and party support abilities; they cost Breath.
  • Augment Stones: These stones are comprised of items that will enhance one or more of your dragon's attributes (Strength, Intelligence, etc.)
  • Accessory Stones: These stones comprise of items that will provide your dragon with interesting modifications or perks (Example: Always getting the first turn in a battle.)

Battle Stone Slots are unlocked as your dragons level up. To assign a Battle Stone to a slot, drag it over from your Inventory window, then click the "Lock Stones" button. Locking Battle Stones in place will consume them from your inventory and they will not be usable for any other dragon beyond that point. If you choose to overwrite an ability that is already in a slot, it will not be returned to your inventory. Choose wisely!


Additionally, as your dragons ascend in levels, they will be given stat points. These points can be used to permanently increase your dragons' various battle attributes, and each attribute affects your dragons in different ways:

  • Strength: Increases the damage a dragon does with physical attacks.
  • Agility: Increases a dragon's dodge chance and critical strike chance.
  • Vitality: Increases a dragon's maximum health.
  • Quickness: Increases the frequency of a dragon's turns on the battlefield.
  • Intelligence: Increases the damage a dragon does with magical attacks.
  • Defense: Increases a dragon's resistance to incoming physical damage.
  • Mind: Increases a dragon's resistance to incoming magical damage.


Using Battle Stones and stat points, you can build and customize your dragons' fighting styles however you wish! You can create agile, hard-hitting dragons with little defense. You can create hardened, defensive dragons with exceptional amounts of health. You can create fragile, but potent mage dragons that sling spells for maximum damage. If you'd rather that a dragon switch their role, you can use a Tincture of Dissolution to wipe their attributes clean! Tinctures of Dissolution can be purchased in the Battle section of the Treasure Marketplace.

Monster Battles
Once you've organized a party, your dragons are ready to take on the other denizens of the Flight Rising world. Hordes of elemental monsters inhabit the land, and your dragons can participate in Monster Battles to defeat them, earn experience points, and even loot!

Monsters are spread between several stages that are separated by a minimum and maximum level. These level brackets are not locked, but it is strongly recommended that they be used as a guide for where your party will be most successful.

Fighting monsters consists of taking turns using abilities until one side emerges victorious. You will be using your dragon's assigned abilities to vanquish the enemy before they vanquish you. Each slain enemy will provide experience points, but only if one or more of your dragons is alive when the battle concludes. If your entire party is defeated, each dragon in it will lose 5 energy points. If you feel that you are outmatched, your party can flee the battlefield, but each dragon in it will lose 2 energy points.

Victory Chain
Returning to the main lobby after a battle will refill the health of all party members to 100%, however, choosing to jump right into a new monster battle will not: your dragons will maintain the health they had at the conclusion of the previous encounter.

If you choose to continue fighting monster battles consecutively, and are victorious, your party will begin to stack up a Victory Chain. Each new segment of the chain will increase the experience points your party earns by a small percentage. This bonus will only accumulate when your party fights monsters that are at or above their level and the effect can stack up to four times (i.e. capping after your fifth successful battle), for a total experience points boost of 20%. Your Victory Chain progress will be indicated by the following meter on your Victory window:


Losing a battle, returning to the main lobby, or navigating away from the Coliseum to a new page will break your current Victory Chain.

Rated Matches
If you feel you've had sufficient practice squaring off against monsters, you can test your skills against a rival clan in a Rated Match. This option will pit you against another real player on Flight Rising. The system will attempt to match you with a player whose party's highest level dragon is close to your own first, with the restrictions relaxing more if the pool of combatants is too small.


Rated Matches do not provide your dragons with experience points and loot, nor do they cause your dragons to lose energy if they are defeated. Wins and losses will determine your Clan Ranking, which is displayed in the main lobby. Winning matches will cause your ranking to improve, while losing matches will cause it to fall. Those clans that are in the top ten ranks will be displayed on the lobby's Leaderboard, which resets once a week. Use of battle items (consumables, utilities, etc.) are prohibited in Rated Matches.

At this time, it is not possible to organize private battles between friends, but it is a feature we are considering in the future!

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